Jon Jones Opening Up to the Possibility of Facing Chael Sonnen Next

October 12, 2012
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Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones UFCUFC President Dana White has said for the last couple of months that if the fans demanded to see Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen, he’d have to make it happen.

Well now the fans have even warmed UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones to the idea of facing the self-professed ‘American Gangster’ from West Linn, Oregon.

When Jones was offered the idea of facing Sonnen at UFC 151 on short notice, he wanted no part of it. Between the 8 days notice and the fact that Sonnen hasn’t even competed in the UFC light heavyweight division in the last several years much less beat a top contender to earn a title show, Jones saw no upside in facing him in the Octagon.

Now as the fans continue to hound him about potentially facing Sonnen, Jones is warming up to the idea of fighting him to give everybody what they want.

“The more I realize how bad the fans want to see me fight Sonnen the more I am beginning to disregard whether he deserves it or not,” said Jones on Twitter.

Sonnen and Jones have interacted on Twitter before with the two fighters jabbing at each other through the social networking site, but now the reality of just how much fans want to see the two square off is making the champion rethink his original decision to not give him a shot at the title.

There is still some hesitation in Jones’ voice when talking about facing Sonnen, but what was once an absolute ‘no’ has become a ‘maybe’.

“A part of me wants to do it for the fans, the other part of me feels as if it delegitimizes the importance of (the) championship,” said Jones.

Sonnen is currently scheduled to face Forrest Griffin at UFC 155 in December, but if he can gets past that fight, a match-up with Jones could be awaiting him next.

Never one to be out done on Twitter, Sonnen fired back his own quip saying, “You don’t give, I take. Remember that ‘Bonesie-Boy”.

Is Jones vs. Sonnen the fight everyone would pay to see?

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  • Darin

    After Sonnen loses, or has an unimpressive showing against Griffen people will forget all about the possibility of this fight happening.

    • shakejunt

      Agreed. He needs to really steamroll forrest to make the fight sound appealing at all considering how god awful forrest has looked in recent times.

      • Kris-tyahn

        I agree with you, he definitely needs to put on a clinic vs. Forrest & I think he will no problem. If he doesn’t but wins, then he has to fight someone else at LHW & they need to be ranked in the top 10.

    • Kris-tyahn

      BAHAHAHA another uneducated fool. Just like Silva was going to KTFO of Sonnen in the 1st round of their 1st fight, yet Sonnen owned Silva for 4.5 rounds, something noone has been able to do for more than 1 round. I believe Forrest was KTFO by Silva in the 1st round, yet Sonnen spanked him & won 4.5 rounds, but he wont be able to beat Forrest, but if he does, it will be unimpressive. LMAO, heard that before about Sonnen vs. Marquardt, Stann & Silva x2, yet he’s proven fools like you wrong. I guess you ASSume Forrest is still a legit threat @ LHW too?!? LOL

      If Sonnen can embaress Silva “the best fighter on the planet” & win 6 of 7 rounds against him, I think he’ll do just fine vs. Forrest OVERRATED & my 15 mins of fame are up Griffin, and I think he will be Jones toughest test to date as well. Though, that’s not really saying much.

      • Prince James

        I like how you gloss over the fact that Chael was cheating for that first fight.

      • MuayThaiFood

        Funny how as soon as someone is holding the belt and successfully defends it against multiple challengers all the people who dislike that person are saying that what bums they’ve fought. Then they climb on the bandwagon of the next great hope that challenges, claiming this is the guy to take the belt. When he doesn’t he’s heaped into the bum category a few fights later.
        Sonnen is going to get handled by the top guys at 205. The only way he gets to the top and fights Jones is by his big mouth and fans that think he has something different to show him.

        I’ll take Forrest by spinning backfist (Chael’s). 🙂

      • Danny

        Your “MMA math” is laughable and a highly outdated theory. Go back to sherdog, retard

      • SOBOC1

        He lost the first fight while having high testosterone levels to an injured fighter. Then he lost to Bisping and was still given the win just to lose again to AS. It doesnt matter how many rnds you win if you dont win the fight. Forrest will submit pillow hands and then maybe he’ll go to WWE where he belongs.

  • Brian


  • If Sonnen beats Griffin soundly, I don’t see why he shouldn’t get a shot at Jones, as everyone else credible in LHW already has. Doubly interesting as Jones has shown weaknesses against small fast quirky specialists as opposed to traditional big sluggers.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Forrest by guillotine. End of discussion.

  • Danny

    Pathetic. Let me paraphrase Dana’s comment – “If we can make more money on a someone who is a better trash talker than fighter, we will choose than fight over someone who has talent” Dana calls Greg Jackson a sport killer IRONY to say the least

  • jpgagne

    If I was a UFC fighter, I would start saying stupid crap right away, so I can get title shot against the best fighter and cashing in a bigger cheque in the process. This is as ridiculous as it gets. I could see why they offered Henderson’s spot to Chael because he was the only one willing to do it, but now that the urgency is gone, why giving him a title shot after a fight against a soon-to-be-retired fighter? I bet Hendo, Machida, Gustafson and Texeira are sharpening their tongue right now!!!

  • John Bunch

    lol…hypocrite. Maybe he’ll drop the self-righteous crap now and just fight.

  • Drock420

    Let the WWE match making begin!!

  • Mario

    Make Sonnen earn his shot.

    They need to stop rewarding that man for running his mouth. Talking you’re way into a title fight is nonsense. It worked with Anderson, but enough is enough.

    Sonnen laying on top of Forrest for 3 rounds won’t convince me that he should get the next crack at Jones.

    Let’s see Jones vs. Henderson. Dan’s defeated Shogun and Fedor! He deserves it more.

  • worldtotravis

    How Chael “Earned” it… He was the only guy with big enough balls to take JBJ on in 8 days notice. Nobody else wanted to fight, or could make weight in the 8 days. Now, this created a legitimate controversy, EVERYONE was talking about it. even non-MMA people. His haters will say “his mouth got him this fight”. I agree, since he said YES he would fight! I would normally agree with the smart folk on here that he needs to “earn” it, But, we forget, the UFC is a business first, then a MMA ranking system. I say it all the time.. Just like the fricken NFL. $$$$ Im going to buy the PPV for that fight. Hell ya! I could care less who wins. JBJ is going to SMASH him. But it will f-ing sell a BOATLOAD of PPV!

  • MaritalArtist

    Just fight Chael.


    Dont fight him.
    Mousasi, Anderson, Rua, Hendo, Lyoto, Evans, Gustafsson, Taxiera and so many others deserve a shot before that guy.
    Please dont.

  • George Sperry

    He won’t get past Forrest so it’s a senseless conversation.
    I am sick of this guy talking his way into championship fights, he doesn’t deserve one, in any weight class.

  • stevemcz11

    After Jones saying he wont fight Chael right after saying he didnt want to fight Machida I hope Chael, Machida,Shogun and Rashad refuse to fight him if they get offered. Let Jones fight relative unknowns for a while like Shogun did when he fought Jones. Then when a named fighter like Sonnen is asked to step up Jones will hopefully have been humbled and he will graciously accept

    • kayak

      Jones wasn’t an unknown when he beat Shogun he was a top ten light-heavyweight by then

      • stevemcz11

        I said a relative unknown not an unknown. But your right he was top ten for a whole month before he fought Shogun

  • Guest

    mma.. mixed martial ARTS? where did they come up with the art! this is gay guys gone wild! hair pulling.eye gouging and scratching sweaty boys grappling!!a gay boy cat fight…lol

  • big wave dave

    Sonnen was an interesting short notice fight but there are other fish to fry.