Jon Jones Is Now No 2 P4P Behind Anderson Silva

December 11, 2011
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UFC President Dana White says there’s no denying Jon Jones his place in the pound for pound rankings after UFC 140.

As great as Jones has been, especially in 2011, White believes that his light heavyweight champion has earned that spot at No. 2

  • MikeMc1983

    And I’m sure we will now welcome some pissed of Gsp fans.

  • shereko

    Glad to see Silva wasnt hurt in the rankings by the Maia fight or something, and shows he did fight twice at 205. If GSP fought at all at MW or actually finished someone it might be different, I still think Jones has a ways to go to pass Silva, he cant be punished for who else is at his size. But, Silva or Jones hasnt been beaten by a Serra’esque kinda guy.

  • Dave

    has anyone else noticed that after every title defense that fighter is the new number 2 P4P… it was Edgar after he beat Maynard and GSP after he beat whoever and then after Cruz defended his as well. It is standard Dana speak for good job keeping your title, and let us not for Jose Aldo..

  • Yeah this doesnt make sense by Dana’s own standards he used after the Frankie fight. He said Edgar was No. 2 P4P because the fighter should actually fight people of different weight. Silva obviously has and Edgar fighting at lightweight is facing much larger opponents. Considering Jones routinely faces much SMALLER opponents, it doesnt make sense to rank him 2nd by that standard. Dana just changes it to promote whomever he feels like on a particular day apparently.

  • phrankthetank

    I agree with this based on the fact that GSP is out for a long time. Can’t be the best p4p if you don’t fight for 18 months.

  • fanatic_mma
  • Dana shouted out the same (bs) after Frankie beat Maynard. This is just another piece of evidence to prove my theory that the UFC is just a mainstream, corporate America type of organization, with a president who will do and say anything that most CEO’s would. What a transparent *****!! He’s still justifying his firing of Miguel Torres!! What a joke!!! And people keep defending him and his (bs)!!!! MMA will never be the same as it was once it became mainstream!!!!! It’s like listening to Metallica now and hoping we could still hear them as when they recorded Master of Puppets!!!!

  • Only one fighter can win Jon Jones, for that he would have to move up in weight, Anderson Silva would be the fight of the century!
    Jon Jones would be humiliated…

  • TSPakaTony

    My top 5 are 1.silva 2.jones 3. Aldo 4. Edgar 5.gsp

    Purely based on ko’s and toughness of competition faced and also if they keep winning by decision it goes against ranking in my eyes what you all think ?

    • MrAdidas

      I think your top 5 is funny! Based on your comments/comparisions. WTF are you doing? Making up a lsit that favors strikers over wrestlers or BJJ etc., and then to say if they win by decision it goes against their rankings?!? WTF BAHAHAHA you are such an idiot! I thought decisions were a part of MMA?

      Think I’ll make a top 5 list…… any boring ass fights where the Champ made an ass out of himself by not attempting anything & did’nt finish 3 fights/fighters he should have within the first 3 mins of the 1st Round but did’nt (Goes against the rankings), and not to mention the quality of figthers the Champ has had to fight, to defend his title.

      No. 1 – GSP
      No. 2 – Jones (hasnt defended or cleaned out his division… YET – key word is YET)
      No. 3 – Aldo
      No. 4 – Edgar
      No. 5 – Silva

      • TSPakaTony

        *TURD sorry and silva front face kick ko’s my bad

  • MrAdidas

    LOL – Okay, so let me get this right?!? Dana has been saying for years that the only way poeple could go ahead of Silva & GSP in the P4P rankings, that they would have to clean out their divisions & then some & go on to defend their title for years like Silva & GSP. So Edgar defending his title “3” times & fighting only 2 fighters, some how leap frogs him over GSP who is the only Champ to have won 30+ straight rounds in a row, while NEVER being in trouble or hurt in his last 8-9 fights, something Edgar &/or Silva have not been able to do.

    As for saying Jon Jones is ahead of GSP as well, is ironic b/c Dana said GSP wasnt #1 for one reason & one reason only, it was b/c he lost to Matt Serra. Did’nt Jones lose to Hammill?!? (If GSP is still being haunted by the lucky Serra loss, which was in 07 – then Jones lost to Hammill should do the same for Jones. (saying Jones was DQ is the same as me saying Serra got lucky & look what happened 2nd time around, GSP proved it – but DQ is still a LOSS).

    Dana White you are funny!

    • XIRandomHeroIX

      Yea beating a guys face in with an elbow strike that you didn’t know was illegal is definitely the same as getting your bell rang by a lucky punch on GSP who was probably fighting at 70% that night. You can not compare the two loses as they’re are apples and oranges.

  • TKD

    Dana is a promoter. It’s his job to blow hot air!