Jon Jones Isn’t Looking for Superfight, but He’s Not Afraid of Anderson Silva or Any Man

December 11, 2012
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The subject of superfights have been coming up a lot lately, primarily due to UFC icon Anderson Silva looking for the biggest match-ups possible.

He had been targeting a showdown with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, but now that fight appears all but dead in the water with the Canadian likely to face Nick Diaz in his next trip to the Octagon.

So when Silva does return in 2013, he will either be fighting at middleweight or could he possibly move back up to 205 pounds for a challenge against light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in another potential superfight?

For months, both Jones and Silva downplayed the possible fight from ever happening, but as the pressure mounts, neither fighter has completely shot down the idea lately.

Jones says he’s not looking to fight Silva, but it’s no secret because as a fighter you want to face the best of the best, and Anderson Silva certainly defines greatness in MMA.

“I think superfights are important for the sport, important for legacies. A desire to compete in one, I really don’t have it because I don’t desire to compete against anyone in particular,” said Jones.

“Unless someone comes and challenges me, I’m fine going on my merry way and competing against these light heavyweights.”

Jones will next compete against fellow Ultimate Fighter coach Chael Sonnen in late April, and by then there may already be another challenger or two awaiting him at 205 pounds.

Still, the potential of a superfight against Anderson Silva can’t be ignored, and while Jones won’t go the route of calling for the bout to happen, he does say anything’s possible.

“Everything’s a possibility. I do believe that we’re put on this earth to think big and dream big, and not limiting ourselves, and fighting Anderson would be a definitely testament of my faith, and my warrior spirit,” said Jones.

“So who knows what will happen in the future.”

One thing is for sure though because, while Jones isn’t trying to call out Anderson Silva or tell the UFC that’s the fight that he wants, he’s not going to back down from the challenge and he’s not scared to face him in the Octagon.

As great as Anderson Silva is as a mixed martial artist, Jones doesn’t fear him, or anybody else for that matter.

“I’m totally not afraid of Anderson,” said Jones. “Not afraid of any man.”

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  • TomMMA

    Prefer Anderson over Chael, I like Chael but at the end of TUF he’s getting his ass handed to him.

  • Sherekoholic

    Im just curious what the Silva haters would say if they fight and first round goes back and forth, and second round Silva ko’s Jones… Then whats said? It wasnt fair? Silva should fight JDS next? Lol Or just have him fight Rory because he doesnt like old guys?

    • Mike mckinney

      I think they’d just repeat the same thing they’re saying now. Jones is slower, and his last few fights he’s kept it standing.
      So they’ll say he had a perfect style advantage.
      Haters hate. That’s what they’re good at.

      • macgrubber

        Not hating when its true bro.

    • GoNoles

      hah so lets just throw a bunch of what ifs around and act like we’re saying stuff now? your comment was a waste of time

      • Sherekoholic

        The entire topic prior was what ifs there internet tough guy

  • stevemcz11

    So Jones isn’t afraid of JDS? I wanna see that fight. Jones is too big for Silva

    • JBJ

      And Silva is too big for every Middleweight and too big for GSP. ;), at least Jones is in a division that goes along with the heavyweights.

      • BRAD

        REally? Because if you havent noticed Anderson isnt exactly the most defined or muscular middleweight let alone light heavyweight. compared to Jones walking around at a ripped 240. CAnt stand the Anderson haters

      • Mike mckinney

        Silva is too big for every middleweight? I’m sure guys like Franklin, and okami are flattered you find them so petite. Even Leites had a tiny reach advantage. I’m also sure that Henderson, and marquart felt like they were fighting a guy that just had them physically outmatched.

        Where do people get this crap? They just hear one of their jr. High school buddies spout stuff out and they just keep repeating it.
        Advice to anyone, and everyone. If you don’t know something look it up, and try checking more than one source. Lol

        Sometimes people are baffling. Pretty soon were going to hear how Silva would have to drop weight if he wanted to fight Brock Lesnar.

    • That’s actually the fight I want for Jones, I see that as a really well watched up fight, that is seriously worth watching!

  • Mike mckinney

    None of these fighters are “scared.” However that doesn’t stop you from having your ass handed to you.
    Fans like calling guys scared. No one is scared. There fighters. These are not the kids running home from school because they think the school bully is after them.
    That’s not to say that fighters don’t want to lose and effect their paychecks.

    • Thank god someone finally said it, one lose means step outta line and join further down!
      I am guessing most of these fans claiming fighters are scared are actually children.

      Soon as someone said the words’ ‘you scared’ or ‘you scared homie’ I instantly think of a bunch of inbred’s who are brought up on the street and have no respect for people.

  • JDM

    With GSP calling for nick diaz its pretty much him saying he doesnt think he can compete with andy. The truth is I agree with him. In my books that means Andy has won that conquest and should move on and fight Jones. Andy is completely outmatched physically so should he win he really would be the greatest ever for years to come.

    • Milosc

      Good assessment. Agreed

    • Chris

      Thanks for your stupid assessment of your old buddy Andy.

      • JDM

        Thanks for adding nothing to the discussion dummy. Get something interesting to say then come back.

  • Let Jones fight Sonnen and defend his belt two or three more times against some well deserved contenders (Glover Tex, Gustaf, Machida/Hendo) then let’s talk Silva/Jones. In the meantime let Silva defend his title or take super fights against other guys. Besides if Jones wants a real super fight he should go up to HW against Struve or Cain even would be awesome.

    • The Silva/Jones fight should happen soon if ever is going to happen. Jones is just entering his prime, Silva on the other hand, even if he is still dominating, is on his way out. If this fight don’t happen next year then don’t bother. (sorry for my bad English)

      • Ha ha, not bad English, understood. And yes this fight does have to happen within a year or two.

    • chucker.

      glover look like crap in his last fight he is nt ready for the belt

      • Johnnybooker

        I thought he looked amazing. He got sloppy at the end of round 1 because he thought he had his man finished…Maldonado isn’t human, if you ask me, for surviving the beating he took. If he beats Rampage and wins one more I think he’s done enough to earn a shot if Jpones keeps clearing the division out. Just parade Chuck around with him for a while to up his profile and have him meet the new “High profile enough” test that fighters now need to meet to get a title shot.

      • I’ll let him slide only b/c you can’t look incredible every fight. Could have just been an off night, but he has the experience and tools to deserve a shot “if” he gets past Rampage.

    • Sherekoholic

      Let Silva get to be 50 and fight GSP and Jones at the same time

  • Milos Rackovic

    Keep feeding jones to these 35+ olders and after he beats em all theyll say whoa hes number one n what not,just get someone his age or get him go to heavyweight so we can see how good is he when all the rights are reserved

  • Grow up! Sick of hearing people say fighters are afraid of other fighters. Paid to go in ko them or get ko’ed, its the fight industry. If they where scared why the **** would they be fighting anyone?

    It is a matter of taking a fight when you feel ready or you feel that fight is of significance.

    I don’t give a flying **** about super fights, in all honesty i do not want to see them, lets de-value one great fighter and have just one left… The UFC is already seriously ******* low on top level talent these days, complete dilution of poor talent. So when real talent comes along you can’t believe your eyes, all the guys in the sport should but of a high level, this is meant to be the best MMA organisation in the world, starting to doubt that ****. ********!!!!

    Stick to your weight class and don’t fuck things up!
    If someone happens to beat Jones, eg: Gustav… this talk of super fight will be flushed over night, well then people will wanna see Gust vs Silva, i find this really pathetic, fan boys just grasping and any old match like a fantasy league, wake the fuck up!!!

    Super fights are for Dana to whack off to and other fan boys, super fights are not welcome!

  • julian moran

    I would like to see Jones at heavy weight. I doubt he would do so well against bigger guys.

    • Mike mckinney

      So are you just saying you don’t want to see jones do well?

  • Derek Lemaster

    Man, I hope Cain beats JDS so Cormier drops to 205 and challenges Jones! Now thats a fight!

    • I don’t believe that Cormier would be a good fight for Jones. I don’t believe he would beat Machita or any other top quality LHW fighter in the UFC. He hasn’t really fought any high quality fighters except Strikeforce cronies. I would like to see Jones fight many heavy weights but I don’t want him to fight in Heavy weight. Because I really don’t think he will be able to compete in the heavy weight division like he has in the LHW Division. But you know its just my opinion, I could be wrong….

  • Sherekoholic

    I think the word scared is getting misconstrued, people are seeing scared of physical harm… No, nobody in the UFC would be scared of that. But I can see Jones being scared… Of losing money, or his legacy, or sponsorship etc. Tough to get new Bentleys to wrap around light poles without some of that prestige.

  • TRD

    u obviously dont know what ur talkn about silva is going nowhere he just signed a 10 fight contract with the ufcthats 5 more years of fighting so no hes not leaving anytime time soon

    • Mike mckinney

      Umm, you do realize that company’s will give contracts much longer than the expected length of work right?
      The UFC doesn’t expect silva to have 10 more fights. However offering a long contract does help secure that silva won’t retire, and then try to fight somewhere else.

  • sofhanson

    Who has Jones actually knocked out with a punch or kick? It hasn’t happened yet. He does not posses one punch knock out power as of yet. He does beat the crap out of people though. Silva has pretty much knocked out or submitted everyone in he fought in UFC except two(I believe) My money on silva, his punches crisp and has proven he has great chin and can knock out anyone with short allusive punches

    • sofhanson

      Plus, has anyone given Silva any problems in stand-up since he entered ufc?