Jon Jones on Gustafsson: I Use My Timing, My Rhythm, My Distance A Lot Better Than Him

September 14, 2013
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Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson UFC 165 Kickoff-478x270There’s been a lot of comparisons between UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson leading up to their UFC 165 showdown, but Jones doesn’t think he and Gustafsson have anything in common.

“You have the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Jon Jones, taking on a guy who is extremely similar to him in style, in aggression and in skills, and that man is Alexander Gustafsson,” stated UFC and Fox commentator and former fighter Kenny Florian during the UFC 165 Extended Preview.

Jones couldn’t disagree more.

“I don’t really agree with any of the comparisons,” Jones said during a recent media conference call. “I think the only thing me and Gustafsson have in common is that probably we’re both 26 years old and the fact that we’re over six-feet tall, over six-foot-four.  Outside of that, we are completely different fighters.

“I’ve been able to study him a lot over the last several months and I realize there’s absolutely nothing he does that’s like me.  We’re just completely different.  We have the same height and age and that’s absolutely it,” added the champion.

One thing they do have in common is their reach.  They both enjoy a reach advantage against most opponents.  Jones will still have at least a three-inch reach advantage over Gustafsson, but Gustafsson’s reach is likely the longest Jones has faced.

Even if their reach was equal, Jones believes he uses his length better than his Swedish opponent.

“Alexander, he has a long reach, and he’s tall.  I’m training with a lot of guys who are tall as well, who have really fast hands, are good with their hands and good with their kicks.  I just believe that I use my reach better,” said Jones.

Defense is another area Jones feels that he’s superior than Gustafsson.

“If you watch my fights and you watch Alexander’s fights, he gets hit a lot with a lot of different punches.  With me, I’ve gone through some fights where fighters have only punched me once.  When I fought Rampage Jackson, he hit me like twice in the whole fight.  Lyoto Machida was able to touch my face like twice in the whole fight,” said Jones.

“I’ve been fighting the best guys in the world and a lot of them never even get the chance to punch me in the face throughout the fight.  I just believe I use my timing, my rhythm, my distance a lot better than him.  I think the proof is in the pudding,” he added.

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  • I’m not counting out Gustaf, I mean he did earn this title shot and it’s been a while since the Davis loss. If he comes out aggressive this will be a very good fight.

    • Sarcasticball

      Agreed! for once!

  • Manuel Lopez

    Jones and his bu!!$hit technical approach. I hope Guftasson makes this a FIGHT! Grind, punch, kick, keep coming forward, wear the guy down… Just cut the crap and win a FIGHT… It’s a damn fight, not a seminar on “using your timing better” crap.

    • #1mmafan.

      If Jones was knocking out people like Tyson used to you’d be complaining that his fights are too short. Maybe you could make one of his fights more exciting by fighting him yourself.

      • Manuel Lopez

        If jones fought and knocked opponents out like Tyson used to, I would be able to tolerate his bullshtt, and would love to watch his fights.

    • Rob

      By Technical approach, you mean finishing most all his opponents? That approach? Dude comes in and handles business, Manny.

  • Giovanni

    By fluke and now your new light heavy weight champion of the world…Alex “The Mauler” Gustaffson!

    Heck, I don’t care if it’s by fluke I want Gus to win. Time to inject a little humility inside Jones system!

  • cs

    I believe the reach advantage is about 8″ for Jon Jones, so saying “Jones will still have at least a three-inch reach advantage over Gustafsson” is a bit decieving.

    • Lucas Freire

      I think that the decieving aspect of this fight is putting such emphasis on the height of Gustafsson. He has height but doesn’t have arm reach, and going against such a versatile wrestler like Jones, kicking to zone out the opponent ain’t a good idea.

    • guest

      Gus cleared this up a few days back…he says his reach is 81.2 inches not 76.5


    for some reason … most people don’t like Jon Jones