Jon Jones Has a Long Way to Go? How Good Can He Get?

May 6, 2012
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Jon Jones UFCMauricio “Shogun” Rua… check.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson… check.

Lyoto Machida… check.

Rashad Evans… check.

The UFC keeps lining them up; Jon Jones keeps knocking ’em down.

Jones dominated Shogun to capture the UFC light heavyweight championship, and has defended it against three former champions, three of the best 205-pounders in the world.

So is it time for Jones to make the move to heavyweight?

Well, he’s got Dan Henderson on tap first, and Henderson is not a fighter to be overlooked.

But Dan Henderson aside, UFC president Dana White says Jones still has a long way to go before stepping in with the big boys.

“Have you ever heard Jon Jones say this was a hard cut for me or seen him go on the scales and have him look like a skeleton or anything? He makes that cut easy,” said White.

“When you talk about going to heavyweight, you talk about fighting (expletive) Junior dos Santos, guys that are monsters, huge guys.”

When Jones isn’t batting an eye making the cut to 205 pounds, fighting the monsters that cut down to 265 pounds does sound like a fairly daunting task.

It’s one thing for a fighter to jump up a class that is only 10-15 pounds more than where he’s currently fighting, but when you have a fighter with 60-plus pounds on you staring you down, that’s surely an entirely different scenario altogether.

That’s exactly where Jones would find himself.

“He’s still got a long way to go,” White continued. “I know that’s crazy saying that about the champ that just annihilated every champ in the 205-pound division in UFC history, (but) he still has a lot to learn.”

Thinking about that – realizing how dominant Jon Jones has been – is daunting in and of itself. Just how good can this guy get?

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  • rsnowbass

    Not much other to say that yep…15 LB jump up in weight not the same as making a splash in Heavyweight territory.

    Jones would hold his own fine so long as he had 2 years or so to “properly put on the weight necessary” to compete with the big boyz.

    That done he’s a top 5 heavy weight no doubt.

    Just my opinion along with the fact that he’s SO YOUNG and getting better with every fight.

    Feel free to piss on that opinion if you like. Don’t care much…

  • JayeP1976

    Ugh. Just not a fan of this dude. Is there such a thing as being the “best worst dude ever?”

    • rsnowbass

      Yes…it VERY APPARENT that he feels he has to say all the “right things” opposed to just being himself…

      Better than a guy who grabs his crotch and blows kisses and runs his mouth when he’s getting a beatdown… 😉

  • shereko

    Very well stated rsnowbass, he just seems so scripted, being respectful of your opponent is one thing, or talkin trash is another but he seems like both aspects seem rehearsed… Lol maybe thats a skill cause it doesnt seem easy to do. But yes better than the “diaz approach”

  • justin1martell

    Anderson should move to 205 after his fight with Sonnen then after Jones Vs Henderson it should be Silva VS Jones and machida should move to middleweight.

    • shereko

      So, do you think these guys are just chess pieces, or video games? Just move around weight classes to what would be “cool”? Do you see how big Machida is?

      • shakejunt

        there was an article a couple days ago with machida saying he had considered a mw fight so…

  • joan

    He just need some “technical advice” from overeem in how to bulk up to gain more than 50 lbs in pure muscles!

  • Jay32

    Article makes be rather laugh about Jones going to HW.

    Jones has a long long way to go before he even makes that decision and plenty of fights and rematches he will need to win decisively before anyone can even talk about a move up.

    He has atleast 2-3 fights before you might see a few rematches. Not to mention by the time all those fights are complete, if anyone knew has entered the ranks by then. Assuming he won his next 5+ fights, why would he decide to move up? Why risk losing when you can sit atop your division comfortably like Silva has done. There will be other questions he must answer like the one I provided in his long decision making process to make a move up in weight class.

    You are seriously tripping if you think it would take him 2 years to throw on muscle mass. Jones has a walk around weight of 230. It might take him a year to throw on 20lbs of muscle if that. MIR did it in less than 6months. Considering plenty of fighters in the HW division don’t need to cut ( Overeem, Lesnar and Carwin ) being the only exception at times. Most of the fighters in that division sit around 240/245 average weight.

    Now this whole talk about him being a top 5 heavyweight, I really don’t think so. Maybe if between now and the time if he decides to move up, a few fighters decide to retire that may be the case. As of right now, you are smoking some serious chronic with the DIAZ brothers if you truly believe that.

    He wins in the 205 division because of 2 non skill related benefits ” SIZE and REACH “. Jones has skill, but lets be honest. He isn’t knocking people out like a Dos Santos, Carwin, Overeem, Browne.. I mean those benefits he has that gives him a significant advantage would disappear in the class move up. His last fight against a smaller, shorter Rashad Evans was pathetic. It exposed his striking is not that great what so ever. He was getting caught by head kicks, and over hand rights when he has a foot reach advantage. He was scared to exchange, and eventually decided to cheese his way to a win by stiff arming and sliding elbows in.

    News flash, that weak shit would last 2 seconds in the HW division. I would say there are several fighters that have better wrestling, striking and endurance over Jones. Jones doesn’t even poses 1 punch knockout power, and you think he would last against fighters that outclass him and do?

    • rsnowbass

      Well… I guess I’ll just take my Chronic and my ball and go home then.

  • ufcbuff

    Very well said Jay32. My thoughts exactly on Jon Jones after his last fight. If he intends to keep on winning, he better stick to LHW.

    • rsnowbass

      It’s amazing to me how well you both can predict the future of one’s career based off one fight.

      While I don’t disagree with you both, I do think it’s ignorant to believe that he would use the same gameplan against other (and heavier) fighters.

      Time will tell…

  • ufcbuff

    If u would look at all Jon Jones’ fights where he has finished an opponent, the beginning of the end comes after he takes the opponent down, and gives them his deadly elbows. I’ve believed this after the fight with Vera, and as u can see, after the takedown and some hard elbow hits, the opponent is done. Fast forward to the Evans fight. No takedown and elbows, hence, no finish. The HW’s are a different animal, that even Dana White even strongly believes that Jon Jones is not ready for the HW’s. Mainly because he does not have the KO power in his hands, and he will have such a hard time taking them to the ground. I dont even want to imagine him going against someone like Frank Mir. But as we all know, only time and when the fight happens can anyone tell how Jones will fair against the HW’s. I would love Jones to take even just one fight in HW though. Travis Browne would be an awesome HW debut.