Jon Jones Says Chael Sonnen’s Time Will Come to Answer for His Verbal Attacks

September 9, 2012
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Jon Jones at UFC 126UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones took the brunt of the initial criticism when UFC president Dana White cancelled UFC 151 just one week out from its scheduled date.

Jones remained fairly quiet about the situation at first, even though White took him and his coach, Greg Jackson, to task for turning down a last ditch effort to match the champ up with Chael Sonnen on short notice.

When Sonnen went into attack mode – almost immediately – Jones could only sit back and take the unanswered blows for so long before fighting back.

“There’s guys on the street right now that would take a fight against me just to see how they would do, let alone talk about one of the top fighters in the world, especially one of the top fighters in the world that has absolutely nothing to lose,” Jones said in a recent interview on’s The MMA (After) Hour. “Why would I put a world championship on the line against a very dangerous opponent for a person that hasn’t even remotely earned the right to consider himself in the position to fight for a world title? That’s like hitting the jackpot and I refuse to be anyone’s jackpot.”

Jones did eventually agree to fight former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort in the UFC 152 main event on Sept. 22 in Toronto, but that’s not to say that he thinks Belfort really earned a shot at the belt either. He does, however, have a much different outlet on Belfort as an opponent.

“I don’t think he necessarily deserves (a shot at the title), but I’m honored to fight him. I respect Vitor a lot. He’s definitely a worthy opponent,” said Jones.

“I have zero respect for (Sonnen). I’m honored to fight Vitor Belfort. Vitor is a Christian like I am. He’s an honorable man. Fighting Chael Sonnen, he’s a punk. He’s a thug.”

Despite his own feelings for the way the situation went down, public opinion, right or wrong, has leaned heavily in Sonnen’s favor on this one. Jones still feels most of the sting for the collateral damage following the UFC 151 cancellation.

Regardless of the blame placed upon his shoulders, Jones isn’t doing an about face.

“I think it’s funny how Chael Sonnen became a hero out of this thing,” Jones commented. “Chael had nothing to do with this and he just talked his way into the limelight somehow. I signed a contract to fight Dan Henderson, not Dan Henderson and his best friend.

“At the end of the day, Dan Henderson got hurt. That’s what happened. I was ready.”

Although Jones vs. Belfort is now on tap, White has stated that a Jones vs. Sonnen bout, if fans wanted it bad enough, could still happen in due time.

Jones agrees… and welcomes the opportunity answer Sonnen’s attacks, but with his fists, not his words.

“He’ll get his time when the time comes. I’ll beat that man silly.”

  • hazeman87

    Wow, what a hypocrite! Won’t fight Sonnen because he doesn’t deserve a title shot on short notice? Didn’t HE get a title shot on short notice?

    • tcd

      There was a difference. Jones earned his title on short notice by running through people. Sonnen has earned title shots by running his mouth.

      • shaman

        Absdolutely. Imagine Sonnen’s WWF stunt in MLB or the NFL

        You don’t just switch up a damn “World Championships” willy nilly, cause some guy is blowing up Twitter

    • markronin

      Tell me about it. He’s a hypocrite and stupid.

      ““Why would I put a world championship on the line against a very dangerous opponent for a person that hasn’t even remotely earned the right to consider himself in the position to fight for a world title? That’s like hitting the jackpot and I refuse to be anyone’s jackpot.””

      Which applies equally to Vitor. So Jones is once again and forever full of shit.

      Nothing out of his stupid mouth makes any damn sense. It’s really curious how he can win as many fights as he does being that dumb. He’s a HW with the longest reach fighting at LHW, that’s why. Once he gets to HW he’ll be beaten to a pulp.

      • cockrobin1

        For all those wankers out there who dont understand, listen, me main man says sonnen’s time will come when this two bit wrestler is eligible. But first of i’d like to see him face the likes of chug le, palhares, chris weidman to name but a few. He tried to pull the same stroke he did in the second fight with Silva which got him an undeserved second title fight. Only this time Jones an his team see through all the **** talk an put *** **** to the bottom of the ladder wer he belongs

    • ragincajun_45

      and he respects Belfort because he’s a Christian too? Who gives a $hit if he’s religious? They’re fighting in a cage.

      I believe in unicorns. Should I constantly make references to them during every interview because I can’t think of anything intelligent or factual to say and point at magical grazing fields in the clouds after making the sign of the unicorn pre-fight?

  • passingthru

    Another UFC 151/Jon Jones article. Imagine that. Must be a slow month.

    My two cents: Get over it and off the Chael-wagon. We just went tthrough this two months ago with AS.

    Bones is the champ – he deserves his say so on who he should fight. Not the overall authority, but his opinion. Silva (my fav) does it, so its not uncommon. Two, nobody freaked out about all the other fighters who refused to step in and fight Jones at the last minute. Why should he be expected to switch his plans up. Three, why is Jones ridiculed for not changing opponents on a weeks notice, but not Machida who didn’t want the 152 fight on three weeks notice? Preparation was his reason. Why doesn’t that fly for Jones. Being ready for a fight is more than conditioning. These guys are the most dangerous in the world, remember. And four, as I’ve seen well-stated before – shame on the UFC for spreading their events so thin, that every PPV hinges on one great fight and can’t survive without it. That’s their fault, and pitiful that it should fall on Jones.

    And out of curiosity -Why does every picture of Bones lately make him look depressed and angry?

  • me vs you

    i wonder if jones gets paid everytime that he mentions god or christianity?
    …its an honor for him to fight vitor because vitor is a christian…so weird.

    and if i see another article about chael sonnen talking smack about somebody, i’m going to explode. for the last year and a half the ufc has been turned into the sonnen show. it’s making the sport look amateurish and stupid and i get embarassed every time i hear the guy go off on one of his rants…talk about scripted and contrived. come on chael, the only reason that people watch you is because it’s like passing the crazy guy on the streets…you have to watch for a second.
    well, we have all watched the crazy man and most of us have walked on, but the crazy fucker is still there.
    i’ll bet we hear about sonnen calling out gsp before too long. he’ll say that he deserves a shot at the champion(after he beats condit of course) because he got sick from eating canadian bacon

  • fightfankevin

    “Why would I put a world championship on the line against a very dangerous opponent for a person that hasn’t even remotely earned the right to consider himself in the position to fight for a world title? ”

    Shogun could have said that too.

    • rsnowbass

      Correction…Shogun could have said:

      “Why would I put a world championship on the line against a very dangerous opponent”


      “For a person that hasn’t even remotely earned the right to consider himself in the position to fight for a world title? ”

      Jones 100% earned his title shot. It just sucked that it came on short notice in general and for Shogun.

      • fightfankevin

        No sorry but no correction there. Jones was fed guys like Bonner, matyushenko, And vera. Names, yes, big names in the division, no. He did beat Bader but even he was just on his way up and not the whos who of the division. Jones was impressive because of the way he won fights, not who he beat.

        Has he proved himself since then? Absolutley, he has beaten a whos who since, but before he shot, no.

        • rsnowbass

          Scroll down just a wee bit. You just reposted my point below.


  • TKD

    Now we have fights because one guy likes to fight against fellow Christians??? What a crock of sh*t!!!

  • mma fanatic1982

    jbj beat the likes of vera bonner and his biggest win was bader to get a title shot! so lets not go acting like he ran through top opps to get his shot. silva fought once to get his title shot. jbj was scared he might take a loss. sonnen the only man to beat silva for 5 rnds and yall say hes a bum lol.

    • rsnowbass

      Besides Bonnar, he finished all his fights in devistating fashion. That’s how you earn a title shot these days…

      • MaritalArtist

        Yeah I have to agree with you. Even though I don’t love Jones, he did beat up his opponents so bad that he was like a 2:1 favorite over Shogun in their fight. So he indeed deserved the replacement title shot. I still think he should’ve accepted Sonnen’s challenge, but I think the build up to their fight next year will be so huge that it will more than make up for the 151 fiasco in terms of PPV buys, etc.

    • pooby

      A roided Sonnen beat a wounded Silva for FOUR rounds. Then he lost. He got a second chance, lost again.

      He’s not a bum, but he’s a B+ fighter hiding behind an A+ salesman.

      Jones CRUSHED everyone he fought before Shogun (you left out Hamil and Matyushenko). It wasn’t just that he beat all those guys but the fact he completely dominated them and didn’t take a scratch in the process.

      • me vs you

        right on, pooby!

      • macgrubber

        Yes jones completely domintaed hamil with those illegal elbows of his.

        • TKD

          macgrubber, you are joking, right??? He was killing Hamill long before the illegal elbow stopped the fight. What the hell were you watching? Hamill even knew he got his ass handed to him. The stoppage was also a farce. Mazagatti stopped it with no warning at all, and that is because he is a terrible ref.

    • I love all this talk of “sonnen won 4 rounds of their first fight”. If your hand isn’t raised at the end of the fight it counts about as much as me beating Silva on the UFC video game. In fact in one night I KO’d Brock Lesnar, and Anderson Silva!! I’m the baddest man on the plannet…I should fight John Jones next!!!

      Silva won both fights…so thats 2 losses on Sonnens record. I have never seen a statistic of how many rounds a person has won…you know why because it doesn’t matter if the GET FINISHED!!! Sonnen is by no means a bum…he has some impressive wins on his record. But he is a wrestler with limited skills anywhere else. Look at his record…He’s lost by submission to every good BJJ fighter he’s faced, with the exception of Silva TKOing him last fight. Sonnen knows that he has to run his mouth to stay relevant. Lets be real, before he started running his mouth how many “die hard Sonnen fans” were there…i would say maybe 10% of what there are now??

      Lets say he looses to Griffin, which if the fight goes to the grond it could end in a very similar fashion to their first fight. Hell even standing Griffin has the edge. So he looses…then what?? His mouth will only keep him around for so long with out the skill to back it up. I like Sonnen…but him talking crap about everyone and then getting his ass kicked will only be funny for so long.

      • MaritalArtist

        Sonnen is not “a wrestler with limited skills”. He is “one of the best wrestlers on the planet with limited skills”. That makes a difference. Silva is a striker with limited skills. No, he’s one of the best hitters on the planet with lesser skills in other areas.

        • I agree he is a damn good wrestler…but thats it. You can’t win a fight with wrestling alone, and he has no jui-jitsu offense and especially no defense, and he is a weak puncher. And Silva isn’t just a striker…he is one of the best BJJ practioners on the planet. He just hasn’t shown alot of it because he’s too busy knocking people out…Silva has said many times that his BJJ game is vastly superior to his striking…and that is frankly scary..

          • MaritalArtist

            Silva has ventured into pro boxing. But he’s never entered the Abu dabi tournament.

      • MuayThaiFood

        Completely agree, I’m about tired of hearing how many rounds Sonnen won. It may have been a good point to bring up when talking about a rematch but now I think it’s pretty irrelevant after his smashing the second time. Why not say they both won a round in the second fight? I guess you could argue they fought to a draw.
        I just wish Jones would shut his mouth and quit taking the Sonnen bait. Maybe he’s starting to think of the big paycheck that shutting Sonnen’s mouth would bring. With all likelihood Forrest will do it before he gets the chance and that should reveal the Jones v Sonnen matchup to be the circus side show that it is and we can put the idea to rest.

  • michaellindsay

    I think john needs to stay off the jesus juice.These “champions” don’t half get up themselves.Vitor has a chance because john doesn,t like guys coming to him like say machida in the first round at least.I might have a cheeky £50 on vitor for this one.

  • brucebruce

    Boy took jones a few days to come up with a lame excuse geez mr jon chicken jones must have been hard to come up with a script to respond to sonnen show how small your cowardly brain is. You just made yourself the biggest hypocrite , shogun could have said that too whne he fought you but unlike you shogun is a fighter . Now you can use your thick lips to bj jackson all night you coward

    • rsnowbass

      You tell him brucebruce!

    • soboc1

      Shogun had more than a months notice, you cant even compare that to 8 days. Did you see what happened to Shogun? lol Jon Jones was winning and finishing fights in dominating fashion. Sonnen couldnt even beat an injured fighter on elevated t levels, was gifted a win over Bisping just to make the 2nd AS fight possible and got his ass kicked. Do you people even listen to the stuff you say?

  • lowlb

    I am an idealist and perhaps will never see the ufc the way I like it but what a silly soap opera it has become.

    Chael Sonnen did not have a meteoric rise to his title contention. While he was up and coming he got busted for money laundering. Then he gets destroyed by Damian Maia.

    Eventually he wrestles his way to a title shot which he did earn.
    Then he dominates Silva (but loses).

    Then he gets busted for highly elevated T-levels and in my mind his domination of Silva is explained – elevated T-levels, duh…

    Sonnen then goes on to have mediocre fights while on his regulated T-levels.

    Then he looks truly pathetic against Silva in the 2nd fight.

    ?Now he somehow deserves a fight against JOnes? I just don’t get it.

    The UFC has turned into a show-boat popularity contest.

    These match-ups are undeserved and the drama doesn’t match the facts.

    The UFC has lost its integrity. Perhaps they never had any in the first place.

    I need to learn to settle for mediocracy in life..

    • Amen lowlb!!! Right in sooo many ways!!

  • Does Chael deserve a shot this soon? No. But what is absolutley hilarious is how Jones is now once again talking smack back at Sonnen, like he was right before he punked out and refused to fight Sonnen. The reason JBJ is so annoying, is that he’s inconsistent with the shit he says. If you’re gonna come back and take jabs back at somebody, be a man and fight him when the perfect oppurtunity falls in your lap (UFC 151). And I can’t stand Chael, but at least he was willing to fight after all of his shit talk.

  • mike

    Mr Sonnen must be peeing in his pants now.Jone going to split CHAEL The Looser SONNEN in half..

    • Sonnen peeing in his pants? You do realize that all this started because Chael jumped at the chance to fight Jones, and Jones wouldn’t take the fight right? Just clearing that up. Your comment makes me think perhaps you’re confused

  • BlackDog2009

    “his time will come”? … jones had the chance to shut sonnen, he turned dow in effect that gives sonnen fodder to continue his barrage. jones ended up like the chicken$hit.

  • JAVbal1633

    Who does deserve a shot at King Jones’s title belt??? According to him its not Beltfort, Machida, or Sonnen. Besdies Hendo who else? I mean Silva, whose been around for YEARS, who has defended his title 9 or 10 times, has 15 wins in a row in the UFC and has 30 career wins is one thing, but for an arrogant prick like JJ to start claiming his all mighty reign is a ittle much. And I know he finished his pre-title fights but again he still only beat Bonnar,Vera and Bader. Gimme a break.

    • InTheFray

      i haven’t seen any mention of it or anything, but i’d love to see Bones fight Glover Teixeira. He’s virtually unknown by most UFC fans – hence the lack of press attraction – but he is a beast ready for a brawl. Even Shogun flinched at that fight. We haven’t heard Glover’s name much in the states, but make no mistake… that is one bad-ass Brazilian.

  • kitty dont cry, we know it’s your fault

  • zacharydetal

    The fact of the matter is Jon Jones would beat Chael Sonnen silly. These two might never fight because Chael still has to beat Forrest.

  • diazfan209

    the difference between Sonnen and Jones is that Chael talks smack and is eager as hell to back it up where as Jon Jones talks smack and then just backs up……..

    • soboc1

      if you asked the Astros if they wanted to play in the World Series last season, I’m sure they would have jumped at the opportunity.

  • MuayThaiFood

    For all the naive who think that Jones is ducking Chael chew on this a bit. Jones is setting himself up for a big payday by starting a media pissing match with Sonnen. For everyone who thinks Jones reason for not taking the fight was bullshit you are right. The reason was not that he didn’t have time to prepare for the fight. The real reason was he didn’t feel it was enough time to build a rivalry worthy of the huge payday he would want. Jones isn’t stupid. Those who think he is are not smart enough to see his reasoning. I’m sure Dana is aware of this too. Wake up, you’re being played. It’s strategy for taking your PPV dollars with a lame matchup. The only way Chael wins is by miracle snoozfest decision which means Jones was fighting with one arm. How else could you market this fight to otherwise intelligent people?!?

    • diazfan209

      jones was scared ****less of chael out-wrestling him & finishing him because he wasn’t training for a wrestling opponent – he was training to clayguida/carloscondit the **** out of dan henderson to avoid the hbomb

      it was the initial explanation that he and his camp gave before he started his day-to-day explaining/complaining about everything revolved around his decision

      it’s not the fact that jones needs a full camp to prepare for a specific opponent, that’s fine, it’s about him not standing his ground with that explanation by constantly feeling the need to defend himself

  • pogodog7

    Chicken Bones is a Christian that gets drives his car when he is drunk, drives on a suspended license and has children out-of-wedlock. I don’t believe he is what I consider a good Christian.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Who cares? There is no such thing as a “good Christian”.

      • philmckracken

        I care dipstick.. He has a good point. He’s a hypocrite. I dont blame him for not taking fight on short notice but dont lie and say your something your not. Christian or not, be what you say you are. I wanted him to beat Rashad but now Im starting to see what Rashad was talking about.

        • MuayThaiFood

          Show me one person who hasn’t been hypocritical at one time in his life and I’ll show you a hypocrite and a liar.

          • Booker T

            That’s why we all deserve to burn in hell for eternity!

          • philmckracken

            Well…. Tht I agree with. I know I dont live right. But if hes claiming to be a christian or satanist or hog farmer or whatever, then do it. Dont give the horse crap about fighting another christian because hes the same. Just obvious lies. Im guessing thats what the other guy was trying to point out. I think hes right. My opinion. I enjoy watching him fight, just wouldnt mind seeing him get beat now.

  • cockrobin1

    hey dog you sound like really smart guy lmfao