Jon Jones Intends on Handling “Monster” UFC 205-Pound Workload Before Move to Heavyweight

February 8, 2014
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Jon Jones UFC World TourJon Jones has established himself as the most dominant light heavyweight champion of all time, and for some time many have wondered when the UFC 205-pound champion will move up a weight class to challenge the world’s best heavyweights.

Jones has said before that he fully intends on moving up a division, but he recently said that he has some unfinished business at light heavyweight to take care of. He doesn’t plan on going anywhere before finishing his 205-pound workload.

“I think I have a lot of work to do in the light heavyweight division still,” Jones said at a recent UFC Fight Club Q&A session. “My goals are to beat Glover Teixeira, beat [Alexander] Gustafsson in a rematch, and then beat [Daniel Cormier].”

First up on Jones’ schedule is a date with the Brazilian standout, Teixeira, at UFC 172 in Baltimore on April 26. If he gets passed Teixeira, Jones said fans will want to see him take on Gustafsson in a rematch of their UFC 165 bout that ended in a controversial unanimous decision in favor of the champ. And if he gets through that match, Jones will then likely take on Cormier in a fight that comes with a great deal of bad blood between the two.

The gauntlet of light heavyweights isn’t an easy trek, but Jones said he is more than willing take the ride.

“However it plays out, that’s a hectic schedule,” he said. “Those three guys are on the prowl. I got a lot of work to do in staying where I’m at for sure, but I embrace it. That’s the name of the game.”

Based on previous comments, Jones anticipates competing in these three fight over the next 24 months or so because after that he plans on finally making the move up to the heavyweight division. The plan, Jones said in November, is to gain 10 pounds of muscle and compete at a fighting weight of about 240 pounds.

With a frame like that, Jones said fans shouldn’t be surprised if a match with heavyweight title holder Cain Velasquez is just over the horizon.

“I think that’s going to happen within the next two years. I’ll go up to heavyweight, permanently,” Jones said at an expo last November. “I’ve been really thinking about me and Cain Velasquez going at it. Don’t be surprised if you see that sooner or later.”

It’s rare that you hear a fighter talk about their plans for future opponents, as most typically say they’re focused only on the fight that’s in front of them. For Jones, that fight is Teixeira, but with a sense of loose ends stemming from the Gustafsson fight and previous run-ins with Cormier, it’s tough not to imagine those fights potentially coming to fruition for Jones.

With that, “Bones” prepares for the roughest road he’s traveled so far in his career.

“Right now, I’m preparing to go into probably the toughest schedule I’ve had,” he said. “Any of the next three guys, they’re monsters. That’s what I’m preparing for, just getting through Glover, Gus again, and D.C. That’s my schedule for now.”

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  • Denny Swain

    Jones always blabbing about fighting cain, couple years down the road. Jones is ducking cain. That’s why he’s talking on and on about a proposed match that never happens. I would root for jones though if he did fight cain, although that would be a first.

    • Dragon Kid

      It’s a lot easier said than done. One doesn’t just jump into the shallow pool of things without taking precautions. It’s takes careful planning.

  • brad king

    oughta be some interesting matches. A hell of a lot more interesting than rousey vs carmouche or rousey vs…

    • Maddawgmar

      What does this article have to do with Rousey? Haters gonna hate no matter what I guess.

      • brad king

        look to the right. I hate seeing rr again and again.exactly what does it have to do with rr

  • bajafox

    If he rematches Gustafson (sp?) and loses, will he still make the move?

    Cain will annihilate him in the first round

  • Marc Livingood

    I dont see jones winning again for a while he was beaten badly in his last fight had to be carried back to the locker room. He will lose to glover because he is underestimating this guys speed and power. In a rematch Alex will not abandon the leg kicks like he did the first time and Jones will be stopped. Even though i really don’t like Cormeir style I do think he can win a decision in a three round fight with Johns.

    • shakejunt

      blind hatred here

      • archaictext

        How is this blind hatred? There is no emotion behind this at all, only opinion based on how he sees the match ups.

        • shakejunt

          he has allowed his dislike to skew his predictions, acting as if it’s the only possible outcome. i dislike frankie edgar, but that wouldn’t stop me from picking him to win a fight.

  • He won’t beat all 3

    If jones beats glover,Gus N dc I’d have to put him as the favorite. To take Cain belt at heavy weight… Those are three of most most dangerous fighter in the world jones get threw them in he greatest of To date!!!!

  • Noustradumbass

    My perdiction; I think jones will beat glover in then Gus in a rematch in he will win convincingly. Then move to heavy weight to leave D.C hanging as he gets a heavy weight shot. Not cause he scured just cause he hates him

  • Manuel Lopez

    I can’t stand Jones and never will. Great fighter but he has that personality I can not stand! He oozes phoniness and envy. That type of guy that can’t stand being upstaged. That is why he hates Cormier. Because Cormier is too much better than him in the ring AND outside of it more specifically . And Gufstasson has his number. Jones will avoid him despite what he is saying right now.

    • shakejunt

      biased much?

  • Gus_Is_Champ

    He should get past Tex, who is the typical small fighter Jones is used to. Gus will finish him in a rematch though.

    Tex has a puncher’s chance, but Gus will beat him for sure. Gus’ striking is way beyond what Jones can do, and negates Jones’ reach advantage. He also exposed Jones as a mediocre wrestler.

    He’ll get killed as a HW.

  • Gus_Is_Champ

    I can’t stand listening to Jones talk about studying tape and game planning. It’s not a game with a ball…it’s a GD fight.

    You’d think the huge beating Gus gave him would have made him realize that. “Game plan” for a year…you will still get punched in the face eventually.

  • deepgrim

    3 tough fights ahead for bones that could derail hes plan in reality, but has bags of talent. if he fights DC that is a decent indicator of how he could get on with cain in my opinion but DC has to get past rashad first? even rashad and phil davis could make title runs if they get a few wins, strong times ahead for the division

    • Dragon Kid

      Cormier will beat Evans, his wrestling and striking are way better & Rashad hasn’t been the same since he got KOed by Machida. As for Phil Davis, he may be near the top but I’d like to see him bring more aggression into his fights. He basically does the same thing in all his fights and they don’t exactly scream excitement to me.

      • Alex

        LOLLLL Cormier’s striking is better.
        Someone lives in a movie here.

        Based on what? On Cormier’s fights with sloppy, unskilled HWs?
        No brainer to outsrike a sick roid abuser giant with a fight IQ of a caveman, going into the same overhand right over and over again.
        Cormier was afraid even to strike with Mir, avoiding any exchange with him by hugging him against the fence and unable to make any damage to a gassed bag Roy.

        Same with wrestling – who cares if he’s Olympic? Romero is also Olympic, and still gets taken down in every fight LOL.

        Cormier will get rude welcome to the 205 division – where REAL athletes fight, not just sloppy swinging trucks.
        Evans, Davis, Jones, will all wreck him and send into retirement/coaching.

        • Dragon Kid

          I guarantee Cormier will defeat Rashad.

          • Alex

            LOL blah blah blah.
            I shove the facts to your face and you’re still in denial.

          • Dragon Kid

            You’re just trolling and just a casual fan who doesn’t know much. Go back to watching pro wrestling f*ggot!

          • Alex

            I brought perfectly reasonable explanation why Cormier is overrated both in wrestling and in striking.

            You have nothing to say and your butt hurts, and that makes you angry LOL

          • james j

            Cormier is not over rated in wrestling. I saw him in college and he was phenomenal

          • Alex

            LOL who the hell are you and why is your professional opinion worth any piece of crap?

          • james j

            I think Cormier will win also. His elbow strikes are brutal and he will be a lot bigger than Evans. Good post.

          • Alex

            LOL who has he finished with those “brutal strikes”?

            And he won’t be A LOT bigger – slightly bigger at best.
            Won’t be as athletic and surely not as fast.

      • John

        Are you kidding……
        Cormier’s striking is not even colse Rashad’s

        • Dragon Kid

          Cormier trains with one of the best MMA Teams, is one of the coaches, trains with a dominant champion and his skills and credentials are much higher than Evans. Rashad can’t even finish fights anymore. Notice how most of his fights go the decision nowadays. I mean, anyone can finish a washer up Ortiz and a TRT Sonnen.

          • Alex

            Rashad trains with one of the best MMA Teams, is one of the coaches, trains with a former HW and LHW champion and Cormier can wipe his ass with skills and credentials, because they never win fights – styles do.

            Rashad can’t finish opponents who no one can finish (well, Belfort finished Hendo – that was rare).

            Watch actual fights instead of looking at stats, kid.

          • Dragon Kid

            The Blackzilians is one of the best MMA teams? Get the f**k outta here. They suck balls and can barely hold wins. Their only top guy now is Vitor. Not saying a whole lot.

          • Alex

            So you say that the camps I’ve mentioned above are better than Blackzilians?
            And you think camp is the only thing that matters?

            Seriously, you really have no clue, kiddo.

          • Dragon Kid

            The Blackzilians are a joke. Their only top fighters atm are Vitor and Anthony Johnson which ain’t saying much.

          • Alex

            You’re a joke.
            How many top fighters are in Team Takedown, where Johny Hendricks trains?
            How many top fighters are in MMA Lab, Benson’s camp?
            How many top fighters Matt Hume coaches, besides Mighty Mouse?
            That didn’t prevent them from beating guys from other camps with a lot of dominant champions.

            Your understanding of MMA’s realities is pitiful.

        • deepgrim

          i think cormier has just held back a bit on his striking in the ufc so far, there is definately more to come, you should check the video of him v big foot in the strikeforce gran prix- it shows better what he is capable of. its on you tube

          • Alex

            …yeah LOL watch it.
            You can see there a roided, sick giant with a lost look on his face, doing the same move and making his chin a target to the same overhand right over and over.

            Those who don’t learn from their mistakes get KTFO.
            Rashad won’t have any of that rubbish.

          • deepgrim

            what are you talking about, are you saying that been on roids makes your boxing predictable and an easy target.
            The fact is cormiers striking was on point, not many people have dropped big foot standing.

          • Alex

            No I didn’t say that.

            I said Bigfoot was acting like a slow fool (and he usually shows up like that), putting his chin into the same punch over and over again.

          • deepgrim

            well cormier must have been the only one who noticed this, or everyone would be knocking him out. even a pure striker like hunt didnt get a standing ko against him

          • Alex

            LOL @ pure striker.
            Why is Hunt such a “pure striker”? Because he won a kickboxing tourney with maximum rules and giant gloves zillion years ago? He’s old, out of shape, and got pwned in a standup by a guy with no kickboxing background – only MMA (JDS).

            It’s HW division, full of sloppy swingers that can KO each other in any given time – real athletes are few, and neither Bigfoot nor Hunt are among those.
            But what Bigfoot did – throwing his chin over and over to the same punch – stands on top of stupid fighting and that won’t work on Rashad.

          • deepgrim

            look at his ko’s thats why i would call him a pure striker, he can knock people out with short strikes like carwin could. yes he lost the stand up against jds, because jds is faster and his footwork is better, hunt wasnt able to land many strikes in that fight, but that doesnt mean his striking isnt clean. while i agree there are some sloppy heavyweights out there who rely on ko power the top of the division is not like that, if it was maybe all the LHW would want to move up for “easy” fights

          • Alex

            LHW don’t move up because they will have size disadvantage (if their names aren’t Alistair Overeem or Jon Jones), and because the giants hit like trucks and the glancing punch can turn your lights off whenever you’re winning or losing.
            Look at Vera, going up and owning sloppy Rotwell’s ass for two rounds, just for Big Steroid Ben to hurt him in the third and finish the fight. And still Vera was better HW than LHW in the beginning of his career, he even was in a title picture.

            Every HW can finish another HW with any strikes – short, long, straight, glancing – Hunt, Bigfoot are no exclusion.
            Exclusions are Nelson, whose chin is too strong for his own health (I won’t be surprised if soon he finds himself in the hospice), and TRUE athletes of the division – Cain, JDS and Browne (please don’t bring the Browne-Bigfoot fight, we all know what happened there).

          • wtf

            Yes but JDS was a kickboxer Alex. Foot in mouth much?

          • alex

            Foot in YOUR mouth lol because he wasnt.
            There were rumors that he was but he dismissed them, saying that it was a lie.

            He started with BJJ.

      • deepgrim

        i think dc will beat rashad too but it is still a tough fight, rashad is one of the more well rounded fighters he has fought and looked a bit more like him old self v chael. phil davis is still young and finding confidence in his stand up, you can see he improves on this every fight though he doesnt deliver power strikes but he still has time to develop if they can get him fights, i think when he is more confident in the stand up you will see him get a ko,

  • Steve Wilson

    As long as Jon embraces it. Thats the important thing,
    As far as believing a single,solitary word he utters,well,he drives drunk and has not married the mother of his children,and he considers his word to be flexible,to be kind. In other words,hes a hustler and should be listened to,accordingly.

    • 8_6oh Bro

      Wow, your a prick dude. none of what you said pertained to his fighting ability. Jone’s is going to walk through all the opponents he just mentioned.

    • wtf

      How does your brain work Steve?
      You act as if people not being married and having children is wrong, what are from the 19th century or something? Im pretty sure a lot of marriages end up in disaster for both children and parents so keep your opinion to yourself on that matter please. You dont know about it so dont comment.
      Yes hes driven drunk, how does that make him a “hustler”? Do hustlers drive drunk?
      You make no sense.

  • Informed One

    I will laugh myself to tears if he loses to Glover. Then what? That is a real possibility too, Glover hits like a train and he has good JJ.

    • Dragon Kid

      That’s only if Glover can get into Jones’ long reach advantage.

  • Alex

    Jones has tougher competition in LHW than HW, he doesn’t need to move.

    Alistair was a punching bag in LHW division of Pride, even Arona schooled him in the standup.
    Now he’s a top 15 in heavyweight.
    Jones is a LHW champ…you do your math fools.

    • james j

      Fools? Unimpressive at. best

      • Alex

        Don’t cry fool.

    • wtf

      No Jones doesnt need to move but he wants to test himself against bigger men and become a champion in 2 weight divisions. Its got nothing to do with needing to move.

      Your “math” is just nonsense by the way, infact its about as scientific as astrology and about as convincing.

      • Alex

        Nope, it’s actually a fact – it’s your problem that you don’t follow the history of MMA and don’t know, that every LHW that decided to move up had more success in the HW division than in his own category.
        HW can eventually KO anyone with the hail mary – and that’s pretty random danger, and only danger, that can come for a fighter of Jon Jones level of skills and technique. He knows it and thus has no rush to go to the category of the sloppy ones – even though the HW belt might sound attractive to average joes like yourself, Jonny knows its real value.

  • Mike

    Man I hope Glover knocks him the f*** out and then Gus and then Dan… I think Gus changed him forever. Gus should be proud of that.

  • Jon Mendelsohn

    I believe Jones will go 3-0 in those matches. How well he does as a heavyweight is yet to be seen. I