Jon Jones Isn’t Guaranteed an Immediate Rematch if He Loses to Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165

September 21, 2013
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Jon-Jones-UFC-126-Prefight_4718-478x270UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones is set to break the most wins as a UFC Light Heavyweight record on Saturday night if he can beat Alexander Gustafsson in the main event at UFC 165 in Canada. But according to UFC president Dana White, if Jones loses, he isn’t guaranteed an immediate rematch.

White confirmed the news at Thursday’s media scrum in Canada, saying that no fighter gets an automatic rematch clause in his contract.

“There is never any automatic rematch clause,” White said. “We would go by how the fight goes, and if it was the kind of fight that deserves a rematch.”

Jones became the youngest ever UFC champion at 23 years of age. He has since gone on to defend the title five times. He will enter Saturday’s fight as an overwhelming favorite over the Swedish Mauler, who is currently riding a six-fight winning streak in the Octagon.

The winner of the fight is expected to take on Brazilian Glover Teixeira, who is coming off a first-round knockout win over Ryan Bader last month in Brazil.

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  • Bwade


  • Red Devil 10

    Of course there is no guaranteed rematch because J.J. doesn’t bend over for Dana whenever he asks

  • Mark McDowall

    But they give Frankie Edgar immediate rematches?? Makes sense…

    • Giovanni

      Stop whining b*tch! The reason JJ doesn’t get one is because even though he’s good he still hasn’t beat the GOAT’s record and there’s only one who has the greatest UFC record — Anderson “The Spider” Silva. When JJ accomplishes what Silva has accomplished then maybe he can get all the immediate rematches that he wants even if he gets KO’ed. Until then let him work his way up (unless, of course, the fight is razor thin close like Frankie, BJ, Ben, etc.

      Now shut it all of you whiners!

      • thom

        You’re sounding a bit whiney yourself there.

      • Mark McDowall

        Nothing like a well thought out, intellegent answer!

        I would consider Jones FAR more deserving of an immediate rematch due to the fact that he has more title defenses than Edgar did when he got the Hendersen rematch.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Okay there’s no immediate rematch in the contract, but I GUARANTEE you that if Jones does lose, he gets the first shit at Gustaffson! If Edgar got one, BJ got one, then how does (according to Dana and the UFC) the #1 P4P fighter on the planet, not get an instant rematch?!? WTF ever.

    • Dragon Kid

      LHW Division is getting thin now. If Gus does win it will automatically spring new and more fresh contenders/challenges whereas if Jones rematches and wins then nothings changed.

  • Linesofftits

    BJ and Frankie’s first fight was razor close. Frankie and Bensons first fight was also very close. They deserved rematches because they were great champions and lost they’re titles in controversial fashion. If Jones gets dominated and finished then I don’t think he deserves a immediate rematch. Same goes for BJ and Frankie. If it goes to the scorecards and Gus wins it, I’m sure he’ll get an immediate rematch. Anderson is a different story he’s ruled a division for 7 years. And if anyone thinks Anderson was dominated especially on the feet by Weidman because of the KO you’re just flat out wrong. The speed, footwork and movement Silva showcased made Weidman look like he was gassed even though he wasn’t.

  • Charles

    Of course he says that. Makes people get all up in arms, no they’re more likely to watch the fight. Dana is the best promoter out there for a reason.

  • Dragon Kid

    I’m glad Ben Henderson didn’t get a rematch with Pettis after that submission

  • King_DG

    There isn’t going to be a rematch because Jones is gonna win tonight! no need for a rematch