Jon Jones Says Alexander Gustafsson Has Never Faced Anything Close to Him (Video)

September 18, 2013
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Jon-Jones-UFC-126-Prefight_4718-478x270UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has the opportunity to set the record for most UFC light heavyweight title defenses when he takes on Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 on Sept. 21.  To Jones, accomplishing that goal is what the fight is all about.

“The truth of the matter is, he’s never faced anything close to me,” said Jones.

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  • Werdoomb

    Dear Champ:

    I agree with you 100%. Yes, you are the best fighter in MMA right now and therefore Gus never fought anyone like you.

    But humility will suit you better. Go look at the things Fedor used to say about his opponents. He remained relatively quiet and just said this is an interesting match up because of X Y and Z reasons.

    This also applies to Ronda, another young champ.

    • TheCerealKiller

      You speak humility? Need we discuss all of your constant name calling and childish behavior you display here on a regular basis?

      • Werdoomb


  • Lucas Freire

    That’s a whole lot of hypocrisy going on huh?
    Can someone deny anything that he says? I don’t even like him that much, but hell, he gives analysis just someone anyone of us in front of the TV.
    Alex never faced anyone like Jon Jones. Check.
    Cormier probably will lose a lot of cardio if he goes to 205. Check.
    Glover is not a fast LHW. Check.

    But if he says it all, he’s a douche, he’s not humble.

    • Werdoomb

      U are confusing speaking the truth with being humble.

      If you go up to a retard (like yourself) and keep saying “you are retarded” “you are retarded” while it may be true, it certainly goes against your humility.

      • Lucas Freire

        No, I’m not.
        There’s a difference between simply expressing the truth, and being offensive about it.
        If Jones said “ha ha ha Glover is slow as a slug, he won’t hit me once” this is being a douche.
        Pointing out your opponents weak points doesn’t make you arrogant.

  • onehitwonder

    I’d like to know who asked for this fight, Jones, Gust, or the UFC. it’s nice to be confident but “this was never about the belt” man talk about counting your chickens before they hatch, where was this confidence when he turned down the chance to fight Chael the first time?

  • Deeznuts

    This guy needs a big slice of humble pie with a big helping of karma on top.