Jon Jones Says Anderson Silva “Disrespected His Gift” and “Paid Quite a Price”

July 9, 2013
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Jon-Jones-UFC-126-Prefight_4718When a champion the caliber of Anderson Silva goes down in flames, everyone has an opinion.

But when the opinion is that of another fighter that has been considered alongside Silva as one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters on the planet, people listen.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is such a fighter. He was asked at a press conference in Canada on Tuesday about Silva’s performance against Chris Weidman, and the champion offered a balanced critique.

“I think that Anderson Silva is a magnificent fighter. I think that he has an extraordinary gift,” Jones began. “I think that he’s gotten to the point where he really believes in his gift, he’s comfortable with his gift, and he abused his gift.

“He disrespected his gift by disrespecting his opponent. Martial arts is hugely a sport that is based on honor and integrity and treating people with respect and he somehow lost sight of that. He paid quite the price for it.”

Weidman took the fight to Silva almost immediately when they stepped in the Octagon at UFC 162 on Saturday night in Las Vegas. He put the champion on his back, ground and pounded him, and attacked with risky submissions.

Silva weathered the storm and brought the fight back to standing, but once there, he started taunting and challenging Weidman, slapping his own face and dropping his hands, daring Weidman to engage.

Silva continued with this approach in the second round, but this time Weidman obliged, hitting Silva with a couple left hooks, the second of which sent Silva reeling.

Weidman immediately pounced, connecting with a few more punches before the fight was stopped, and a new champion crowned.

Many people, especially his peers, believed Weidman had the skillset to defeat Anderson Silva, but not many believed it would be in such dramatic fashion.

“I predict Chris Weidman was going to win, but I didn’t think he was going to win the way that he won,” UFC welterweight champion and Weidman training partner Georges St-Pierre told on Sunday.

“I thought he was going to win on the ground with ground and pound or maybe some submission, and he won with a beautiful knockout standing up.”

St-Pierre, however, still designated Silva the greatest fighter of all time. Jones felt much the same way.

“I’m not over the Anderson Silva hype train. I know exactly where he’s at. You can tell where he’s at by the way he’s fighting. I think he’s fighting at a masterful level. I think he just got disrespectful and the war gods just made him pay for it. He’s still that great Anderson Silva in my book.”

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  • Christina

    Well put. I hope Jones always remembers what he has said.

    • b-soc

      Very very good point Christina! I agree completely.

      • Jay Nokay

        “I’m a company guy, I won’t get caught with a DUI or something silly like that.”

        Drinks, drives with party girls in his car, crashes, gets a DUI, pleads guilty.

  • Werdoomb

    While JBJ is a great fighter, he hasn’t been in the game long enough to make a comment about AS. AS, on the other hand, could make a comment about JBJ.

    Being humble would be better for a young champion.

    Guys like Frank Mir will never receive respect because of comments he makes about fighters that are above him in the pecking order.

    Stay humble bro.

    • pmiddy

      Hasn’t been in the game long enough? JBJ’s first UFC fight was in 2008! After seven years, two of which have been defending his championship five times, he’s experienced enough to know what he’s talking about.

      He WAS being humble, but he was calling it like he – and a lot of others – saw it. Silva is a great fighter but got cocky and basically stuck his chin out. And Weidman – who is a good fighter in his own respect – made him pay for it. That’s all Jones was saying.

      • Baller31

        Agreed. Jones is both great and humble. Silva needs to pay attention.

      • Werdoomb

        Yeah,,,2008….around the time you started watching MMA.

    • shakejunt

      people don’t like frank mir because of his odd little soul patch.

      • Werdoomb

        some people, mostly uneducated adults, think that Frank Mir is “intelligent” and “well spoken.” Give me a break. Frank is not even 1/2 as smart as he thinks he is.

      • shakejunt

        obviously whoever -1’d me has an odd little soul patch too

    • Kris-tyahn

      Anderson Silva showed no respect & was a classless ASS CLOWN vs. Weidman. Not talking about the fight, the fact Silva wouldn’t touch gloves with Weidman before the fight, was classless, epsecially considering the fact Weidman was nothing but respectful towards Silva leading up to the fight. Silva was BUTT HURT b/c Weidman didn’t fear Silva, nor was he going to kiss Silva’s ass. Weidman had confidence that he could go in there & beat Silva, and well he did more than that, he embaressed him at his own game & knocked him the F@#K OUT standing!

      • MuayThaiFood

        You should soak up some of JBJ’s humility and respect and think about it before you flame other people on here hypocrite.

      • Werdoomb

        Would Fedor say stuff like that? No.

        JBJ could have said, AS is still the greatest of all time but Weidman proved that he is the next big thing in MMA. Simple.

  • battle ready

    Jones is right on this. Anderson Silva has been a great champion. Some are calling him a “fallen” champ, but I think that is only the case if he doesn’t rematch weidman. Anderson screwed up by not fighting wilth respect. He got too cocky. He needs the rematch. Win or loose he needs to do it the right way. Everyone falls off the proverbial “horse” generally do to their own ego. It is what we do after we fall off the “horse” that defines who we are.

    • shakejunt

      all of what you’ve said is true.

      the issue is that anderson doesn’t seem to want to be champion anymore. after holding the belt for so long it seems he’s over the pressure of having to defend it and would rather just take fights that are meaningful legacy wise.

      it sucks for us, the fans, because of the way it went down, but we can’t expect him to fulfill our selfish desires and neglect his own.

      • Sabrina Alcaraz

        Well said thank you

      • Darin

        Getting KO’d while looking like a total dumbass….how was that helpful to his legacy? Losing also means no fight with Jones (either Jon or Roy Jr.) or GSP. What big fights are on Silva’s plate now? There is only one and that is a rematch with the dude that just beat him.

        My selfish desire was to see an arrogant Silva get flattened and he fulfilled that one perfectly!

        • Kris-tyahn

          Darin: You are 100% correct! If Silva really didn’t want the belt anymore, it’s called relinquish & fight @ LHW. Funny how people say Silva didn’t want the belt, I beg to differ. He wanted it, but was not able to keep it. It’s a perfect way out for someone who was made a fool & KTFO standing by a WRESTLER! This is the 2nd time Silva was out struck by a wrestler (Sonnen did the same in the 1st fight) & then got embaressed, except this time Silva got KTFO.
          For those Silva nut huggers who claim the fight was fixed, b/c the re-match would be so much more. Ughh I’m pretty sure winning a record setting title defense & a record setting 17th straight win would have given him more money & he would have the opportunity to do what he wanted.
          People think Silva can pick & choose who he wants to fight now?!? NO! Sorry, he lost the super fights (which would make way more money than a re-match vs. Weidman, I’m sorry if you think otherwise, you really are an idiot). Get over it, Silva loss & got cought by a better fighter that night.

          • tyrone

            Truth! Also silvas always talking about legacy, so why would he throw a fight.? Doesn’t make sense. Then if he did, why not tap to kneebar? He escaped kneebar to get ktfo by a wrestler.silvas eyes rolled up and was ktfo before head hit floor violently. That was real!!! Props to a great american, the most famous man in the world, MR.CHRIS WEIDMAN

          • Sir_Roy

            One word for the “more money” part of your post. Bookie. Look at the odds against Silva getting KO’d by Weidman. Imagine the potential income there. Plus the promise of an immediate rematch and a “comeback” to reinvigorate.

            Looks to me Silva was taunting Weidman to throw a few punches instead of taking him down. Looks to me it was to assure a loss via KO. Not saying Weidman could not win or would not win regardless. I had him winning this fight. But look at all interviews leading up to the match. Seriously. Take a peek.

            Silva’s done it before. With Maia. Some say Forrest too (took a premature dive). Forrest I can leave alone. Maia is obvious. So too is Weidman if someone were to take a look at all the pieces unbiasedly.

        • Ian Price

          I don’t agree. I still think he can fight those fights. How about if he fights the winner of Sonnen-Shogun at LHW? Or is Shogun too good of friends with Andy? Then if he wins he could maybe also fight Texiera and then challenge Jones for the belt? Or he could go down to 170, but that’s a tough weight cut for a 38 year old man. He could also simply fight a non-title fight with Bisping. Or he can move straight up to heavyweight and “show off” to Jones, who’s been afraid of (uh, I mean, “putting off”) HW. Many possibilities. I’d rather he immediately rematch Weidman though.

      • ian smith

        exactly my brother….exxxxxxacty!

  • KNG of the WCKER PPL

    Let Weidman fight Belfort sometime later this year, and then have Silva move up to 205 to take on Jones the night before the Super Bowl at the Prudential Center, in NJ.

    • Darin

      Silva-Jones is no longer super fight material. Jones is a much larger Weidman with far better striking.

      • Baller31

        Jones would need to improve his jiu jitsu greatly to be a larger version of Weidman. I think the super fight makes sense still, because now Silva has been humbled and has something to prove.

        • MuayThaiFood

          Why do you keep saying Jones needs to improve his jiu jitsu? You don’t think Jones is a tougher fight than Weidman? That was Darin’s point really. If he can’t beat Weidan, what’s the point of fighting Jones? I want the rematch. I want to see what would have happened had Silva stopped his theatrics before he got caught. In a five round fight he has always been able to find a way to win. That night he found a way to lose. He’ll do the rematch after he goes home to stew on it awhile.

          • tyrone

            Silva was not putting on theatrics the first 2 minutes of fight and he was being pummeled by the most famous man in the world, “chris the exterminator weidman “

    • Kris-tyahn

      Are you stupid or just dumb?!? Silva lost his chance to a super fight with Silva, anytime soon. Silva now has to “work” his way back to whatever it is he wants. He can’t just ask to fight Jones after losing his title to a “kid” that had 9 pro fights. If Silva really doesn’t want to fight Weidman, means he’s done with the MW division, unless he takes a Bisping or Belfort fight. Though I have no desire to watch Silva vs. Bisping. Silva vs. the new & “improved” Belfort would probably be interesting.
      If Silva couldn’t beat a ring rusted WEidman who was coming off of major shoulder injury, which was being tested for the 1st time, then he’s going to be in for a rough night vs. Weidman who’s not rehabing or doing nothing b/c of his injury. Also, Weidman’s wrestling will be top notch & his cardio & striking will be much improved. But you think Silva should fight Jones @ LHW?!? BAHAHAHAHAHA that makes so much sense, he got KTFO by a WRestler who he thought was a waste of his time, so he should then move up in weight where he fought only 3X vs/ big slow bums with ZERO wrestling?!? Yeah, and then after that GSP can fight Mighty Mouse & then make his way up to Jones or Cain – hell let’s make it interesting, the two of them at the same time.
      STFU noob!

      • Ian Price

        If he wants a superfight with GSP, he’ll have to cut to 170 now. If he wants a rematch with Weidman he can get it asap. If he wants a superfight with Jones, he can get it, but he’ll have to win at least 1 fight at LHW. Maybe against Texiera or the winner of Shogun-Sonnen, or against Mousasi, who is also a striker. Boy would that be fun. Mousasi is a much better striker than Weidman, and he’s never been knocked out….

        • KNG of the WCKER PPL

          I think not being the champion gives him the flexibility to make some
          interesting LHW fights without the burden of being available to a #1
          contender at MW. given the MW class, there’s not much new for him there,
          outside of Bisping. there’s no ‘reason’ for a Belfort rematch. like you said, there are a ton of interesting matchups at LHW.

          the most dangerous Silva is the Silva that has something to prove. he’s not going to go in the ring cocky and showboating. he’s going to go in to prove he’s still capable of winning.

      • KNG of the WCKER PPL

        I think being stupid defines a more refined, deeper lack of intellect so I’m going to go with that one.

        Silva vs Belfort probably doesn’t appeal to either. Silva beat Belfort, there’s no plus to him fighting him again: a win does little, and a loss would be huge. It might be a statement-maker for Belfort, but with Silva not holding the belt, why risk class status on that match? He’s gunning for a Weidman match for good reason; he would rather go through Weidman for the title than have to go again with Silva.

        Silva never really started to trade with Weidman. He was still in cocky-dodge mode. But you’re probably right, he would need a win over a contender at LHW to really warrant a shot at Jones now. even if Jones beats Gus and there isn’t a clear contender (unless Machida would get another go), Silva might have to decisively win a fight at that weight top eclipse any of the other fighters in the top-10 who haven’t yet fought Jones.

      • Tom Jolley

        Silva has accomplished more than any other fighter so it seems plausible that he could still call out Jones for an end of his career exhibition fight

    • natpaukar7

      I agree with you here and its annoying how mad people get at this calling you a “noob”? Why? that makes perfect sense…perhaps Silva gave that belt away in order to open himself up to no pressure fights with Jones, GSP, weidman again (perhaps silva comes in at 187 and forfeits title rights I bet he’d wreck Weidman then) it’s like travelling long term while you have a house…you can leave it but only for a few weeks…rent it out…or just sell it…we’ll see which one silva chose. haha I hope that’s an okay analogy but I totally agree with you KING I’d be happy to see it I’d go Belfort/Silva with victories.

  • Dr. Dizz

    Jon Jones is the ultimate champion. He is humble and a deep understanding of the world and humanity. Every time he speaks I gain respect.

    • shakejunt

      glad someone out there isn’t hellbent on twisting jones’ words. respect.


    Jones is right, Spider got cocky & got caught! If they fight Jones wins, he is a bigger version of Weidman!
    Silva’s gotta do the rematch!

    • Baller31

      I agree Jones would probably win, but as for being a bigger version of Weidman, Jones has a long way to go as far as his jiu jitsu level.

      • toom

        yeah but his stand is way better


        Yes but Jones does have 6 submissions & is getting better with his BJJ, And he beat Vitor w a keylock.

      • Sir_Roy

        Folks often make the distinction between MMA wrestling and wrestling. Same holds true for BJJ IMHO.

        Jones has shown an excellent, almost uncanny, application of BJJ in the Octagon, submitting the likes of Machida and Vitor is no joke.

    • Robert Parks

      Jones is not a bigger version of Weidman,that is just silly …If anything,Jones is a bigger smarter longer version of Silva,but he comes from a Wrestling Background/Pedigree,and he is learning and becoming a better BJJ practitioner,and it’s his length and flexibility as well as talent that is enabling him to submit guy’s rather easily given their level of competition (UFC)…The 13 people agreeing with you are just simply wrong…Yes Weidman won the fight,but without the help from Silva,Weidman is losing 15 different ways while Weidman’s only hope was recognized,he won’t win again like that,and if Silva goes in there the same way as the 1st fight,then I will believe it was set up to be like that…Weidman is not that great,in fact,he is very overhyped,I believe that George St.Pierre would beat Weidman in a 5 round decision,and if that fight takes place somehow or another in the next 2-3 years,I will bet anyone on here money that George St.Pierre wins it by Decision 4-1 or 5-0…Don’t even say Jon Jones vs Weidman because he will seriously get hurt and be fucked…Silva better do what’s right for Martial Arts and restore Order in MMA…MY TOP 10 P4P

      1.Jon Jones
      2.George St.Pierre
      3.Jose Aldo
      4.Benson Henderson
      5.Chris Weidman
      6.Anderson Silva
      7.Demetrius Johnson
      8.Cain Valesquez
      9.Dominick Cruz (Who Beat D.Johnson and if not Injured would probably be #3 ahead of Jose Aldo ore #4 just behind Aldo)
      10a.Gilbert Melendez
      10b.Anthony Pettis
      10c.Joseph Benavidez
      10d.Johny Hendricks
      10e.Junior Dos Santos
      10f.Carlos Condit
      11a.Frankie Edgar
      11b.Nick Diaz
      11c.Daniel Cormier (Future Champion for a long time as long as he fights at Heavyweight,I do believe Jon Jones will beat Cormier in a close fight,but Daniels Potential and Jon’s as well will have Daniel and Jon Jones being the future Anderson Silva and George St.Pierre as far as being the kings of the P4P rankings with Dominick Cruz,Benson Henderson and Jose Aldo being just behind Jones and Coirmier)

      I think that the most stacked divisions and most talented and up for grab divisions are the Lightweight Division with Benson Henderson going against Anthony Pettis that will be a great fight and I think Benson Henderson will win because of his devolopment and improvements…Then there’s the Bantamweights,where I see an upcoming fight between Dominick Cruz (Top 5 P4P fighter as soon as he steps back into the Octagon) and Renan Barao (Who people are just marveling over and saying Dominick Cruz has no chance) C’mon people,Please remember Dominick’s crazy fighting style,his ring Savvy,fighting intelligence,Quickness and his boxing skills…Either way,very exciting upcoming UFC story lines!!!ENJOY Won’t we…

  • tyrone

    Right now this very minute chris weidman is the most famous man in the woooorrrrrrllllllldddddd!!!!! Behind J E S U S of course

  • tyrone

    Silva acted the way he did in fight because he lacked confidence and once in fight he was trying to hype his own self up and drown the inner voice telling him, “hes beating my ass “,do something, drown that voice. Been there done that

    • Darin

      Silva has behaved the same way in almost every fight for at least the last two or three years. Was Bonnar beating his ass when Silva dropped his hands and mocked him? Grifffin? Maia? Franklin? Watch the fights with Sonnen. Sonnen actually WAS beating his ass. You notice there was far less stupidity from Silva in those two fights.
      Point is: Silva’s behavior had nothing to do with Weidman beating him.

      • Kris-tyahn

        100 % RIGHT!

      • Ian Price

        Maybe the fact that he was beating him made him act even MORE goofy.

    • Ian Price

      I totally agree. I was saying a similar thing in another thread yesterday. Finally someone who understands!

  • dgs

    Jones is right on point with his comments. What is odd is, Anderson is 13 years older than Jones and should be the one acting more mature, but instead it is Jones who shows far more maturity with his comments. I also believe that is why Jones will be a champion for longer than Anderson was, because he is just as talented as Anderson and would never fight the way Anderson did as a champion.

    That was Anderson’s fight to win or lose, and he chose the latter. Had he respected his opponent, and fought with same intensity, seriousness, and killer instinct he did when he was first brought into the UFC, there is no way in hell Weidman would have won that fight on Saturday night.

    • Ian Price

      I agree. But I don’t like Jones’ infatuation with his “brand”. I hate his brand because he talks about it constantly. You never hear Michael Jordan talk about his brand. Just stop talking about it and fight anyone, anywhere, like the #1 Gansta from West Linn, Chael P. Sonnen. For president.

  • ian smith

    see thats why i dig this dude….honor integrity and respect and thats the mindset he takes into every fight it seems…i believe also thats why bruce was so bad…cuz although he knew he could whoop dat a$$ he still respected his opp…and this kid bones is just about as humble…way to go kid way ta go…

  • ian smith

    i agree he disrepected his opp but not cuz he thought he sucked…i really dont think silva cared much about the fight…like it really didnt matter whether he won or lost…not saying he took a dive…but it was like…eh if he hits me he hits me…idc…i mean knowing silva from previous and then him saying he dont want a rematch? really? does sound like a champ beaten…or a champ that doesnt care anymore?

    • Ian Price

      Silva didn’t expect to get KTFO. Silva hasn’t been KO’ed…. I think forever. He has a rock solid chin. He was hoping Chris would tire out (and become less and less confident) while swinging and missing most of his punches, and that Andy would be able to absorb the few that did land. He just didn’t expect him to fake a right, and then step even more forward before connecting solidly with that left. He also didn’t expect Chris to hit so hard. Chris hits hard, guys.

      But Chris had been watching much Anderson tape!

      • ian smith

        lolol no doubt he didnt…def didnt wake up thinking that mornin think ill blasted tonight…lol a 1inch mis calculation..shoulda weeved when he bobbed..and his little fake wobble wobble kept his stance stil…all waist..body can move only but so much..but i keep watchin the punch…and it just didnt seem like it had any power at all…i know these dudes got hella power in just a slight tag..but as u said silvas got a chin…but i know he was out…u saw it in his eyes..and i dont think u can fake that glaze…

  • ian smith

    and to keep it 100….i still think if silva truly cared..he wouldve destroyed chris…

    • Ian Price

      How? With standup? If he started striking heavily, Chris could have gone under a strike and taken him down. With leg kicks? He can check some of those, and also take him down. With BJJ? He doesn’t want to be on the ground with Chris.

      His only way to beat Chris is to strike from a distance. Punches and kicks from afar. But here’s the problem: Chris is not a bad striker, and he’s even got a slightly longer reach than Silva.

      So yeah, Silva would be favored to win the serious rematch, but he wouldn’t be more than 2:1 favored.

      • MuayThaiFood

        I’ll shove my chips in the middle every time with 2:1 odds.

      • ian smith

        2:1? ill take that…and yeah with stand up…now dont get me wrong chris is nice…9-0 says a lot..regardless of opp…althought the caliber of opp silva put down and destroyed was i think a class above who chris has fought….both of their games have holes outside of their area…chris aint a bad striker and has reach..but wrestling is his bread and butter…silva aint to shabby on his back but stand him up…and u already know…and just that exp is what i think would be the key…(if he didnt play around)…but yeah i just dont think silva cared anymore..i think he felt he could beat this kid…so no need to be serious…lemme just give the crowd a show..but thats also why he doesnt want a rematch..cuz he knows hell win and he doesnt want the belt no more…i mean really name any champ in any sport that wouldnt want a rematch after loosing his title…silva not scared so whats the reason? i call it the jordan syndrome..crazy as it seems some just get tired of being on top all the time….(but thats not what she said…hahahaha)

        • Ian Price

          I see where you’re going with that. Good point. I mean, if Silva stops clowning around, there ain’t no way he’s getting caught like that again. Unless his chin is now suspect because of the recent hard KO, he should be able to beat Chris. All he has to do is keep the fight standing, be more aggressive on the standup, and he’ll be at least 2:1, hell, no more than 3:1 favorite. Remember, Chris can still beat him, even if he doesn’t clown around.

  • urdaddy

    I think Silva is in a no-win situation, because a lot of fans don’t want him destroying people in 2 minutes so he gives them a “show.” I think he needs to start destroying guys, then retire. We’ll see with the rematch.

    • Ian Price

      That’s an interesting idea. You could be right. It certainly is more fun watching his fights that watching a 17 second destruction. It’s like he’s giving them a puncher’s chance (pun intended).

      I’d love to see the rematch, but with only a third of the clowning. LOL

    • Sir_Roy

      Or he let Maia go 5 rounds, resorting to dancing and “clowning” instead of KO’ing him, because the betting odds against it were far, far too lucrative to pass up.

      Look at the first round beat down Silva gave Franklin (that was a Silva who meant business), a dude who could strike circles around Maia in his sleep, then tell me Maia should have gone the distance. Anderson Silva plays the books.

      • MuayThaiFood

        It’s an interesting theory but kind of a wild accusation to throw at someone with no proof to back it up. I saw him doing nothing different than many of his other fights he went on to win by stoppage. He was playing a game of calculated risk to get into Weidman’s head and get him to swing so he could counter. I think knowing Roy Jones Jr. was there could have been a factor also. Whatever the reason, he played around a little too long and got caught.

        • Sir_Roy

          Problem is, there’s not just “nothing” to back it up. There is an interview of him stating Weidman would win by KO. No tongue in cheek. Too long to explain here, but check it out. It’s weird. There’s another where he is already making excuses for a loss. And Anderson handing the belt over to Weidman pre fight? Both with a hand on it like he was passing the torch?

          The fights where Anderson clowns around, are very suspect fights; Maia, Forrest and now Weidman? Fixed for the bookies can mean a number of things mind you. Not trying to take anything away from Weidman … I had him dethroning Silva actually. But damn, so many Silva fights just don’t sit right.

          Check out the interviews, think about it, re-watch the fights in question then tell me you’re not scratching your chin.

        • Sir_Roy

          Look at all interviews leading to Silva’s fight with Weidman. Look at him passing the belt pre-fight interview, as though he were passing the torch. He predicted a loss via KO in another interview … only he said he was the one who would be KO’d. Look at the interview before claiming “tongue in cheek”. In another interview, Silva is talking as though he’s already defeated. Making preemptive excuses for a loss to Weidman. A fighter planning a dive often cannot help but leave breadcrumbs. It’s an ego thing.

          Not impossible that he was taunting Weidman to forgo the take downs to throw a few shot so he could take a convincing punch on the chin.

          The Maia fight really speaks for itself.

          Check the odds against Maia going five rounds against Silva. Check the odds of Weidman KO’ing Silva. Things start to smell suspect is all I’m saying when you start to place all the pieces together objectively.

          But like you said, who can prove such beyond a shadow of doubt. Only Silva I guess. Doesn’t mean those of us with a brain cannot scratch our collective chins and cry “suspect”.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Well, I watched the interview but I’m still not convinced. I guess I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I see your points but hard proof is what you are lacking. I’ll say this though. If you are right then Anderson cannot like having been dethroned even if it was his own doing and if that’s the case he will destroy Weidman when they rematch. It should be interesting to say the least.

          • Sir_Roy

            Just “an” interview … or did you get the whole panoramic view by watching all of them? Which did you watch?

            Did you see the post fight one with Minotauro wherein he states; “If you really knew what was behind the Silva loss, you would be disgusted”.

            I don’t know, you’re right of course, there’s no “hard proof” and these are just “hypothesis”. But every single investigation, and every scientific discovery, are first based upon assumptions, which are in turn based on probables. The interviews, the fight itself, Silva’s “clowning” (which I feel he does when fights are possibly “fixed”), make said “assumptions” not entirely unfounded or unwarranted IMHO.

  • randy

    well jon jones your abusing your weight advantage and fighting small kids even fighting anderson silva you would have a big big weight advantage lets say you start being man enough and try to go to heavyweight , or are you chicken ? did greg jackson just tell you fight at LHW so you can always have an advantage?

    if you have a gift mr jones then lets see it at HW cmon dont be chicken and dont try to fool your fans you phony

    • Ian Price

      I’m pretty sure he makes weight for every fight. He’s a big LHW, but he plays by the rules.

      • Werdoomb

        So does GSP. One point for a takedown. One point for a jab. Another point for a takedown immediately before the bell. Total 3 points. Hurray! UD UD UD!!

        JBJ needs to fight Cain/JDS/Cormier at HW.

        • Sir_Roy

          That’s a silly bandwagon comment pandering to popular opinion – and this only with the largely highlight reel addicted, and most likely casual, fan base.

          GSP is a grappler par excellence. That’s his strength and that’s how he wins. He doesn’t have great knockout power but even so, you cannot deny that he does dominate in the stand-up all the same, and not just the ground game.

          That said, the one criticism I will never object to at present, is GSP doesn’t take unnecessary risks and plays it a little too safe. He forgoes “killer instinct” to stick with what he knows gets the job done. Given the name of the game though, I think it’s the game that needs fine tuning and not GSP. Can’t blame the player for sticking with what works when the payday involved, and the time frame within which he has to make it, is truly and justly considered.

  • mmayeah

    Yeah jones fight somebody your own size as they say a good big man can always defeat a good small man , take the cue from randy couture he looks for challenges he doesnt go around fighting smaller men like you mistah jones

  • anderson silva


  • Guest

    “War Gods”? Seriously? What an effing idiot!

    • MuayThaiFood

      You never heard of Ares or Mars? You think Jesus is responsible? He’s the Prince of Peace, he doesn’t even watch UFC. Who’s the idiot now?

  • tyrone

    In between rounds, silva was talking crap and corner had to calm him down. Silva was surprised he made it out of 1st rd and in his mind thought i kept it standing at end of rd, he was hyping himself up because he didn’t believe he could whoop weidman.when he made it to bell, it was like, i made it, blah blah, ding, ktfo and then a lil gnp for the disrespect of putting your nasty ass lips on mine during weigh in.

  • Troy Saxton

    Anyone remember Matt Serra and George St. PIERRE. Same type thing , except Anderson is better than George. You know why they were standing cause Silva stuffed his shot twice. I know a lot of people wanted to see Silva loose. But seriously ? Silva was gettu beat up in the first round. Come on that’s absurd. He slipped six punches and got caught by a flailing punch whilst flat footed chin up. Lucky punch. Just like serra. Aren’t they from the same camp ? Whats it called horse shoe ju jitsu

    • Sir_Roy

      Silva may, or may not, be better than GSP. They are two completely different types of fighters with different skill-sets. GSP is the master grappler to Silva’s striking mastery. GSP does not have Silva’s precision, but Silva does not have GSP’s top control & ground game.

      And seriously, Weidman is 10x the fighter Serra ever was as well.

      • Troy Saxton

        Silva got hit with a lucky shot just like St. Pierre did. No difference.

        • Sir_Roy

          Context is everything. GSP got legitimately caught and given their rematch, it’s exceedingly fair to say GSP would never have come close to losing a round against Serra barring getting caught. Silva flat out lost the first round, which leads one to believe, and justifiably so, the punch was not quite as lucky as Serra’s.