Jon Jones Explains Declining Chael Sonnen on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ (Video)

September 18, 2012
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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones joined the ESPN First Take debate desk on Tuesday to cover several topic, chief among them was rehashing his decision to decline a short-notice fight with Chael Sonnen at UFC 151.

Jones now is lined up to face former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort at UFC 152 on Saturday night in Toronto.

Not only did Jones explain his thoughts surrounding UFC 151, but he also discussed reconciling his Christian beliefs with competing in a rather violent sport, his beef with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, and growing up in an athletic family (Jones has two brothers in the NFL).

Check out UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones on ESPN First Take

  • zacharydetal

    Its only a matter of a time before that idiots stops by and informs everyone of some breaking news

  • johnnybooker

    I bet Skip loved him…all you have to do is drop “I’m a Christian” and Skip will be all over you. I actually like Skip, but when he inferred that Tebow was winning by some “divine” help…I didn’t know whether to laugh or vomit. If god has time to influence some football games…and fights…he better get his butt in gear and start bailing out some people that really need help. But I digress…good for MMA.

  • pooby

    That Amish/Muslim looking facial wreath Jon has going on needs to go.

    • markronin

      Shaved head and a wild beard is the dumbest look imaginable, worse than a mullet.

  • breaking news in 3..2..

  • soboc1

    He’s a bad man..

  • drewnathan

    I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around the whole “I need a full training camp” argument. Ok, I get that it’s really hard to formulate a good game plan in 8 days, but neither can the other guy, and you WERE in fight shape from a full training camp and he wasn’t. Why would you want HIM to get a full training camp? You could thrash him much easier and move on to bigger and better challenges. Not taking the fight proves you think the guy is for real and not some 6-5 chump. If he’s just a 6-5 middleweight jumping into a light heavyweight title shot, you should be licking your chops at the beating of a lifetime you’re about to give him. The fact that he’s still waiting for an apology from Dana White speaks volumes too. Your “company” gets you prepared to work for your employer, the UFC.

    • markronin

      That’s because it’s a baseless argument, just like all of Jones’ arguments.

      Jones talks about he wants the best odds against his opponent. He contradicts himself. He had much greater odds against Sonnen. He cites Sonnen’s bad record against him, but then at the same time says he needs a full training camp because he might lose as if he’s a great challenge. It’s retarded. Further, they had equal time in knowing of each other as an opponent, same as if they both had a full camp. Further still, Jones had a full training camp to get in condition while Sonnen had no camp at all. Jones is completely full of crap as usual.

      Jones displays his usual stupid arrogance by claiming the president of the organization he works for owes him an apology. Right, because it was Dana White who denied Jones the ability to earn money for “Jones’ company.” Jones is the one whose decision directly caused the UFC to lose millions of dollars in revenue, Jones lost nothing of his annual income.

      Jones goes on national TV, looking like a bum at a soup kitchen with that wild beard. The guy is an idiot.

      • MuayThaiFood

        You lost me when you said that Jones’ decision directly caused the UFC to lose millions of dollars in revenue. I thought that was a direct result of Dana cancelling the event. Maybe one of us is confused with what the word “directly” means.

      • agree. Takes balls to think dana needs to apologize to him, ridiculous! Also, saying he needs a full camp? WTF is he thinking? 1. He was in shape for hendo. 2. Chael is a lot smaller. 3. Chael is also greco roman wrestler like hendo so u know bones has been training for that. I know hendo and chael are 2 different animals, but come on, u would think this would be a cake fight for him. Makes ya wonder what the real reason is that he refused. Did he really think chael could beat him? Most people think because of the things I noted above and chael having NO camp before the fight to prepare for him that this would have been the easiest fight of his career! Sad that he is turning into a major diva cuz of his celebrity.

    • gnodeb

      Why are you insisting on that idea that it was short notice for Sonnen too? He was training with Dan, so he know Dan was hurt. He basically had full camp specifically for JJ. And because of insurance, UFC was aware of Dan situation too. JJ was the only one in the dark. UFC tried something stupid and they failed.
      Even before 151 cancellation JJ said that he is not going to allow Sonnen to get free title shot. Sonnen simply didn’t deserve it, he is not a real challenge and he is not a draw on it’s own. Why would anyone pay 50$ for that is beyond me… It’s almost as bad as Fedor vs Zulu…

      • macgrubber

        the jibber jabber you posted means nothing because you are a nobody bro.

        • gnodeb

          state your opinion… do you believe in these:
          – Sonnen is in camp with Dan (for JJ fight) but he has no idea Dan was hurt, he didn’t study JJ and he is out of shape… he is calling out JJ just fun (weeks before we learned that Dan is out)
          – UFC pays doctor bills for Dan but don’t bother to see why he went to doctor
          – Sonnen is a big draw and he can lead PPV card against anybody… just like AS, GSP and JJ… he does not need real champ to trash talk about in order to sell tickets…

  • soboc1

    drewnathan, it’s easier to take that chance when you have nothing to lose. JBJ and CS were in two totally different situations. One would do anything to cut in line for a title fight including running his mouth and making personal attacks because his MMA skills are not as great as his WWE mic skills. The other has everything to lose and nothing to gain in a sport were anything can happen, (GSP/Serra). He wins, it was cause Sonnen took the fight on short notice and doesnt get credit. He loses, his title is gone and he is overrated, blah, blah, blah. If Sonnen ever earns that fight, it will happen. Until then, he should shut up and try to win/finish fights to get there.

    • gnodeb


  • lowlb

    I just can’t imagine Jesus watching an mma fight.
    Apparently, Jesus offered the other cheek in opposition to violence.
    Smack Jesus and he will allow you to hit him again on the other side for good measure.
    I guess this is art though.

  • blairpischak

    Jon Jones is looking like a cross between a younger, slimmer Kimbo Slice and Roy Nelson! Too bad he’s such a meathead! I hope Belfort crushes ego boy and gives him some of the “old school” ways!

    • Drock420

      As do I wanna see Vitor KO Jonny “kimbones” Jones saturday night. But I it will be a miracle that it happens.

  • Booker T

    How many hours does it take to sit down and think out a game plan or two? Thats what Jackson’s paid to do!

    • soboc1

      Ask Mr. Owl…