Jon Jones: “I’m Not Chuck Liddell… I’m Shamelessly Me” (UFC 172 Video)

April 23, 2014
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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, having set numerous UFC records, often gets compared to many other fighters, from Anderson Silva to Chuck Liddell. Jones, however, makes no bones about it, “I’m no Chuck Liddell… I’m shamelessly me.”

Having set several records, Jones still has a lot of goals ahead of him, but heading into his UFC 172 bout opposite Glover Teixeira, he’s trying his hardest not to get too far ahead of himself.

While some of his newest goals may take some time to reach, aside from defeating Teixeira, Jones wants to “remain extremely innovative and ahead of the curve.”

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  • earlsimmons

    Who is comparing him to those peolpe? Only fighter I compare him with is Rampage since they both were DUI.

  • Johny_Jack

    Of course hes not Chuck, Chuck wasnt bitching and running from his opponents like boners is.. hope glover KO-s his fake ass..

  • projectchapter2

    Prime Jones >>>>>> Prime Chuck

  • cuahtehmoc

    2003 wanderlei Silva would beat up anyone any weight except Fedor

    • taylor2008


    • Lucas Freire

      Because he used to defeat lots of random japaneses, right?

    • niko

      Fedor is incomparable.

  • Wes Thomas