Jon Jones Has No Plans Tonight ‘Thanks to the Old Man and His Knee’

September 1, 2012
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Jon Jones UFC 145The onus of the cancellation of UFC 151 fell squarely on the shoulders of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, whether he actually deserved it or not.

When Jones’ opponent Dan Henderson was forced off the card with a knee injury, the UFC came up with Chael Sonnen as a suitable replacement, but the champion decided that only having 8 days to prepare was not nearly enough after consulting with his coach Greg Jackson.

A few hours later UFC 151 was cancelled, and UFC President Dana White was saying, ‘UFC 151 will be remembered as the event Jon Jones and Greg Jackson murdered’.

While the blame that day seem to fall directly on Jones’ head, many other fighters, journalists and fans stood up for his decision to not play ball by the UFC’s rules. Many agreed that every fighter should have the right to be fully prepared for any opponent if they choose, and no one fighter can be blamed for an event being cancelled.

Jones later apologized on Twitter taking the full brunt for the card’s cancellation, but the criticism hasn’t stopped from some corners of the world and the light heavyweight champion’s latest rebuttal won’t soothe any still open wounds from the card that would have taken place on Saturday night.

Early in the day on Saturday a fan wrote on Twitter, ‘Thanks to @JonnyBones I have no plans tonight’.

Rather than let the comment slide, Jones opted to respond and said ‘Thanks to the old man and his knee I don’t either’.

The ‘old man’ of course is referencing Jones’ opponent , 41-year old Dan Henderson, who was forced off the card after injuring his knee in training.

While the rebuttal may have simply been a week of frustration building up inside of Jones for taking the blame for UFC 151’s cancellation, the comment certainly rattled more than a few people.

In the big picture, Jones may be right in saying that Henderson’s injury ultimately caused this chain reaction of events to get set in motion, but in this case he may have been better off living by the old adage ‘let sleeping dogs lie’.

Regardless, Jones will return in a few weeks instead to face Vitor Belfort at UFC 152 in Toronto, while Henderson will continue to rehab his injured knee and hopes to return before the end of 2012.

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  • the belt should be taken from jones ,if your the champ you have to fight who ever they offer ,jones was fit and healthy to go so no excuses prove just how good you are .jones was scared of losing to a real fighter

    • MaritalArtist

      It was indeed taken. Sonnen now holds 2 belts.

      • johnsilva

        Everyone needs to remember one thing, if the UFC didnt put a card together so heavily reliant on one fight then this would not have happened. And not for one second am i defending jones, he should have taken that fight at least for the fans who’ve spent money and he’s fellow fighters, but it is also the ufc’s job to put a card together that can survive on more than one fight. At least hal;f the blame must go on the ufc.

        • b-soc

          +10 johnsilva!!! I couldn’t agree more!! Jon Jones turning down that fight should not have had any bearing on UFC 151. This is not the first time a main event had to be cancelled, but it is the first time the event was cancelled so its not Jon’s fault. The UFC should put together a card that can carry itself.

        • obuchons

          Agreed! They water down the cards so much when certain guys fight! Some of the best cards lately have been the free ones on the networks. If you are banking on one fight to sell your event you should have put together a better overall card!

        • Scratchface

          i’m going to have play devil’s advocate here and mention the fact that most of us would have purchased the card based on the one fight. Whether it was vs hendo or sonnen. We were all buying because it was a jon jones fight.
          To say the rest of the card is weak is too presumptuous. We don’t know what those fights might have produced. Did the card lack other main event fights, yes. But, as the sports grows and the UFC puts on more events to satisfy the fans, the events will most definitely rely heavily on their main event fighters.
          Main event fighters sell the card, and the rest of the fighters on the card have the opportunity to gain exposure and develop.
          UFC’s mistake was they relied on the wrong champion.
          We can say it’s unfair to put so much pressure or blame on Jones but the kid would have easily pulled in over a mil for this event. Just like in most industries, the higher the pay grade, the higher the expectations and greater responsibilities.

  • jaxpavan

    What are you talking about? JBJ said he had no problem fighting sonnen on sept. 22. Just cause the UFC execs wanted him to fight on a weeks notice andhe said no he wasn’t running fron chael. he simplysaid i’ll fighthim when andwhere I want to fight him. He is the champ.

  • acspida#244

    Listen folks. MMA… its highest level ( MMA=UFC/ football = NFL) has a new breed of star. In my opinion, Jones’s behavior only elevates this sport. I equate this to the NFL. Look at Ocho Cinco or TO or Ndamukongsu Suh. These highly gifted athletes have a place in that leaque. Some love them, others hate them for what they are doing to the game, but no one can question their ability. Same goes for JBJs. He is talented, gifted, hard working and one of the greatest to grace the sport. He is also ushering in a new type of UFC star. One that is plays by his own rules because he can, he is just that good. He mixes talent with personality (for better or worse). I for one enjoy him for that reason. Get used to Jones and others like him to follow. It is a good thing and will only bring more intrigue to the sport we love.

    • Mwahaha

      Hate to burst your bubble kiddo, but Ochocinco and TO were both tossed from the NFL this year.

      • MaritalArtist

        They sure weren’t ambassadors of the sport, that’s for damn sure.

      • claudiast.

        Ochostinko and TO both got the boot because they are old and have lost more than just a step, not simply because they are jerks. It could be argued that they could have been cut a little more slack if they had Jerry Rice-like personalities, but talent is what matters and that’s the bottom line. There are still plenty of nefarious guys in thriving in the NFL, such as Dez Bryant and Kenny Britt, and as long as they can run and catch at the highest level (and not actually rape or murder anyone else) they will continue to grab money, spotlight, and headlines.

  • mma fanatic1982

    i would encourage u to think about what your saying, if there are more like jbj in the future who controll the descions and who they fight and when, then what u end up with eventually is BOXING! Where no president or owner ones the show, but instead fighters and there managers! This will eventually kill the sport like it has boxing if it keeps going that way with more fighters. Mma needs a president/leader/boss, whatever u would like to call him. If u lose a boss then the workers do what they want! means ducking fights,picking hand fed challengers, pretty much boxing. I for one hope dana or somebody will always have majority controll and descide the matches.

  • As a champion and fighter, wouldn’t you know who possible replacements would be? I’m a fan and respect Jones but I’m sure he’s seen Chael and other guys fight before. He was in top shape training for Henderson and possibly other guys weren’t in camp. Chael trains all the time so he was in shape I’m sure but other guys may have taken time off and offered to step in for several reasons. He’s still young though and can say what he wants; it just comes down to someone shutting him up if they don’t like what he has to say.

    • maddawgmar

      Chael is Henderson without the KO power. Jones has been training for a wrestler with KO power. Then he gets offered a fight with a wrestler without KO power and turns it down???? I agree as a champion you should know all your possible opponents. I think it was an A-hole move to Throw blame on Henderson. It was not Hendos fault he gets hurt. It wasn’t Jones fault either he just had an opportunity to save it.

      • soboc1

        hendo knew weeks in advance he was injured and decided to step out at the last minute. He trained for weeks with the injury and said nothing till 8 days prior to the fight. I like Hendo, but i think he should have said something way before he did. And fighting a south paw is totally different than fighting a a fighter who fights orthodox, its a whole new ballgame. JBJ is a good fighter because he is a smart fighter. No matter what anyone says, he did what he felt was best for him, and theres nothing wrong with that.

  • liver000

    weak fight card, don’t depend on one guy to carry the whole event. I know henderson was on it too, but i was looking forward to the ass kicking jones was going to give henderson and that’s about it.

  • Drock420

    Dana White is an unbelievable hypocrite. When the MMA community started asking for a possible Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz fight for the 185lb title, his response was: “That’s stupid. Nick Diaz just lost for the 170lb title, so what makes people think he should be the next challenger for a higher weight class title.” I agreed with that statement 100%. But this is literally EXACTLY the same situation, Sonnen got beat decisively by Silva, hasn’t had any fights at 205 in years, and Dana wanted him to take Hendo’s place for the main event? And he’s upset and putting all the blame on Jones and his coach?? Dana White is just crying like a bi### because he had to waste money and the work for this UFC event, but that is NOT Jon Jones’ problem or his fault. Dana also said that “Chael Sonnen will not talk his way to a title shot, he’ll need at least three BIG WINS to get a title shot” HAHAHAHA more going back on his word from the UFC president, such a money-grubbing motherf###er who doesn’t realize he contradicts himself on everything, & it doesn’t help that you have a weak main card PPV that your trying to sell with 1 fight. Maybe if you actually had a stacked card this wouldn’t happen.

    • soboc1

      Finally, somebody got it right.

    • k0nc3pt10n

      Fianlly! Someone got it wrong! Dana White may be a hypocrite, but not in this case. He called every available fighter to make the event happen. No one would step up. Chael was a last resort. Dana was doing his best to save the show and put out a fire. The two cases are completely unrelated, because this is an emergency situation. Had there been no emergency, Sonnen wouldn’t have been offered the fight and would be in a similar situation to Diaz.

      The fact is Jones ad been training he had no excuse not to take the fight. It’s funny, when Rashad got injured while training for Shogun, Jones jumped at the chance to fight for the title on short notice and Shogun, like a champion accepted the match up. Now the positions are reversed. Jones is the champ, the challenger gets hurt, Sonnen steps up. and Jones like a B#### refuses the fight.

      Now tell me who the hypocrite is.

      • soboc1

        So every other available fighter turned down a title fight and JBJ gets all the blame because he was the last one to say no, lol. And he should just fight a guy who hasn’t earned it cause the fans say so and Dana was gonna rip everyone off with a crap card. Got it!

        • k0nc3pt10n

          Wow! Again you miss the point completely! It isn’t the fact that Jones was the last one to say “no.” The facts were that 1.He had already been training. 2. He was was already on the card, headlining it. This is about backing out of a fight, not turning a fight down. Can’t you see the difference? No one else had been training. Jones had. No one else’s pictures were on the posters. Jones’ were. Granted the UFC could have put together a stronger undercard, but they didn’t. All of these facts were evident before Jones before Jones backed out of the main event by refusing to fight Sonnen. The whole thing boils down to the fact that Jones was able to fight and in top form, but he wasn’t willing. If both fighters had been hurt and the UFC couldn’t put together a main event to save the event, then they would be to blame. However, they were able to scramble put together a fight that a lot of fans would have enjoyed and then Jones had to blow the whole thing.

          • soboc1

            The point is it doesnt matter if he was training, he was training to fight Hendo. And as I stated above, hendo knew weeks before the event he was injured and said nothing till 8 days prior. That in itself is unprofessional and there should be something to be said about that also. Maybe they should write in the contract that fighters are obligated to save an event if the promoters put together a crappy card? I just don’t think JBJ is at total fault. DW,JS, and DH should be taking some of the blame as well.

  • greaseygranny

    Jones had plenty to do tonight. He ducked instead. Coward ass bitch. Can’t wait to see this kid loose. I really think that Hendo would of KO’d his ass tonight. Just hope Vitor gets a solid shot in.

  • greaseygranny


    • Booker T


      • greaseygranny


  • adriana

    Does this man have no self control? Dude- stay off twitter! (Guess that apology he issued earlier this week was not sincere- shocking!)

  • markronin

    What does Greg Jackson’s knee have to do with it? Heh. Because that’s who told him not to fight.

    Thing is, Jon went back on his word. In a prior interview he said he’d fight Chael any time, any where.

  • RubeKegal

    I believe Dan was injured for longer than we knew….explains why Chael was talking smack for weeks on end. I don’t hold fault on Jon Jones for not fighting Chael with 3 days to prepare. I think Team Quest was training Chael all along.

    • markronin

      Then you’re calling Dan a liar, he denied those allegations.

      • RubeKegal

        Didn’t realize they had asked him….when was this?

      • RubeKegal

        hello? Usually a question is followed with an answer. Your lack of skills in responding lead me to believe Hendo was never asked this question and I DO BELIEVE TEAM QUEST KNEW for an extended period of time.

        • soboc1

          He did know weeks before he announced it,

          “First of all, Jon Jones has been getting smacked around pretty good in the media for whatever role he played in the undoing of UFC 151. However, his slated opponent, Dan Henderson, came out and announced that he had suffered his MCL injury weeks earlier and trained through it. That admission from “Hendo” has some of you in a huff, wondering how the Olympian got off scot-free.” Staff

          • RubeKegal

            wow, Mark Ronin, where you at biitch??? 201 nugga!!

    • MaritalArtist

      I don’t think Chael knew. But even if he did, so what I’d he pre-trains for jones, so the fight is a -500 and not a -750, right?

  • murfsurf

    What’s Jones complaining about?
    He will be fighting another old man in Belfort, and still may fight old man Hendo later on.

    Keep playing it safe Jones, fight guys past their prime that you know you can beat, pad your record as “champ”.

    God forbid that you take a competitive match against a peer the same age range as you again.

    It’s too high risk and low reward. Keep taking the easy fights and duck a fight when you feel fear.

    Or maybe we got it all wrong.

    • soboc1

      You do have it wrong. As mentioned before, he already said he would fight Sonnen on the 22nd. You idiots sit behind a computer and talk smack because a fighter didn’t do what you wanted him to do. It’s not your careers or livelihood on the line. If he was trying to pad his record he wouldn’t have fought his last 4 opponents. There’s nothing wrong with making smart decisions in life when it comes to your career. Being a “warrior” isn’t always about being reckless and stupid, it’s about being smart and prepared.I hope Gargamel catches you someday, lmbo!

      • bigwurm

        hey dumbass, jbj was offered the Chael fight on the 22 and turned that down too.. He turned the Chael fight down twice.. No your shit.

        • soboc1

          Big perm, even Greg Jackson said jbj would fight Sonnen with proper notice. Just cause I didnt happen when you wanted it to happen doesn’t make it a bad decision. All you so called “true fans” who would rather see a trash talking clown fight for a title than a true contender are the dumb asses.

        • matty

          Dude know your facts! Bones said yes to the fight on sept. 22. People like you should drive me crazy. Lay off Bones he is the best fighter of all time and he was only doing what his coach advised home to do

      • murfsurf

        “You idiots sit behind a computer and talk smack”

        i am an active amateur MMA fighter living in Vegas. Stop trolling girl.

        Jones last 4 opponents?-Machida and Evans-yeah 2 competitive fights-2!, Shogun-past his prime even thought he’s still young-you ever met him, or trained with him-i thought not! the janitor and Rampage-both past their prime, both punched in for a paycheck,as for Vera-when’s the last time he ever won a fight?

        Jones is padding his record with Belfort, everyone knows it but you, troll.

        • soboc1

          Now tell me what Sonnen has done to earn a shot? If being young and talkin shit gets you a shot, you should be there in no time.

    • MaritalArtist

      Chael is no spring chicken either

  • adriana

    Between this gem and the “I was going to pay everyone’s salary on the undercard but they were mean to me so now I won’t”, its official! JBJ is a total db.

    • soboc1

      DB for sure! I always pay bills for my haters!

      • adriana

        No, DB for sure for even mentioning it at all. Either do it or shut up. But its definitely a punk move to say “I thought about it, but changed my mind”. We all think about a lot of things…it means nothing! and his pseudo offer means even less than nothing because he is actually blaming undercard fighters for the fact that he rescinded his non existent offer of hypothetical money because of their perceived bad behavior. hence- his DB status.

        • soboc1

          Just like he was blamed for fighters not being paid. I believe his signature was on one contract, and that was to fight Hendo. Danas was prolly on all of them. Its fine for everyone to talk him down, but he replies and he’s a DB? Give me a break, not everything in life is gonna go your way. Sonnen said he would retire if AS beat him, and he’s still here trying to talk his way into title fights, but no one held him to that?

          • adriana

            Again, soboc, I no longer care about the “blame game” for 151 or Sonnen. My issue is his unsportsmanlike behavior NOW.
            -If you are going to accept the blame (which he and his cross did), then ACCEPT it and shut up. The cheap shot at Hendo shows he really does not think he’s at fault. Which is FINE except that HE said he was.
            -If you are going to pay undercard, then pay it. No one expected it, right? And he certainly did not have to do it. But to say “I was but now I am not” and then blame the other fighters is insulting. He should be reprimanded/fined for that. It was absolutely unprofessional and unsportsmanlike.

          • soboc1

            Adriana, i get where you’re coming from, but a lot of fighters made unsportsmanlike/unprofessional comments towards him as well. Why should he be the only one to get reprimanded/fined?

  • i do hope you lose, assh

  • acspida#244

    Alright two bad examples…..should have thought about those two first. My point stands, simple insert other professional athletes in place of the two mentioned. They are entertaining regardless if you root for them or against them. I do not agree with JBJs decision to not take the fight, just trying to draw a comparable line that he has his place in professional sports and could bring additional interest to UFC. I do agree 1982, it is a slippery slope to have guys picking and choosing opponents. We certainly don’t want to compromise competition.

  • B-rok

    The problem with Jones, and i hate that the media hasn’t picked up on this, is that he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. It is one this to be a chael who is crazy and will say anything to hype himself or a fight. Koschek is a cocky jerk. Rashaad is annoyingly arrogant. I don’t like any of those guys, but they are true to who they are. Jones says “I’ll never do something dumb, like get a dui.” We all know what happened next. He says he’ll never fight rashaad and we know what happened next. Jones said that he didn’t want to fight machida because he wouldn’t make any money, then he turns down Chael and we all know that would have been bought more than any other pay per view he has been in yet. Wait it gets better. He tell Dana he has enough money, what? I could go on forever. Its not about him not taking the fight or even about his attitude. It’s about him being extremely naive and immature. He can overcome this but I don’t think the media is doing a good job of holding him accountable on the things he says.

  • Yo myrfsurf r u blind? jones fought rashad who was a champ and lost once machida too and before jone shogun was all high an mighty jones broke him for his next two fights. So who the r u talking about that he took easy fights? and u jones hater r so pathetic its so funny to read ur pathetic comments. i dont no y sh##y ppl clinch on to someone who’s just doing good. dana got pissed couse his ppv didnt work couse he streches all the ppv card to make up for fox fx and fuel and he needed to find some one pointing fingers even thought i usually or just respect wat he says becouse i understand he no more then most of use but (even thought im not complaining). look at ufc on fox five BBJ PENN CS RORY MCDONLD NOT EVEN A CO FO A FREE CARD!!!!!!!!!!! ALEXANDER GUSTOFSUN WHO IS 13-1 5 fight win streak 4 of those he stopped SHOGUN COMING OF TWO CRAZY FIGHTS PLUSE IF ALEX WINS HES PROB GONNA FIGHT FOR THE TITLE AND HENDERSON OK LAST FIGHT AGINST EDGAR WAS NOT SO WELL VS NATE WHIS KILL EVERONE AND ITS A TITLE FIGHT also mick swick shuab and johnson on PRELIM OF OFF A FREE CARD COME ON DANA U NO Y THAT CARD FAILED

  • ghostrighta

    Jones isn’t doing himself any PR favours that’s for sure. I mean first he comes out saying that he was “thinking” about paying fighter fees for the cancelled event but didn’t after the smack talk. Now he calls one of the most respected fighters an “old man” wtf. I mean I respect Jones as a fighter but he is now suspect as an individual.

  • me vs you

    what f–king world do i live in? chael sonnen deserves a title fight in every weightclass and dana white isn’t responsible for what goes on in his orginization.
    go ahead and blame jones, blame greg ‘the sport killer’ jackson. but where’s the blame for hendo, where’s the blame for dana and joe?
    the hate spilling out of this sight for jon jones is so strange. it’s his career, it’s his belt and it’s his life. he has the right to do what he feels is best for said career…and if he doesn’t have that right to choose, then why didn’t dana tell him that he had to fight sonnen or silva or whoever stepped up to make themselves look good? if dana white had really wanted to save the card, he would have done it…come on people, this was just a big dana white publicity stunt(and it obviously worked…you all bit hook, line and sinker).
    and anyway, i just don’t see anything wrong about jones taking care of his business…and that’s all that it is, a business.

  • omcclave

    I thought jon had nothing to do because they put that breathalyzer in his car? im so confused

  • greaseygranny

    Jones ran to Dana White and asked him to have Sonnen stop calling him out. Guy is a homo. How people still stick up for this guy is forever beyond me.

    Yes. The UFC is spreading itself very thin with all these shows. They are part to blame. But when a company loses millions of dollars because a “champion” is afraid to fight someone that might give him some “problems” in a fight, there’s gonna be mad issues. End of. They flat out told him what was at stake. He said no. AGAIN and AGAIN.

    What people aren’t getting about this is beyond me.

    • soboc1

      agreed, its like when you buy a product that sucks, you don’t take it out on the company, you let the CSR take all the crap and complaining.

  • adriana

    To me, the issue is no longer “who’s fault is it?”. 151 is dead- doesn’t really matter at this point who killed it.

    The issue is that JBJ will not shut up. He can not expect this to go away if he keeps giving apologies then taking cheap shots and blaming others. And he SHOULD want to this go away because he looks more and more like a jackass with each new thing. And if he doesn’t learn to keep his trap shut, there will surely be another new thing. and another. and another.

  • kaldani15

    Um that old man would of ko you JBJ. And you ducked sonnen so if you accepted that fight we would of been watching ufc 151 tonight.

    • soboc1

      See, you would have missed it either way, it would have been last night not tonight.

  • Why the hell would he start talking shit about Hendo for no reason? Injurys are a part of the sport. He’s becoming more and more of a douche. It sickens me that I once called myself a Jones fan

  • diazfan209

    he just doesn’t know when to stop

  • adriana

    soboc1- I would have answered you under your last response to me, but it wouldn’t let me 😉

    I think he should be reprimanded/fined by the UFC because he is the LHW champ and should be held to a higher standard (all title-holders should IMO.) The $ comment he made (and we only have Rivera’s word) really is the most egregious to me- it smacks of him feeling he is everyone’s dad or boss and he is somehow entitled and able to mete out punishment to other fighters. He is seriously power-tripping, and that should be stopped.

    Thanks for having a civil dialogue with me btw.

    • soboc1

      No problem. Can’t do that with too many people here, lol

  • adriana

    Ain’t that the truth. I love reading differing POV here- I learn a lot, but the enjoyment can be overshadowed by the nastiness. Usually, I won’t read a comment if it starts out “____, you are such a ______”. What significant point could possibly be made by that person?

    Oh, and that statement I made about champs and higher standards will NOT apply to Nate Diaz. Or Nick Diaz for that matter. They are exempt and are allowed to run buck wild. And I have no reasoning behind this- its “just because”, ok?

    • soboc1

      Thats cuz they’ll never be champs! ewww Burn! jk I don’t like their attitude, but they’re not in the UFC for their attitude either, they are both entertaining to watch. I say Nate becomes champ before Nick though.

  • adriana

    They both will be UFC champs at some point. And I love their “death before disloyalty” attitude- they must have been Sicilian in another life, I swear.