Jon Jones May Not Be an Addict, but Dana White Believes ‘There’s Some Type of Problem There’

January 29, 2015
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When the news that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones failed an out of competition drug test prior to his UFC 182 title defense against Daniel Cormier was made public, the 27-year old titleholder immediately admitted himself into a treatment facility.

It was later revealed that Jones spent just 24 hours in the rehab facility. UFC president Dana White appeared on The Jim Rome Show on Wednesday and explained Jones’ brief stint.

“Everybody was talking about, ‘Oh, he really didn’t go to rehab.’ He went for a 24-hour evaluation into rehab. They evaluated him for 24 hours. When the 24 hours was up they said, ‘You are not an addict.’ Okay,” said White.

While Jones may not be a drug addict, White feels there’s some underlying issue with the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

“But my thing was, if you’re doing that four weeks before the biggest fight of your life, there’s some type of problem there. There’s something wrong. He’s doing out-patient counseling now. He’s talking to counselors,” said the UFC president.

“This kid has so much talent. It’s always the guys with tons of talent that you go, ‘Why is this guy doing this?’ I want to try to help the guy,” he said.

Jones became the youngest fighter to win a UFC championship when he captured the belt at age 23. He holds the record for most UFC light heavyweight title defenses and holds the record for the most submission wins in the 205-pound division. He is currently riding the longest win streak in UFC light heavyweight history.

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  • John Youwer

    Like Dickhead Dana White cares about Jones. All Dana white cares about is Money and how much he can make off a Fighter. The UFC is run by assholes.

    • steve

      cocaine hides PEDs

      • asdasdasd

        No it dosen’t.

        It hides PEDs in simpler evaluations and such, but since it was the nevada state athletic commision that tested him, they did several different test for PED.

        If you recall Chael sonnens attempt to fool the commision was by being tested by a smaller lab, and when he came clean on that, he was confident he would fool nevada state athletic commision. But they did too advanced tests.

        simple as that

        • Muttley76

          Absolutely right. They aren’t doing a 5-panel there lol.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Guest posts are all trolls, don’t bother.

    • DamianCross

      Yes, but he can’t make money off Jones if he has a coke problem. So Dana is telling the truth.

    • Guest

      Nah, thats WWE thats run by a**holes.

      • UfcUltimateFloorCuddling

        No not really.. atleast WWE is entertaining.. or try to be. UFC is suppose to be something serious but it isn’t. Plus is 2 different “sports”.. so you can’t compare them. 1 is clearly fake.. another is going to be fake soon lol

        Ufc is far worst than wwe. They are more of the assholes… with low fighter pay a joke ranking system.. and matches that never goes through.. plus is a popularity contest. Its truly is about money.

  • George Sperry

    Rehab is for addicts. If Jones were an addict he wouldn’t have been able to be clean for the fight.

    • UfcUltimateFloorCuddling

      Who said he wasn’t? You gotta realized the match was postponed for another month. So the UFC knew about it, Talking about the DC vs Jones fight.

      Jones is the money maker for the ufc so pretty much he can do whatever he want.

  • dderizzo


  • TheMod

    Chu don’t wanna mess wit Bony Montana.

  • Gandoff

    Will some please tell Joe Rogan that the whole point of a microphone is you don’t have to yell. The guy is
    probably the most irritating figure in the UFC today.

  • Fred

    Jones is the UFC’s Magic Negroe, Dana will not take the belt from his cash cow!