Jon Jones, Joe Rogan, Dan Hardy and Josh Thomson on Georges St-Pierre Vacating UFC Belt

December 17, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre giving up his UFC welterweight championship to take some time off to make sense of his personal life has left everyone shell-shocked.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, broadcaster Joe Rogan, and fighters Dan Hardy and Josh Thomson recently gave their thoughts on St-Pierre and they’re take on him giving up the belt and walking away… at least for the time being.

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  • Rum Runner

    I agree with all said in the video but St. Pierre should stop with the ambiguity and just retire. Then “If “and “When” he wants to fight again, come out of retirement. Stop with the wishy washy stuff.

    • Innovator

      What more do you want from him? He’d vacated the belt and stated he wants to take a break and see where things go. Saying he’s retired and coming out of retirement accomplishes the same thing.

      • Rum Runner

        The fighters before GSP when they wanted to stop fighting – retired. They were honest with themselves and the fans. Not these vague proclamations. I’m just saying be clear, concise and definitive. All the other stuff is just confusing.

        • b-soc

          Innovator is right. How many times did Randy Couture retire? An article was ran nights ago that wondered if Nick Diaz is retired. I don’t know why people are pinpointing GSP on this.

        • Gary Fredericks

          The fighters “before” GSP have never held the belt as long as GSP, especially against the more rounded competition GSP has defended against. He has said nothing unclear or lacking concise definition whatsoever when he said he is vacating his belt, stepping away for a while and maybe for good in search of a “normal life”. Why is that so hard to understand and accept for some people??? So many internet warriors offering so much unsolicited advice as if they had any idea what a 6 yr title holder and face of the UFC can and should do or think. That’s laughable at best. There is one, maybe two other people that can relate to GSP’s pressures….Anderson Silva and maybe Jon Jones.

          • Justin e

            Or he could just drop to a weight class that nobody cares about (I do) and there won’t be as much pressure. Aldo is hanging in there.

          • claudale

            Dude, he’s over 200 right now. the talk about being a small 170 pounder was about not wanting to fight Silva. He can’t make 155 and he’s gulping pedialyte right after he makes 170

        • MuayThaiFood

          “St. Pierre should stop with the ambiguity and just retire. Then “If “and “When” he wants to fight again, come out of retirement.”

          “The fighters before GSP when they wanted to stop fighting – retired. They were honest with themselves and the fans.”

          Oh, I get it, he should just be honest and do one thing and then change his mind later and undo it rather than just saying he’s undecided at this point. Do you realize how stupid your two statements are together?

          • claudale

            why does it matter if he gave up the belt? Dana likes people retiring so no one else can sign them and he doesn’t have to pay them if he doesn’t want to.

            The belt is no longer in limbo, so I don’t see the difference. He probably doesn’t know if he will fight again for sure.

            meanwhile if GSP lost the rematch, there is a good chance that good ole dana would have grabbed the mic and announced his retirement for him

        • Hematoma

          If he decides to not concretely announce his retirement, how exactly does that affect you? Can you not sleep at night knowing that he may come back? He’s stepping away, he vacated the belt…that’s more than enough. As for the clear, concise statements of those “before” him who retired…well, guess what…many of them “un-retired” so their honesty is questionable at best. If his lack of finality is truly affecting your normal course of life that much…perhaps you should give him a call.

    • JDMMA

      Justin Beiber said it best: “NEVER SAY NEVER”

      • Big Tuna

        Really. Maybe you should stay in little kid forums…wow beiber of all things to reference

      • Hugh Shakeshaft

        Quoting Beiber is not something a man should do, let alone in public. Go re-arrange your stuffed animal collection.

  • El Gvapo

    Let him retire if he wants. I can honestly say I don’t miss any fighter once they’ve gone. I thought I’d really miss Chuck, Randy, BJ etc when they went but I don’t at all. That’s the great thing about mma, someone else always comes along that piques your interest. The only thing I do miss is the way it seemed the fighters used to fight to finish, not to win on points.

  • bajafox

    I’m ready for the new breed, amazing GSP has been able to fight at that level but I think Hendricks woke him up and made him realize maybe his time was coming and he wanted to take a break while still on top. Nothing wrong with that, his contract is frozen and if he decides he needs to test himself at an elite level, the door is always open. Until then, I’m ready for the WW division to crown a new champ

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Although GSP beat Condit, I think Condit “woke him up” too. GSP took a lot of damage in both of those fights. It’s got to be hard to take that much damage and to know you’ll have to continue to take that kind of damage going forward. His run at 170 matches Silva’s, especially since I think 170 is a deeper weight division than 185.

  • Anderson Silva

    you have to hispect gorges. he great fighterr. i great fighterr. i tired. goreges tired. is normal, is normal

  • Bouncer

    a lot of disrespect towards GSP for this decision but nobody truly appreciates what he means when he says he’s obsessed. he deserves the time off, even though he did just come off a long time off. with that being said, he lost that fight with hendricks.

  • Big Tuna

    I love GSP but he’s honestly just giving Hendricks and his family the belt they should’ve already had. It’s a class move in his part

    • Chase Brian Beebe

      this sport is very mental, with the right mindset that should be enough to properly defeat hendricks

  • Donald Czerwinski

    He will be back by Nov 2014. There is no way he will retire. Remember he will be a Daddy soon and baby mamas require support$$$$.

    • dgs

      Between what he’s made in salary and bonuses as a fighter, his exclusive product endorsement deals, and now his budding movie career, it’s pretty safe to say GSP will not need to return to MMA as a pro fighter for the money.