Jon Jones Reports No Major Injuries to His Foot Following UFC 165 Title Defense

September 25, 2013
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Jon Jones & Alex Gustafsson in HospitalUFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones injured his foot in his UFC 165 bout with Alexander Gustafsson, but reported on Wednesday that an MRI revealed the injury was not significant.

“Just got back from a MRI, Great news! my foot is not broken or fractured.. Focusing on a full recovery,” Jones tweeted.

Later on Wednesday, UFC Tonight reported that Jones confirmed the injury was a deep bone bruise.

The fight with Gustafsson at UFC 165 on Saturday night in Toronto went the full five rounds. The lanky Swede put Jones and his belt in jeopardy like no opponent before him. He consistently took Jones to the mat, but also peppered him with heavy punch combinations when standing.

Jones got his licks in as well, especially in the later rounds when he landed some heavy blows that left Gustafsson staggering around the Octagon.

“I’ve been asking for a dog fight for a long time, and tonight I got one,” said the 26-year-old champion following the fight.

“Hats off to Alex, that was by far the toughest fight I’ve ever had.”

And it showed all over Jones’ face, with a cut above his left eye that nearly caused a halt to the fight prior to the fifth round, and massive swelling. Jones limped away from the Octagon, was put on a stretcher, and carted off to the hospital, as was Gustafsson.

Gustafsson had to get several staples to close a gash in his scalp, but like Jones, escaped primarily with superficial wounds.

It’s a rarity in mixed martial arts, but despite the challenger losing the fight, there were calls for an immediate rematch, an idea that UFC officials are entertaining.

With no significant injuries to either fighter, it appears that the door is wide open for a rematch, if the UFC opts to go that route.

(Photo courtesy of Alexander Gustafsson on Instagram)

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  • fate

    Got his licks in?

  • ralph macchio

    Someone needs to research some correct information. Gus did NOT consistently take Jones to the mat. Only once was the swede successful in his takedown attempt

  • MuayThaiFood

    I think that if the fight had continued Gus would have had a significant advantage with Jones on the gurney. Gus should have been looking for foot stomps in the clinch and he might have got a TKO.

    • steeltown65

      Gus was gassed. Jones wasn’t far behind him. But if they called for a round six. Gus would have been in trouble. It wouldn’t have been a cake walk for Jones either.

      • MuayThaiFood

        I was being facetious. I thought the “gurney” gave it away.

  • steeltown65

    I’ll say it again. The next fight needs to be Gus vs texiera. Gus is a gamer. Texiera has been on a terror. But the question has been. Who has he fought? Well if he can beat Gus. He’s for real. Hook it up Dana!

    • Dragon Kid

      He’s fought Rampage, Bader & Te-Huna. Are you telling me they’re all cans?!? Most the guys Gus defeated weren’t even top 10.

      • steeltown65

        Exactly. Rampage. Was done after he had his flip out behind the wheel. Te-huna, young fighter. Has alot of growing to do. And a lot to learn. Bader. Way overrated. He lost to Ortiz when he was washed up. And machida destroyed him. I think texiera is for real. But he hasn’t matched into a top ten fighter. It’s been announced that he’s getting his shot. We’ll see if he can get past the champs reach.

        • Dragon Kid

          Gus hasn’t defeated top 10 guys either. Shogun is washed up, Thiago Silva can’t win a fight without failing a drug test, Vladimir Matyushenko is washed up. The guys Glover fought were higher ranked at the time except for Rampage who gave Him his toughest fight to date and not exactly easy to finish

    • MuayThaiFood

      I think the word you intended to use there was tear, not “terror”. Glover is ranked #3, he’s for real and he’s already been promised a shot.

  • Marc Livingood

    Jones you lost that fight you did not win round 2 and you only won the last minute of round 4 how dare you not give Alex a rematch it should be him giving you the rematch. You were done if there had of been a round 6 you would have died.