Jon Jones: “I’m Closing Up Holes in My Game; I’ll Be a Champion for a Long Time”

April 28, 2014
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(Video courtesy of Fox Sports)

Jon Jones

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, having defeated Glover Teixeira at UFC 172, is breaking records and taking names every time he sets foot in the Octagon.

He realizes that to remain atop the mountain that he has climbed, he can’t stand pat. Jones needs to keep evolving as a mixed martial artist as he sets his goals higher and higher.

“I broke my own record with most title defenses. I have gigantic goals and I’m taking them one at a time. I’m not that impressed with that performance. My cardio was running low a little at the end,” said Jones after defeating Teixeira, obviously critical of his own performance even though he dominated.

That doesn’t mean, however, that he doesn’t recognize that he is making strides in other areas of his game.

“I do have a lot of great gifts. You have to be smart. You have to have a great work ethic. One thing you have to have is a chin. I realized I have a chin. I caught some uppercuts and some left hooks. I’m blessed to prove I can fight at close range. A lot of people believe that to beat me you have to get inside. Today I threw more elbows standing than ever,” he noted.

“I’m closing up the holes in my game – jiu-jitsu, takedown defense, takedowns, close-range fighting. I believe I’ll be champion for a long time.”

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  • broseppi

    he’s absolutely correct, but I’m sure it’ll offend people because he’s honest about it. If only he’d lie a little more and let people think that he doesn’t realize he’s amazing.

    • projectchapter2

      You are 100% correct. In MMA, if a guy is not confident, then people slam him for being a wuss and lacking that same confidence. If someone does come out and say that they believe in themselves, then they are arrogant and people ask that the next fighter they face “humble them.” This is severely noticeable in the trolling against Jon Jones.

      Here are some basics I see when people attack Jones:

      1) Jones is cocky/arrogant.

      Rebuttal: Jones offers nothing but respect to his opponents, even when we as fans know they do not have a chance. Every so often an opponent surprises us, like AG, and when they occurs Jones is nothing but complementary of the fighter after the fight. He even clarifies that he is proud to have “weathered the storm” and “shown himself that he can handle it.” What is wrong with these statements? We seek to prove greatness in ourselves every day! We seek to show ourselves that we can rise to the occasion. There is a difference between cocky/arrogant and confident.

      2) Jones has no character.

      Rebuttal: Who defines character? Many want to slam Jones for claiming he is a Christian and yet he has a DUI. Wait, what?! I have never heard any Christian I know claim that they are perfect or have never sinned. Him having a DUI is a big, big mistake. Something that could have cost someone their life and should be aptly punished. What does this have to do with his faith? Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. all make mistakes. Every person on this planet has… some worse than others. What does this have to do with his faith and character? He has babies and a baby’s momma outside of marriage too. Same response. Ultimately, he is accountable for his decisions but if a man’s faith and character are determine by a small collection of their worst decisions in life, then we are all screwed.

      3) He cheats in fights.

      Rebuttal: He does gauge distance with his fingers outstretched, trying to rely on his greatest strength- his reach. This will come down to perception and people will banter back and forth about this all day. He had one eye vs. GT and another in a different fight, I believe. I could name a laundry list of other fighters with less fights and more eye pokes.

      4) He does not fight to finish.

      Rebuttal: Huh?! WHAT?!?! Compared to whom? Non-stoppages in his tenure: Rashad, Glover, Alex. Stoppages: the rest. GSP has the same number stoppages as a champ than Jones has non-stoppages (GSP as champ stopped Hughes to gain belt, BJ, Serra to regain). Anderson decisioned Thales Leites and Damian Maia for goodness sake.

      People are allowed their own opinion about fighters, obviously. But when people argue, they should use facts, not presumptions.

  • uncle

    The champ long as he doesn’t fight Gus

    • L

      Watch that fight again, and tell me how its something other than a draw. If you have to pick a winner in that close of a match, it goes to the Champ. Your gameplan as challenger should NEVER be “Hey, I wonder if I can eke a decision against the Champ?”
      Gustaffson went headhunting, hence the damage to Jones’ face, whereas Jones went to the body, legs, and a little to the head. So of course he only did 1/3 the visible damage to the face that Gustaffson did. Two warriors, though, that is for sure.

      • uncle

        Gus will put a stamp on it his cardio was the downfall

  • CainVSJones2016

    He better be closing all holes in his game including his butt,
    Because having a name like bones doesn’t fit well (no homo)

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    He can start by not giving shout-outs to Ray Lewis the murderer.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    I’m not a huge fan of his personality…but I do think he’s P4P the best fighter. Maybe the most well rounded…that being said…does anyone else wanna see those oblique kicks outlawed? Not to sound like Rampage but I’ve had a history of knee injuries just from normal wear and tear of playing sports. I can’t imagine having someone kicking directly at my knee cap. Those knee injuries linger…and can end a career and take away from quality of life. I’m no MMA expert but just seems weird that you can target a joint to injure. I know people compare it to submissions like the heel hook but with those submissions you have a chance to tap before they rip your knee up. You don’t have that luxury with strikes.

    • TheCerealKiller

      The kicks are fine.

      • Joema

        The kicks are crap. Need to be banned.

    • MuayThaiFood

      I’m with you on the knee kicks. Any kick meant to hyper extend the knee joint should be banned. Knees to a downed opponent though (at least one just trying to avoid being kneed legally), let them fly.

  • peeter mans

    How about starting with the eye gouging and elbows to the throat??

  • TheCerealKiller

    Once he beats Gus AGAIN, then DC and whoever they put in front of him after that, will people finally stop bashing the guy?

    • Mark McDowall

      Nope. People just love to hate the guy.

      • earlsimmons

        Hed drinks and drives…we are suppose to like him? Dont think so bro.

        • Mark McDowall

          The Diaz brothers smoke weed…

          Chael has been caught for PED’s and convicted of money laundering…

          People still love those idiots…whats your point?

    • Joema

      Once he gets his ass whooped by Gus again, you meant to say

      • TheCerealKiller

        No, I didn’t. Jones will come with a new game plan and submit him in the third, Phil Davis style!

  • Jon the duck jones

    Jones will be champ for a long time because he will duck DC only guy @ 205 that can beat him.. He already beat Gus legit 3rnds to 2. But DC only guy he has left to beat but he won’t fight him cause he knows he can’t win!!! Y did he decide to not do heavy weight? Because Travis brown guy in his own camp got handle by werdum right after he ddnt want to go to heavy weight.

    • Mark McDowall

      DC is the only guy that can beat Jones?? How big was the doobie you smoked before you wrote that?!?!?! IF DC gets past Hendo he will get beat by Jones easily…he will have a 13″ reach disadvantage…a gas tank about 1/3 of the size and will not be able to hold Jones up against the fence like he likes to do all the time. DC has less of a shot then Glover did.

      • deepgrim

        i think dc has a good chance, but i base this on his wrestling been stronger and be able to control jones, he has done it with much bigger men than jones, tho they wouldnt have the same grappling skills as jones. When DC fought big foot the reach advantage of big foot didnt count for much. Jones ovbiously has a much bigger arsenal than DC but if he can get on top with the wrestling then there is definately a possiblity of the upset

        • Riverdog

          DC definitely has top shelf wrestling and he’s got power. I think it could be a good fight, but Jones’s height, reach, cardio, athleticism and unpredictable style will just be too much. Sure DC has fought bigger guys but they weren’t in the same class as Jones. He has a knack for making elite level guys look slow and ordinary. Also remember Jones’ base is Greco Roman Wrestling, he wasn’t an Olympian or anything but I think he has enough skill there to nullify DC. I’d really be shocked if Jones spent an extended amount of time on his back in a fight with DC.

          • deepgrim

            yes jons wrestling is very strong too, i wouldnt expect cormier to try to take jones down very often, but just wear him down against the cage, but there is a chance cormier may not get on top in that aspect its very hard to see where he can get the victory from, but up until now cormier has been able to rag doll all his opponents, if he can enforce his game then he could get the W

    • Riverdog

      I don’t see any shred of evidence that DC could beat Jon Jones. He didn’t look all that great against Mir and Nelson. And his only fight at 205 was against a nobody that doesn’t even belong in the UFC. What does Jones have to be scared of? DC has yet to really shine against anyone elite in the UFC. Jones really is a nightmare matchup for DC imo. I think it could be a good fight but I don’t see any way DC wins. Jon just has way more tools and more ways to win the fight than DC. As longs as their are new legit contenders at 205 there is no reason to move up in weight class either.

      • Jon the duck jones

        The heavy are a dif animals there a reason they have weight classes. N the only reason he fought that guy was last min replacement I’m not basing my that on that fight. I’m basing it on his body of work grand pre winner college Olympic champ undeafeted pro beat big foot Barnett when he has not lost in give yrs in if the duck ever does fight him ill put $$$ on DC

        • Riverdog

          If you want to talk body of work. Jon’s resume far exceed’s DC. He is 14-1 fighting the elite in the UFC at 26 years old and really should be 15-0. Thats just scary. Aside from the the Gus fight he has dismantled everyone that he has fought since becoming Champ. And now DC is supposed to scare him into ducking a fight? He’s fought guys with crazier bodies of work than DC.

          • The duck jones

            Vitor about taped him out if he hadn’t let go he would have broke his arm.. I agree resume Is very impressive but wait for the fight riverdog if I’m wrong ill admitt it ill tell everyone u were right but when DC buries bones will I do the same???

          • Riverdog

            That was a pretty deep arm bar Vitor had him in. Definitely popped Jon’s elbow. I’m sure that would have tapped out some other fighters but Jones is pretty tuff. Vitor Should of never let go coz he got dominated the rest of the fight and ironically submitted. If DC beats Bones I’ll admit I was wrong. No problem there. I just can’t believe you think Jones is “ducking” DC. He hasn’t even had a chance to duck him. He’s had his hands full with Gus/Glover and DC only recently made his 205 debut. I think if DC gets past Hendo (which he should) then he is the most logical next opponent for Jones (assuming he beats Gus first). There will be nobody else left worthy of a shot.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Lol! Jones has ducked nobody, you troll. After Gus and DC, Rumble will be next. So don’t go around on here for the next year saying he’s ducking Rumble.

      Over a year ago, I said I wanted him to fight Rumble, but never thought he would be back in the UFC. That’s the fight I want to see!