Jon Jones is Super Sad and Taking the Loss of His Nike Deal Pretty Badly

September 24, 2014
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Jon Jones got a $50,000 fine and 40 hours of community service for his scuffle with Daniel Cormier at their pre-fight press conference. But it looks like his loss of an endorsement deal with Nike is what’s really bugging him.

Jones took to Instagram (of course) to post a video of himself sobbing over his signature shoes, which we could only assume represents him poking fun at the situation.

And while we were writing this article, Jones went ahead and deleted the video. Damn. But rejoice because the good people at FOX Sports made sure to rip it before he can delete it. Hooray for the internet.

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  • terry hendley

    The man is looking for an acting role ,Hope their is no producer out their that stupid.

    • Guest

      Oh man this is tough.

  • jack lee

    j john great mma fighter,but has a screw loose somewhere,maybe the first, except for gsp, gay champion. he wanted to make Daniel comier hes wife.