Jon Jones May Still Test Heavyweight, but Daniel Cormier Will Have to Cut to 205 for a Shot

January 25, 2013
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Jon Jones at Fan Q&AUFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones still has plans for a heavyweight move in the future, but with his weight down lately, that may not happen for a little while longer.

Jones has long discussed the possibility of making a move to a bigger weight class, but with a nutritionist now overseeing his eating habits, cutting down to 205lbs is easier than ever.

That doesn’t mean he won’t be moving to heavyweight, but the timeline for that move may get pushed back a little bit.

“I have a nutritionist now so I’ve been making weight a lot easier, staying in shape when I’m off season and things like that. So I think heavyweight was going to be prolonged until 2014, maybe late this year, who knows. It definitely would be a fight for the fans and I would want to fight some one as a top contender,” Jones revealed during a fan Q&A on Friday.

There are a lot of potential match-ups for Jones should he move to heavyweight, and much like UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva who has ventured to the weight class above him a few times, the “super fight” crossover is always appealing.

One fight that won’t happen for Jones at heavyweight is a match-up against former Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix champion Daniel Cormier.

Jones and Cormier have exchanged verbal jabs a lot in the press lately, and the former Olympian has made it clear he eventually wants to drop to light heavyweight to take a crack at the incumbent UFC champion.

Well, if Cormier wants a shot at Jones, dropping is exactly what he’ll have to do because the UFC’s reigning light heavyweight king has no intention of moving up to meet him in the middle.

“That guy’s gonna have to come and get me,” said Jones about Cormier. “He’s been talking all this trash, I’m going to make him cut that weight.”

  • I’d rather see Big Country vs Daniel C at LHW. Both are tough, excellent grapplers and can throw hands. And at LHW they would both be in top shape. Although D.C is still early in his career and has a lot more to do, I don’t know why he’s talking Jones at all when he has a beast of Frank Mir in front of him.

    • Cheezburgr

      LMAOoo big country at lhw thats about as likely as me ever seeing one of my abs in the mirror again

      • Nutshell

        Well, that’s why you just comment and not fight you fat douchebag

    • Barry Obarma

      Are you kidding me? We have a seemingly invincible champion in Jon Jones. I can count the number of times Jones has even been hit: 1 (by Machida, but it didn’t put him in any danger). The only other slight danger was against Vitor Belfort, but Vitor didn’t have it, it was clear that Jones was getting out. That was it. Nothing else. I just want him to face someone who can be competitive with him. I would love to see him fight Cormier. I think DC will give him his toughest fight, and hopefully beat him. It would be an awesome fight. As for Mir, that guy will not pose any significant problems to DC. DC will probably take him down and pound him, and also beat him up on the feet. I hope that this fight happens. Also, I love Big Country, but he has no chance against DC.

      • Do you think Jones need to move to HW to get a real challenge?