Jon Jones Most Concerned with Hendo’s H-Bomb

July 16, 2012
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Jon Jones UFC 145 WorkoutsDan Henderson, a veteran of more than 15 years in the fight game, possesses many tools and many weapons with which to score a victory. UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is well aware of the dangers that Hendo presents, but he’s as acutely aware as anyone else of the one weapon that could quickly put an end to his amazing title reign… the H-Bomb.

Asked what he’s more wary of, Hendo’s wrestling or his striking, Jones answered, “I think more of his striking, that H-Bomb. It seems like a heat seeking missile. He just comes from all different angles with that right hand.”

Jones will surely do everything he can to avoid the H-Bomb when the two meet in the UFC 151 main event in Denver, Colorado.

Check out Jon Jones at a recent Xyience press conference where he fielded questions about Dan Henderson, and also about the recently retired Tito Ortiz…

  • jrcr_15

    I hope he eats the H Bomb !!

  • opposition13

    I think Jone’s reach will keep that H bomb far enough as we all know….I like both fighters…but I would like Hendo holding that belt before he retires…..and then Id like Jones to get it back….

  • felix

    Agreed. That reach its going to be a nightmare to Hendo. Very difficult for him tu pull a win, but that could be amazing if he can get that belt from someone who has be that dominant. That will be like the cinderella man in mma.

  • Machterf5

    If Rashad could connect, Hendo can connect. The big thing that I think people may overlook is the fact that they’re in Denver for this fight. Denver hasn’t really been good to fighters in the past and Hendo gassed bad towards the end of his fight with Shogun. Being over 40 doesn’t help anything either.

    • darrylreyes

      Except Rashad is much faster than Hendo and arguable better conditioned. I like both guys, but this is gonna be an uphill battle for Hendo.

  • lazlo

    They actually meet in Las Vegas in September, not in Denver.

  • ifighterc

    On paper this fight looks like it should be similar to Evans and Rampages (guys with big right hands) fight with Jones, where Jones just kept his reach and was able to do whatever he wanted, but I think it’ll be different with Hendo just because Hendo isn’t one too shy a way from a fight unlike Rashad and Rampage

    • darrylreyes

      Nah man even MORE one-sided than that. Hendo for all his Olympic accolades has very poor TDD and that’s what’s gonna kill him here along with the reach and speed disadvantages. He CAN land the punch, but’s gonna be a total Hail Mary that Jones is gonna be prepared for.

  • dgs

    While I never rule out a fighter in an MMA match, I don’t give Henderson much of a chance of winning this fight. Jones simply has too many tools at his disposal, plus his insane reach. Even if Henderson connects with his right hand, Jones has proven he doesn’t have a glass chin, so that will hardly guarantee a victory for Henderson.

    Would I love to see Henderson win, well as a man in my forties, yes, of course I would. I love it when people in my age bracket prove they can hang with the young guns. The reality is however, I don’t see Henderson winning this one.

  • somecokehead

    I like Dan Henderson however I see this one making him 0 for 3 when it comes to UFC title shots. Rampage was his best chance. Still hope he wins but wouldn’t bet on it.

    • phrankthetank

      Rampage was his best chance, but Hendo is on a serious streak right now, he won 3 straight before he left the UFC, he gassed from a bad weight cut and lost to jake shields, and has won 4 in a row since then, including tkoing fedor at heavyweight. He’s fallen into his groove and I think he’s gonna cause problems for jones. This will be bones’ toughest fight to date.

      • zacharydetal

        Jon Jones is on a more serious streak. I don’t think I need to explain why.

      • dathump

        Can’t overlook the fact Jones has a court date coming up and other things weighing in on his mind. We have seen time and time again how mental focus means so much and if his head isn’t in the game 100% Hendo may have an advantage the other fighters didn’t. We’ll have to wait and see if Jones can block that stuff out and focus, or if it will affect his performance.

        • atmosphere

          i doubt that it’ll affect Jones’ performance much, if any. standard DUI’s (unfortunately) are pretty common and aren’t life ending.

          however, i’m sure Greg Jackson will craft an exciting* gameplan (i.e. jab+kick+backpedal for a few rounds, then takedown and work from the top).


          • darrylreyes

            Have you seen Jackson employ that gameplan with Cerrone, Jones, Brian Stann, Diego Sanchez, Tim Kennedy, Nate Marquardt, Shane Carwin, and Carlos Condit(other than his fight with Diaz where he STILL outstruck Diaz by wide margin)?

          • atmosphere

            i honestly think that Jackson does put together more conservative gameplans for his top tier fighters, especially title holders. if the rumors are true, he doesn’t really coach the non-top tiered fighters in his own camp, hence the “anomalies”.

            as for Jones, he’s been becoming a lot more cautious in his approach, most notably against Rashad.

      • Lesnardo

        very true. Hendo is on fire right now. I wonder what he has been feeding his right hand.

        But he does have cardio issues, given his age.

  • zacharydetal

    I would be more concerned about Hendo’s Testosterone levels. His levels are probably through the roof while he trains, then to the allowed levels come fight time.

    • MuayThaiFood

      You said it so I don’t have to. I was thinking the same thing although I don’t think trt will be enough to pull this one off for Hendo. I look at Hendo’s fight against Shogun next to Jones’ vs Shogun and I’d give him a puncher’s chance at best.

      • bljr7

        Those were two completely different Shoguns, one coming off an injury/layoff, the other coming in hungry and well prepared.

        • Lesnardo

          Shogun and cold and hot but given that Hendo has recently KOed Babalu (which isn’t that impressive), Feijao, and Fedor, I have a feeling Hendo schooled Shogun.

          Shogun has to come back and prove that it was his conditioning that was lacking and not his skills.

  • maddawgmar

    I have said before, it will take a prolific wrestler or a one punch KO fighter to beat Jones. Henderson is both. Howevever I still see Jones winning the fight. The prolific wrestler is going to have to be young, Hendo isn’t. The only way Hendo wins is by landing the big right. Not out of the realm of possibility. And Henderson had a better chance than he is given. But still see Jones winning

  • MaritalArtist

    Hendo with a KO in the 2nd round. That’s how I see it. Rashad got a little scared of jones’ elbows. Hendo won’t. It will be another KO, similar to how it went down with bisping.

    • Lesnardo

      Pretty much Hendo doesn’t have a good chance of winning, let alone winning by KO.

      • maddawgmar

        He has a better chance of winning by KO than any other way… I don’t see him outpointing Jones or submitting him. But I can see him land a huge right and lights out.

        • worldchamp

          I agree Henderson has little chance to win this fight. I also agree that if he wants to win, KO will be his only real chance at doing so. He will need get really lucky and connect with a lucky punch.

          • maddawgmar

            If he lands it I wouldn’t call it lucky. Hendo’s right is a heat sinking missile. He lands it in awkward positions i.e. underneath like with Fedor, over the top like Bisping, or down the pipe like any of his numerous KO’s. So I don’t mean that he has little chance he has a decent chance, I mean it’s his only chance. If it doesnt land or land with conviction. Then he loses.

  • corymacdonald

    The way I see it Jones most deff wont win by ko, I see this goin the distance or hendo being submitted just like Anderson did but don’t get me wrong hendo is still in top shape given his age but maybe he could wrestle with Jones but no1 has really put him in a position to where he has to work hard to survive & personally I thought machida or Evans would’ve got the win

  • felix

    I just hope Dan has been working on his cardio

  • mike