Jon Jones: Lyoto Machida’s Puzzle Already Solved

December 7, 2011
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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has a tremendous amount of respect for Lyoto Machida ahead of UFC 140, but he still believes he’ll pick up his 4th win in 2011 in dominant fashion.

Jones has watched all of Machida’s fights in the UFC, and while he believes that every fighter is capable of evolving, he knows that the Brazilian has been figured out before and he can figure him out this time as well.

“How are you going to solve Lyoto Machida’s puzzle? Well, it’s been solved already,” said Jones.

Jones also expanded on how he’s been able to continue to grow as a fighter despite staying so busy this year as well as his destiny to become a fighter.

Check out this video interview with UFC 140 main event fighter and light heavyweight champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones

  • BlackDog2009

    This kid loves to hear himself talk: “I’m here, I’m there, I do this, I have this, I feel this, I will be” .

    I like Jones, great athlete but I can tell the fire of youth is making him overconfident and arrogant. The gal to claim he’s more skilled than Machida. Hey Jones, read about Machida, look at his record. He’s a former champion. There’s no puzzle, there’s only a fight and you have to prevent Machida from outfighting you.

    I honestly think Jones will get better only after he loses. Then we will see a truly complete Jones. It will come. Maybe not now, but it will happen. Already he didn’t look too great against Rampage.

    • shakejunt

      … he’s doing an interview, he’s supposed to talk and explain himself
      … arrogant? where in the video?
      … puzzle… totally exists. lyoto has a distinct style and shogun exposed some weaknesses.
      … didn’t look too great against rampage? what fight were you watching?

      • eldinsalkic

        shake…you know that they are always haters. blackdog is just an example of that. He even goes to the extent of making stufff up to start something, unbelievable.

  • It makes no sense to my why people always hate on Jon Jones. Not once does he ever disrespect his opponent. Like Shakejunt said, he suppose to talk about himself. Aren’t those the questions they are asking him? And for the record, is does have more skill than Machida does, and that will be shown during their fight.

  • RubeKegal

    WAR LYOTO!!!!!

  • B-rok

    I’m not sure how bones beats machida. Machidas sumo base will make it hard for him to take him down. Evans couldn’t do it. I don’t think bones is going to lose but this will be by far his toughest fight! Don’t be surprised if machida wins.

  • B-rok, you forget that Jones is a lot bigger. Evan is only 5’11. Jones has a much longer reach which will allow him to connect on Machida without putting himself in jeopardy. One of the things Jon Jones does very well is, he uses his size and length to his advantage. Only way Machida wins this fight, is if he catches Jones in an exchange…

  • B-rok

    I just think we’ve forgot how hard it is to hit machida and how big machida is. He has fought at heavyweight. Again I’m not saying he’ll win but machida will be his toughest fight!