Jon Jones Doesn’t Like CM Punk Jumping the Line, Wants to See Him Get KO’d

December 29, 2014
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There are those that love the idea of former WWE champion Phil “CM Punk” Brooks signing with the UFC, even before he has a single fight to his resume, while others hate the idea.

Count UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones as one of the others… mostly.

“I think it’s an awesome thing for the sport, it’s going to bring a lot of publicity,” Jones said during an interview on Monday’s Chad Dukes Versus the World radio show. “I went to my first WWE match this year and the enthusiasm and emotion on the fans faces, it was like they were watching real fighting in the UFC.

“At the same time it would be a bad thing only because every day I’m at the gym watching these kids training. These guys have no money and they’re training their tails off, giving up everything to be a fighter.”

Jon Jones Punks CM PunkThat is something Punk won’t have to do. He may have to move his family to wherever he decides to call his fight camp home, but his success in professional wrestling affords him the finances to do so.

Punk’s contract with the UFC is also sure to be much more lucrative than the usual debuting fighter, and certainly much more lucrative than a fighter with no prior MMA experience since such a fighter wouldn’t even be starting in the Octagon.

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But that is something Jones doesn’t like, as he trains alongside fighters that are scrapping every day just to make it to the gym and try to earn a birth into the UFC.

“(These guys are) living in the gym, eating turkey and peanut butter, bare minimum to chase this dream, and then a superstar like (Punk) just gets to jump into the UFC just because he knows the right people and has a name,” said Jones.

“I just think it’s unfair for the people who have been working their tails off to earn this opportunity. That’s why I really hope UFC gives him a real opponent, so we can watch him get knocked out.”

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  • Seth

    Wake up call, Jones. Life isn’t fair. You were born better than other fighters too, so that’s unfair you can learn faster and move better, thus advancing in your training quicker than others, which combined with your body type gave you an edge against almost anyone you fought.

    Nothing’s fair. Especially in business world – and don’t make mistake about it. MMA became business nowdays.

    • NotaJonesFan

      jones makes a point and you find a way to make it seem like he is selfish in saying so.
      sadly, jones is right, and regardless of his talent or athletic gifts, he is speaking up for the people who actual TRAIN in the sport. You, in fact, appear to need a wake up call.

      • Seth

        No, he’s just late to the party. CM Punk signing was discussed MILLIONS and MILLIONS of times, we all know UFC did for money and free publicity. Now Jones tries to get some free publicity by talking about something that even UFC haters got over already.

        • benoit

          Jones does not really gain some publicity by speaking about CM…Don’t forget he is the champ !

          • Seth

            more like a chump to me…

            If you look back, time after time whenever he speaks up about something that happened, he takes his time to see what majority of people say and then agrees with them. Someone needs to pet ego, I guess…

          • benoit

            yes, I have to admit that it is true !!!!

  • The UFC is a business – not an exercise in what is fair.
    I don’t think CM belongs in any major MMA promotion, and he’ll probably get KO’d in his very first bout.
    Such is life.
    At least he has the guts to go after his dream – win, lose or draw. That I respect.

    • Guest

      his dream was professional wrestling which he did for the better part of 15 years and that suddenly ran dry after he quit and sulked about how certain things didn’t go his way. his signing by ufc is an insult.

      • The dim end of the fan pool likes these fake wrestlers as though they’re anything other than actor/stunt men.
        CM should have made his MMA bones in a lower promotion – not the UFC. It is an insult, but again, life is sometimes a complete insult to the intelligence of those who actually have intelligence. Fans of fake wrestlers don’t qualify…

        • zekic

          So Brock Lesnar wasn’t anything more then a stunt man? History may repeat itself, of course Brock is a phenomenom of an athlete, but still doubt they would let punk in if he at least couldn’t hold his own in MMA fight.

          • Brock actually had a fight outside the UFC, then lost his UFC debut but fought back and eventually won the title. Further, Brock was age 30.
            There is little to compare here.

    • Yami Sen

      until I lo0ked at the check saying $886O , I didn’t believe …that…my brother was like realey earning money parttime from there labt0p. . there best friend haz done this 4 only twenty three months and a short time ago paid for the depts on there house and purchased a gorgeous Jaguar E-type .From this


      • Big money would just ruin my humility.
        Thanks anyway.

    • Intelligent Hoodlum

      Not sure if I agree.

      I agree that UFC is a business and it’s about money at the end of the day, but the UFC is marketing itself as having the best fighters in the world…this is why people watch. No one wants to see popular people with no skills fight.

      I think that the UFC will lose credibility in the MMA industry if they keep whoring out their organization for a quick buck.

      • I certain do not, but the dims ones want to see their fake wrestler idols give it a go.

  • uncle

    He acts like CM punk is getting a title shot

    • Intelligent Hoodlum

      The fact that CM Punk is even getting a UFC contract, with no fighting experience, is what Jones appears to dislike.

      Imagine someone getting hired and paid above their skill level, but has zero work experience in that type of job.

      • zekic

        CM punk may have little experience at fighting, but he has more experience in entertaining and drawing money then most guys in UFC. And at the end of the day that’s what matters.

        MMA Fighters are merchandise, that’s what they have to deal with.

        • benoit

          Please stop saying that CM has entertainment experience so he is legit…I am sure I am a dreamer but I like to think this is a sport (with athletes) and not a show (with fu@###$ clowns)…He should have a few fights in a smaller organisation, of course…At least, in soccer, you can be the most famous guy, you will never play in the biggest teams. And some can claim this is also a show….

          • taylor2008

            EXACTLY! He should not be fighting in the UFC without any fighting experience.

        • uncle

          I would like to see CM punk do well and I stop watching wrestling after the WCW
          Nitro days ,so I’m not a fan but I know a man can do anything if he puts his
          mind into it I still see opportunity for a fighter to get a UFC contract
          so don’t cry about the next man.

      • uncle

        Jones just need to worry about his own 2 shoes.

  • MuayThaiFood

    You can get elected to the Presidency if you have a name and know the right people.

  • TheCerealKiller

    The funny thing about this is, what do you do with Brooks? He’s not main card worthy. A FOX card? Maybe stack a card with strikers and have him open the PPV to get the WWE fans to buy the card then see a few KO’s? At least James Toney was an elite boxer, but even that fight was a joke.

    • Neil

      I see him fighting second, maybe even last before the main event on a mostly stacked PPV card. There’s no way at all they’re going to put such a financial guarantee on a Fox card.

      I imagine he’ll go up against a fighter with a flat record, probably someone from TUF who people kinda know. It’s a shame Leben has retired, I actually think that’d be a great fight to start with.

  • DamianCross

    The irony is that Jones is partly to blame for Brooks being signed. He was making mainstream headlines by stopping muggers and helping old ladies cross the street, but nooooo he had to turn heel! He wanted to drive drunk, talk down to his opponents, and oh yeah, cost the UFC money by skipping out on a card. Where do you think that money goes, Jon? You think a business isn’t going to try to recoup that? For someone who made it to the top he’s still a pretty naive kid.

    • Intelligent Hoodlum

      You have made some very retarded points….not even worth addressing with logic.

      • DamianCross

        cool, flagged

        • Intelligent Hoodlum

          What? LOL

          You like to post your opinions in public forums, but then get butt-hurt if someone doesn’t agree with you.

          Stop being a weenie.

          • RoBeRtOe

            And a Narc

  • NormenBatez

    I remember there was a brief period in time where Dana White shied away from the UFC signing guys who were considered novelty or unproven. The interesting thing is that now when CM Punk who’s arguably the biggest superstar in the WWE making his move to MMA Dana White quickly jumps on the ship. He understands business, promotion, and the value of superstar attractions.

    James Toney, Kimbo Slice, CM Punk…at the end of the day Dana White is a business man in the fight business looking to capitalize on any monetary gain that suits him. I only say that because for so long he tried to pull Boxing through the mud like the people involved with the sweet science only cared about money when at the end of the day you’re no different.

    • Collideoverme

      CM Punk also has a BJJ background. Although him coming right to the UFC is questionable, Punk isn’t a complete flake. Nobody seems to give the mma fighters that jumped to professional wrestling a hard time. It’s stupid. He’s a man who wants to fight. Let him. When he steps in the cage, we all will see how much he’s put into training

      • NormenBatez

        I’m not giving CM Punk a hard time, I’m sure he’s a dedicated professional improving his craft. What I am saying is that Mr. Dana White made it an issue to keep the UFC away from novelty acts but when its profitable he capitalizes on an opportunity just like anyone else.

        My comment had nothing to do with CM, I was just using him as an example. Dana White is so quick to call other people out on their shit so I’m calling him out on his.

        • John Youwer

          As I have always said Dana White is the Don King off MMA. Yes Dana helped make MMA what it is today, But he can also be the only who destroys it as well with his actions and his BIG mouth.

      • taylor2008

        Then let him fight on the ultimate fighter.

        • Collideoverme

          Monetarily speaking, no. Realistically, sure.

          • taylor2008

            Thats why this is all about money and not about putting on good fights. I really home Punk gets punked and KO’d!

          • Collideoverme

            We’ll see.

          • taylor2008

            It depends on who they match Punk up with. They will probably give him a tomatoe can.

  • charlie1212

    what about the hard work cm punk had to put it to become the man he is today….it ain’t easy making it in professional wrestling either

  • ScoobyKater

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Fat Pig Dana fixes this fight for CM to win and justify his signing. FU Dana!

    • Collideoverme

      Considering the coming of Brock Lesnar was a much bigger signing, and he lost his first fight, why in God’s name would Dana White ‘fix’ a fight so Punk would win? Where’s your logic in that statement? Lesnar learned, he trained, and he won the UFC title without a fix. Even if Punk loses his first fight, it’s not the end of the world.

      • taylor2008

        Lesnar lost his first fight IN the UFC but won his very first fight. Then you know what he did to Mir after that.

        • Collideoverme

          That’s what training will do for you.

    • ScoobyKater

      At least Lesnar was a legit olympic wrestler with a couple wins before the UFC, idiot!

  • JDog

    UFC was so yesterday.

  • Jones of course has no choice but to bow to his corporate masters at Zuffa. They are his registered owners. His slave keepers. As if he has a choice or a say in who gets a shot at any title anywhere, he is the dancing ape for the billionaires that literally OWN him.

    The billionaires that slave drive these fighters siphon all the money while their specialized monkey dances. Martial Arts is a shadow of what it formerly was, and these mindless apes the public calls “top fighters” are an insult to what martial arts is and has been over the past several hundred years.

    No honor, no intelligence, no spirit. Everything the anti-MMA crowd has said about this ridiculous sport has all turned out to be absolutely true. Mindless, slave barbarians fighting over the crumbs their elite controllers drop for them to fight over.


    • TheCerealKiller

      Have you ever been to a McDonalds? Are those people slaves too? Last I checked, Nate Diaz made more in one fight than a McD’s full time employee makes in two years.

      • Slavery is alive and well in Amerika. You are just too much of a bottom feeding rat to realize it.

        Generation after generation of subjugation at the hands of your betters.

        • TheCerealKiller

          You sound like a very jealous moron. If you don’t think you are making enough money, go to school and learn a new trade. Nobody is stopping you except your own self. You give Liberals a bad name.

          • another ignorant slave kneegrow holding down society via a slave mentality. Keep worshipping Jon Jones and blowing the fertittas by proxy.

          • TheCerealKiller

            “Faster white people get eliminated, the faster earth ascends. Whites are nowhere near evolved enough to move into heaven. Time for them to reroll life on a new 3rd density world and try again. Primitives.” – Quoted from you. You’re nothing but a poor me racist.

            Get off our MMA site you piece of $hit.

          • guess


        • uncle

          Yeah right just like Harvard University is a racist white man’s

    • RoBeRtOe

      Ahhh, a fellow Conspiracy Theorist. Aren’t all Liberals Satanists?


      Dude ur one fuct up guy! Butt hurt much?!? Me think so, me think so very much!
      Could you please educate us lesser beings on what real martial arts were hundreds of years ago? I’m sure you’ve practised them all and you’re a true student of MMA. I’m on pins and needles waiting for you to “edumacate” me on your decades worth of first hand knowledge…. or are you like the human verson of Yoda, and you’re actually hundreds of years old, which is why you know SO MUCH about martial arts history?!?

  • Scrumlord

    Why on earth would fighters be working for a “birth” in the UFC??

  • Jeff

    Whats funny is how much he over estimates the value of his opinion. Who gives 2 shits what Jones thinks? And the irony is that most people at this point cant wait to see Jones get ko’d. What a turd.

    • taylor2008

      How is Jones wrong?! There are kids in the gyms working their asses off that are more talented than him and they arent in the UFC. Jones is wrong in your opinion becaus he is speaking the truth?

  • taylor2008

    I totally agree with him! At least Lesnar had a stellar division 1 college wrestling record. CM punk has the WWE acting belt.