Jon Jones Has No Desire to Face Lyoto Machida a Second Time

August 18, 2012
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Jon Jones and Lyoto MachidaUFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will next defend his title against Dan Henderson at UFC 151, but should he be victorious, he’s not too interested in the next opponent chosen for him by the UFC.

Jones on Friday made it clear that he has no desire to face former champion Lyoto Machida for a second time.

Machida was given another title shot after he knocked out Ryan Bader at UFC on Fox 4 earlier this month, but it came with a few head scratches from fans because the Brazilian has only competed once since being choked out by Jones last December.

“I don’t want to fight Lyoto Machida. He was my lowest pay-per-view draw of last year,” Jones said an interview with “No one wants to see me fight Lyoto Machida. I don’t want to fight Lyoto again. Lyoto is high risk and low reward.

“He’s a tough fighter, but no one wants to buy that fight.”

Obviously this whole plan could be thrown into disarray should Jones lose to top contender Dan Henderson on Sept. 1, but if he’s victorious the fight staring him down next doesn’t make sense to him.

When UFC president Dana White first announced that the most impressive winner from the UFC on Fox 4 show would get a title shot, which featured two light heavyweight main card bouts, it perplexed Jones even then.

“Scratching my head,” Jones wrote on Twitter when the news about the title contender scenario was first revealed.

The four fighters involved – Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Brandon Vera, Ryan Bader and Lyoto Machida – were all competitors that Jones has fought and finished within the last two years.

It appears now the UFC light heavyweight champion is making a stand to face new challengers instead of a fighter he defeated just nine months ago.

Stay tuned to for more UFC 151 news and title picture developments.

  • lfighterc

    I have to agree with Jones, let him beat the last couple top contesters ( that he hasn’t fought ) then move him up to heavyweight. fighting Machida is useless for Jones, the UFC shouldn’t delay his move to heavyweight, where the biggest pay-per-view buys are

    • mrsister

      Who are the contenders? Gustafson? That’s about it.

      Jones is upset that he won’t make as much money fighting Machida? Are we supposed to care?

      It’s as much the fault of Jones as Machida the PPV wasn’t as good. It’s hard to promote as a prohibitive favorite but it is what it is.

      At this point, I would think everyone just wants Jones to lose or at least get beat up in a win. Machida is as good a candidate to do that as what is available

      He should get used to it because there is nobody the UFC that can beat him and nobody on the horizon either.

    • rdchannels

      Jones has never had a rematch and we are seeing his initial reactions to the concept of facing Lyoto again. Machida is ranked #4 and rematches are part of sports ask GSP Anderson Silva etc

  • Cptmats

    What a croc of shit ! He’s scared, he knows he got lucky last time and machida wont make the same mistake twice !

    Machida will take Skin and Bone Jones’s belt !

    • MrAdidas

      LOL “scared” GTFO of here idiot! Jones is pulling an Anderson Silva & I love it. It’s okay for Silva to pick & choose who he wants to fight, but when Jones decides to do the samething, he’s a “coward/scared” you are an IDIOT! BAHAHAHAHA I think u are the only dillusional dummy to believe Lyoto has a chance of beating Jones (besides other Lyoto fan boys). What would make you believe Lyoto has any chance?!? B/C he did alright b4 getting put to sleep in the 2nd Round?!? WOW, that must mean Evans should be able to “OWN” Jones b/c of thier 1st fight … STFU NOOB!

      Sick and tired of idiots like you who give “special treatment” to certain fighters, but when smoeone else attempts the same thing, they get called out on it. But seriously, Lyoto didn’t do shit all to make me think the result would be any different 2nd time around.

      FYI NOOB: Lyoto has 2 wins in his last 5 fights & those TWO “impressive” wins were vs. Couture/50 yr old man & Badder BAHAHAHA who’s on a decline! Tey he gets the next title shot. Talk about a “weak” division that was once the best division in all of the UFC, now it’s slightly above the worst division … the MW!

    • Ketsugo_John

      You can’t really believe that, or are you really that ignorant? SMFH

    • onehitwonder

      yeah, i don’t think Lyoto should be looked at as boring or unsellable, he can pull some moves from nowhere, and the last fight Jones had to put him to sleep, it’s not like he tapped. any payday is a good payday, if Lyoto is a high risk, then he must be dangerous.

    • kaldani15

      Machida mistake? Or you means jones startegy?

  • adice89

    Jones bringing up ppv buys? Wtf. its about styles and Jon knows Lyoto is the most dangerous standup fighter hes ever faced. “High risk low reward”. Since when has it been about that? You should want to fight “high risk” fighters. Your both dangerous fighters so stfu and face him again if it comes around. I also hate to say it but Jones wont be able to throw these HW fighters around. If a fighter like Mark Hunt cracked Jones across his skull there wont be wobbly legs…HE WOULD BE OUT COLD. He would even have a hard time getting Chieck Kongo down. Im telling you, size and mass matters and Jones wouldnt be used to these bigger guys.

    • KBEsq

      Totally 100% agree with the PPV comment. I can’t believe he’s brining that up. I’m probably one of the few people who likes that Jones is religious and mentions it, but I’m starting to view him with a raised eyebrow. Everyone makes mistakes, but I am starting to view Jones as a hypocrite.

      What Jones doesn’t get is that the high PPVs he’s had didn’t have anything to do with the perception by the fans/buyers that his opponent would be more competitive. It was all about drama. Pre-fight drama with Rampage and Evans sold those fights. Most people with any kind of MMA knowledge know that Machida has a much better chance to beat Jones than either of those fighters.

      I’ve been supporting Jones in the face of all the hate for a while, but I’m just done doing that.

    • kaldani15

      Yes sir your right. Jones would get ko by JDS, Smahed by hunt,kongo,cain,roy nelson, carwin, and overeem

  • stevemcz11

    jones cleaned out the division too fast. he stepped in for rashad nd shogun didnt get a full camp to prepare for him. machida alse stepped in for rashad nd didnt get a full camp. i think both these guys deserve a second shot. if jones doesnt want to fight the same guys over nd over den he shouldnt have 4 fights every six months. or he shud go to heavyweight. d only other top contender is gustaffson who said he doesnt want to fight jones yet…..

    • pooby

      den = then shud = should

      A little help for those that don’t speak Idiot.

      He doesn’t have 4 fights every 6 months and if you want to be taken seriously, learn to write like an adult.

      • stevemcz11

        sorry mom!

  • Adice89 first are u trying to say hunt can ko jones not if this life secound r u mentally retarted u gave the worst example f–king garared musase throw him around and he twice as small as jones i love ppl that dont no shit about mma but argue like they no something jones would murk most of those heavyweights like stefan struve like matt mitrione like shane carwin who got takendown by Junior u think jones wont if junior did

    • pooby

      What is with the morons posting today? “ppl that dont no shit…”

      Dude, you don’t “no” shit about English. Your long ass comment had not one single period or comma. Your post is completely illegible.

      • yellowmonkey

        Haha, proper English is neither expected nor the norm for an online forum. Responding to the content of one’s post is much more pertinent. I am sure if JDS had something to say his English may not be perfect but the content of his point would still matter.

        But since you are so concerned with English lets look at your post with a microscope! Haha! Illegible refers to an inability to discern what is written not to comprehend it. Check your vocabulary buddy.

        This isn’t English 101 and if it was, you couldn’t be the professor. Stick to MMA discussions.

        • How do you respond to a comment when you can’t even figure out what the commenter is saying?
          I’m with pooby on this.. if those 2 guys use English as their first language it sure isn’t clear.
          Forums are not just for people that text, they are for a discussion of the event covered by the article.
          I quit reading both of the posts before the end because I can’t understand them.
          If you aren’t using English as your language then I am sure it is hard to use it correctly. But if that was supposed to be English it was an epic fail.

          • stevemcz11

            This was my first time posting on this site and I didnt expect to be responded to by a person who should pull his head out of his a**. Let alone that another snob should back him up. You both need to get a life and sort out that superiority complex. I would love to know which part of my indecipherable code confused you the most. I decided to spell phonetically because believe it or not some people do have difficulty reading sometimes whether or not English is your first language. Stuck up (edited)! I hope you like the spelling in this one!!

  • mma fanatic1982

    ive giving jones respect.for.beating former champs, ive said hes done better than silva. but to say oh “high risk low reward” “dangerous fighter” , im dissapointed in him. so he is basically saying i dont want to fight anyone who might beat me, i want pp with low risk and big money! he knows machida was winning till he got recklass against the cage and knows machida will not do that again. not saying machida will win but he has a decent chance and jones knows it. he dont want high risk fights unless its huge money lol fine go fight silva then! both of them the accuse friends, but they made it clear when they said “i dont want to ruin his record or him ruin mine. both of them r scared of eachother, so they dont want to fight cause they dont want to ruin their record. all this protecting my record, high risk, is COWARDLY! PS JONES WILL GET DESTROYED IN HW BY ANY TOP TEN FIGHTER! JONES IS NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR HEAVY JUSR YET, HE NEEDS TO FILL OUT MORE!

    • Jeff

      Couldnt agree more. Since when is the UFC started giving a shit about whether someone does or doesnt like a fight thats in front of them? Hey genius, thats part of being “champ”. You fight ANYONE whose earned the opportunity. I started disliking Jones when he started shoving VERA at the weigh ins with his forehead. Like a PUNK. Its gotten worse from there. It may be awhile or Henderson might do it, but I CANT WAIT for someone to KO this dick. Its just a matter of time.

  • MrAdidas

    Do I agree for the reason for not wanting to fight Lyoto … HELL NO! But Anderson does it, regardless of the reason, if Silva can do, then so should Jones.

    • Cptmats

      Thats just stupid. why does being taken down by Junion mean he would be taken down by Jones. Jones isn’t half the fighter JDS is. And your a complete idiot if you think Hunt couldn’t KO Jones. There isn’t a fighter alive Hunt Couldn’t KO !

    • Cptmats

      BTW Idiot Anderson doesn’t get to pick and choose his Opponent ! If he did he sure as f–k wouldn’t have givin Sonnen a rematch and he sure as hell wouldn’t have fought Leites or Mia because its pretty obvious he was scared to death of both their ground games…….i been listen to your retarded comments for to long, you should find a new sport because you don’t know shit about this one ! NOOB !

      • RobW

        Aren’t you the same clown that was called a “NOOB” a few posts above? Maybe you should worry more about getting a grip on the English language, stop repeating what you hear, and stop bashing people for their opinion. Maybe you need your binky, child.

  • goleta83

    Stanislavalyas have you ever heard of punctuation?

    • johnnybooker

      Apparently you have not, because you forgot a comma after his name. Who really gives a crap?

  • adice89


    Do you know how much Mark Hunt improved as a mma fighter over the last year or so? Ever since he came into the UFC hes been training at American Top Team. and when he was fighting in Japan he was 300lbs with a pure kickboxing backround and nothing else. HES ******* LEAN AND IN THE BEST SHAPE OF HIS LIFE NOW. And that is scary as hell. A fast quick Mark Hunt with a very good gas tank is deadly for anyone, with him working on good TTD, everyone in the HW division is shit out of luck. And how dare you compare Jones to JDS you fool. HUGE DIFFRENCE.

    • Cptmats

      well said, Mark Hunt is one of the best pure strikers on the planet and has come a long way in his mma training. Mark Hunt is a very tough fight for anyone ! even JDS !

  • pooby

    After Hendo (assuming Jones wins) there really is no one else at LHW in the UFC that poses a threat to Jones.

    If Jones doesn’t want to rehash previous fights he needs to go to heavyweight.

    I will find his comments about Machida laughable if Hendo wins. Then Machida will be skipping over Jones and getting a title shot against Henderson.

  • collideoverme

    Jon Jones needs to shut the **** up and fight who Dana White tells him to fight and quite being an arrogant ********. 🙂

  • greaseygranny

    No worries Boner. You’re not gonna have to. Bwahahahahahahaha. Hendo will be fighting Machida.

  • collideoverme

    Lord I hope so. I am pulling for Hendo.

  • mma fanatic1982

    oh dont think im just talking about jones! silva is acting cowardly too! he dont want to fight jones cause one of them would ruin the other legacy lol means he knows he prob lose, he dont want weidman who is the only real comp left in mw and is on a huge roll, who does he want? lol oh yeah gsp, the very smaller fighter that poses the least threat in his mind! silva is acting cowardly! i hope for the sake of mma that dana dont let these guys just start picking ther own fight like boxers do! thats y boxing sucks and now all the big named mma guys r trying to do it now. fight whoever dana tells u to fight, u r a fighter so just fight and be a man and fight who is in line! u r rich and have all the money and fame so stop talking ppv buys or how many fights a guy has on his record (silva)! weidman has more fights and beat better names than silva lol who only fought once against leban. its not just jones its silva too, dana needs to grab the reigns before this gets outta control and gsp and the other champs start doing it too. gsp wont hes a fighter with a great legacy himself, but will fight anybody, rather u like his style or not atleast he will fight whoever dana says be it, condit, diaz, shields, he.never made excuses like oh shields only fought once under ufc banner lol. or oh he was a mw champ hes to big for me! dana get control over the DIVAS before this turns into boxing!

  • stevemcz11

    Can all the English teachers in here please save it for the classroom? were here to talk MMA!

  • I think Nike is going to be calling the shots a little bit also. They want there gear to be viewed by the maximum amount of viewers possible.

  • adam1848

    Its not just Jones, EVERYBODY needs to stop all this bitching and complaining about who their opponents are, stay the hell off Twitter, and do their job like every other professional athlete on earth. It is your contractual responsibility to fight whoever Joe Silva wants you to fight, and you are compensated very well for performing. And its not like this is the LW division and there is a long list of deserving people in line. Just shut up and do your job.

  • Very well said. The division is cleaned out, so now you’re gonna have some rematches until more contenders come into the fold. Machida, while not nearly beating Jones or anything that dramatic, has given Jones his toughest fight so far. It may have only been winning one round, but it at least makes this fight understandable. I think his style confused Jones just a little bit. I also lost hell of respect points for Jones’ “high risk, low reward” comment. Already turning into a douche

  • Jesusjones

    Althought I feel jones from a business point of view does, I still don’t get why fighters get spoiled. But in all honesty Machida didn’t really do much but tagged him in the first round and almost died in the second and I don’t see going differently the second time around

  • Jesusjones

    Oh yeah twitter is very annoying

  • MikeMc1983

    The ppv comment comes off pretty bad. I think he was just trying to show evidence that the UFC fans don’t want to see the fight.
    Jones is an arrogant ass, but I don’t think he was being one there.

    I read these comments just to see if anyone would say that Jon is scared. Lol
    I wasn’t disappointed. Now we have Anderson silva and Jon jones being scared to fight…
    It’s obvious who the nerds are. Do people not realize the narcissism that goes with being a fighter. Of all the fighters, people really think those two are scared to fight people?
    Now the ones scared are running the UFC. You’ll see jones run through the entire division again before he would get moved to heavyweight. Of all the weight jumps light Heavy to heavyweight.
    The UFC has Jon lined up to be the next star.
    He isn’t going up anytime soon where he’s an underdog to pretty much every contender.
    Maybe be moves up for a couple like Anderson did, but it would be vs. guys who he’s a favorite over. A pretty big favorite at that.

    • johnnybooker

      Solid reasoning…good call.

  • bajafox

    I think the obvious answer is for Roy Nelson to lose 100 pounds and drop to 205 to face Jones.


    • Jeff

      Actually, that might be a great fight. JDS couldnt finish him. Why would Jones?


    I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that, Mister Jones. The Dragon did better against you then anyone else so far. What does that mean… or rather what does it matter? Well, people don’t like you and are borderline rabid for you to lose.

    If you beat Hendo – and your corner has to basically scream at you to not act like a prick again – (“go get some fans”)that desire will swell.

    People are dying for Jones to lose so I bet it will be a lot better (rating wise) the next time. I would GLADLY pay some good money to see you eat crow.

  • MikeMc1983

    Also, it seems Jon has lost his way. He knows better than to talk about a future fight before his next fight happens. Bad karma. He better have knocked on wood after that interview.

  • Jesusjones

    Like him or not jones will eat the lizard alive, and honestly who the did he really beat lately, everyone knows shogun beat him twice, the judges are idiots for giving him that first fight, he froze against rampage, knocked out “the natural” got destroyed by jones the first time, beat vader who jones also destroyed, I will never forget how the lizard dropped lifeless in the octagon. The reason vader lost was. Cause he lost patience and rushed like an idiot honestly as a fan of the sport I don’t want to see this match up cause machida is not the person to do it

    • chuteboxeCWB

      How old are you? Like really?
      the light heavy division is full of old timers past their prime, easy division for jones and everyone just hypes him up like his a god for beating ” Jackson”? Shogun? Bader? Evans? Really?

      Jones is a heavy weight fighter n he Must fight at that weight class n when he does the truth is going to come out trust me on that!

      Pride was the real deal! The UFC is nothing more then WWE for you chubby arrogant American kids!

  • Mario

    I don’t blame Jones.

    I wouldn’t wanna fight a guy I already destroyed either. What people fail to remember, is that Jones dropped Machida, before that choke was sunk in.

    Jones is simply on another level. It will be interesting to see how he does against Dan Henderson. I can’t wait!

  • mma fanatic1982

    machida got dropped coming in on jones against the cage, machida got.cocky and fought out charachter in the end and paid for it. am i saying he will win nxt time, no, jones is champ and ofcourse the fav but i am saying it wont be nothing like the first fight. fame and stardom do change ppl and cauae fear, so when i say jones and silva are getting afraid or playing it safe, im not meaning they a sissy everday situations. coming up u have nothing to lose, but as champ u have alot, and with a goat legacy pending oh now u have everything. so now ppl will start to play it safe in order to protect their record, which will make them start to.act.cowardly. ofcourse jones or silva dont want to fight eachother lol they both scared the.other might beat them. ofcourse silva dont want weidman cause while its no guarntee weidman would win, he does pose the greatest threat in mw. ofcourse silva wants gsp he is the way smaller and safeat fight to beat a p4p great champ and leave ufc goat! ofcourse jonea dont want machida, like he said hes very high risk and he already got thru him once, so y take the chance of losing to him now. but fact is machida is the onlu one deserving so u man up and fight him again. silva and jonea r not scared of a fight they r pro fighters, but they are afraid of losing what they hold dear and worked so hars for, which is the chance to be GOAT. but to be goat u fight the best and never stop till u retire, not by playing it safe.

  • Jesusjones

    I just don’t think he deserves it that’s all, he beat vader wow so did Ortiz and his win was not that impressive he just beat him the way machida beats people that’s all

  • johnnybooker

    Anyone backing Jones on this AFTER his comments…ppv sells and high risk, low reward, please call Don King and ask him to take the UFC over. You can rationalize it all you want…and most of your points are valid…but Jones invalidated himself by using those excuses as justification for not wanting to fight Machida. Wtf…he need extra ppv sells to pay for his DUI lawyer? The UFC got where it is by (relatively) calling the shots on fights…not letting the fighters call their shots. Some fighters do call their shots…I would love to see Wiedman punk AS…but AS almost has won more fights in a row in title defenses than Jones has fights total. Matt Hughes (I couldn’t stand) fought everyone put in front of him, with way more total fights and belt defenses than Jones. Screw Jones…man up, lace up those Nikes, cash your checks and fight who they put in front of you. After 5-7 years of domination, then call your shots…until then, keep snitching on peeps for smoking weed and fight. What a joke people are defending his comments…pathetic imo.

  • Jesusjones

    First of all he needs to fight Henderson and if he wins then we can talk machida which I hope is free on fox instead of a ppv cause I refuse to see that fight again unless it’s free

  • stevemcz11

    Big Machida fan. He needs a bit of luck for this fight. I just hope he can go the distance and make it interesting but the safe money is on Jones…

  • I’ve always stood up for Jones when people called him cocky and arrogant but that’s so disrespectful to Lyoto was his lowest ppv buys. Even if it’s true, Lyotos a good guy. He earned another shot at him by being a true competitor and staying on Dana White about this rematch and also beat Bader. Anderson Silva can pick and choose who he fights b/c he’s been in the UFC for six years beating all of the top guys. Even Rich Franklin twice when he defeated him in great fashion. He’s also broken every single record except for fastest KO. Yes Jones is champ and defeated some top fighters of course but he’s still young and has a lot of fights to come.

  • greaseygranny

    Listen. Everyone try and relax. Jones is gonna be humbled on the 1st of September. No worries. His tune will change. Everyone thinks Jones can’t be beat. They thought the same of Belfort back in the day and a man named Randy Couture came along and slapped his ass silly. Not going to far back, everyone thought the same of Machida and how he would never lose a fight. Shogun KO’d him. Hendo is a rough match for Jones. He can and will get inside and light Jones up. I’m hoping Jones panics when hurt and Hendo can finish him. I really think Hendo wins this fight.

  • Jones is obviously scared , he seen the way he destroyed bader, he knows machidas coming back for his belt, cant wait for machida to whoop his ass…..

  • acspida#244

    I see Jones’s point about fighting Machida again so quickly. He is young on top of his game and wants the challenge of a New contender. Unfortunately, he has been very busy and there are not any New contenders at this time. Machida will have to do. Although Jones has literally KOd or subd the top 5 guys in division, I don’t think he deserves to start picking fights just yet. Plus he needs to realize that he may have to fight a guy more than once.

  • WhiteboyGBJJ

    He needs to fight Anderson Silva. That will be the biggest event in UFC history.

  • WhiteboyGBJJ

    Jon Jones needs to fight Anderson Silva. Put it on Fox or even pay per view. It would be the biggest fight in UFC history.

  • longtime fan

    When is a fight not high risk and low reward when your the champ. the only reward you get is winning and keeping your title. Jones is gonna lose fans if he starts saying shit like that. Now im really pulling for dan henderson. Yeah anderson silva pulls this too, or actually his management says it for him and i dont agree with that either. And if jones is worried about high pay-per-view sells then fight silva, but he doesnt want that either. But really it shouldnt be his concern on pay-per-view sells. leave that to the ufc ownership. I hate that fights are based so much on pay-per-view sells. To the true mma fan, sometimes the best fight isn’t what most fans see. like sonnen and silva. wow that was hyped up so much, and yeah it sold alot of pay-per-view but sonnen really wasnt even the best contender out there. he just almost beat silva once and made a name for himself

  • kaldani15

    Have to admit dana sucks at matchmaking. No one would pay to see machida get choked out again. C’mon Man! Jones destroyed him the first time, Lyoto would get manhandled once again. Jones isnt scared of machida he already beat him, and obvisouly doesnt want to hurt him a second time. I’d rather see machida vs shogun 3. and that winner gets a title shot.

    • chuteboxeCWB

      Did jones really destroy machida? Watch that fight again kid.. Jones got the upper hand after that elbow then choked him out.. I wouldn’t be surprised if machida finished him this time around!

  • greaseygranny

    We’re gonna see Hendo vs. Machida. Can’t wait…