Jon Jones Loses MuscleTech Sponsorship, While His NFL Brothers Remain

April 30, 2015
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MuscleTech, a supplement brand of Iovate Health Sciences International, on Thursday became the latest sponsor to drop former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones from its roster of endorsed athletes.

A MuscleTech representative on Thursday told that the company had no official comment on Jones’ situation, other than to say that “MuscleTech and Jon Jones have parted ways at this time.” The company seemed to feel it was the best move for their brand and Jones given current circumstances. first reported the split, citing a Twitter  conversation.

Earlier this week, Jones was stripped of his UFC light heavyweight championship and suspended indefinitely after being charged for a felony for his alleged involvement in a hit-and-run car accident in Albuquerque, N.M. on Sunday.

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Jon-Jones-UFC-126-Prefight_4718 750Jones had already been removed from the supplement company’s website as of Thursday morning, although there is an interesting twist to the situation involving MuscleTech. Jones’ brothers, Arthur and Chandler Jones, remain on the company’s roster of sponsored athletes.

Arthur and Chandler are currently players in the National Football League. Arthur is a defensive end for the Indianapolis Colts, while Chandler occupies the same position for the New England Patriots.

The MuscleTech split follows a move by Reebok, which distanced itself from the embattled superstar on Wednesday.

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  • Jcballer

    i think it’s good this is happening from all the sponsors, but I think it’s only happening because their realizing jones doesn’t have many fans and never really did so their using this as an escape goat to get out of the contracts

    • Timothy Malone

      I don’t think that is right at all. Jones is probably the most hated fighter in the UFC, but he is also in the top 10 most liked too. He is a polarizing figure.

      • Lori

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      • deepgrim

        not sure if he would be in the top 10 most liked but he is a must see fighter probably number 1 in that respect. His skill set and talent is awesome and he has new techniques all the time but them he is arrogant and seems now like a bit of a scumbag

  • escaped goat

    all of the goats are escaping!

  • KJK

    Sends a clear and concise message when sponsors cut ties….corporate sponsorship is the defacto voice of the masses and while the masses are a tolerant bunch, they simply don’t condone hoodlum behavior. Good for the UFC…..good for the sport….good for the fans…..bad for the egocentric pampered idiots!

  • grahamsandwich

    I really tried to like Jones but he’s just a douche