Jon Jones ‘Highly Recommends’ Sex Pills

April 18, 2017

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was scheduled to rematch titleholder Daniel Cormier at UFC 200, but was removed from the bout and stripped of the interim belt for an anti-doping violation. “Bones” tested positive to estrogen blockers, banned substances, during an out-of-competition sample collection leading up to the July 2016 event.

Jon Jones 1 out of 1 Bones RecommendsJones was handed a one-year suspension by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and the Nevada State Athletic Commission. An investigation determined that the positive test was a result of Jones ingesting a sex pill to enhance bedroom performance. While Jones regrets failing a drug test, he endorses taking sex pills.

“I have been in the UFC for many, many years, and I have taken sex pills several times throughout my adult life. I highly recommend it. It’s (expletive) great,” he said during a recent press conference in New York.

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Performance-enhancing drugs are banned in sports, but he encourages their use to be a champion on the mattress.

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  • I love that passage in the Bible where Jesus talks about using sex pills while on coke-fueled hooker binges.

    • natpaukar7

      Hahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahah …best comment of all time

      • TheCerealKiller

        If that’s your best ever, you must be a christian. Never mind the 25 years “no Jesus” because he was a tranny man-thingy that all the left want everyone to be.

  • Savagewanker

    Well yeah u use steroids ur penis doesn’t work when u taper off. Really think a natural athletic guy his age needs sex pills?

    • Julian

      100% agree.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Nobody ever said his ding dong didn’t work. He’s just like the millions of other guys in their 20’s taking them because “It’s (expletive) great”.

      • Savagewanker

        Haha believe in the tooth fairy? Sex pills help with erections. They don’t make sex more pleasurable. His ding dong must be limp

        • TheCerealKiller

          It doesn’t make it more pleasurable, it lets you go multiple rounds with ease.

  • Murdock

    this guy is a clown.

  • NoMoreElbows

    With some people, there is just no way to fix stupid.

  • Muaythai4life

    So this is the more mature Jon Jones we’re getting? I suppose he can get sponsored by Viagra.

  • Hyperbole

    Either he’s trying to laugh off the fact he used masking agents, or laughing off the fact that he’s a professional athlete and pops sketchy pills like a moron. Either way, I’m not sure he’ll finish his career in the UFC with more than two or three more fights. He’s like a chaos magnet. Chaos that happens to be his own fault.