Jon Jones Doesn’t Expect Greg Jackson to Corner Him Against Rashad Evans

February 16, 2012
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It appears when Jon Jones goes for his third consecutive title defense, he’ll be one man short in the corner.

Head coach Greg Jackson has battled back and forth on whether or not he would corner Jones against his former student Rashad Evans when the two go to battle at UFC 145 in April.

Jackson has commented that he was leaning towards cornering the UFC’s reigning light heavyweight champion, but according to Jones he’s not expecting Jackson to be there that night. He does, however, think Jackson will get him more than ready to face his former friend and teammate.

“I don’t expect him to be in my corner,” Jones said on Thursday. “I was just saying this recently in an interview, Greg has taught me this whole thing about being an artist and being a great artist and he said ‘in order to be a great artist, you need a great coach, a great teacher. You need someone who’s always giving you new paint and new paint brushes’ and that’s what he’ll do leading up to this fight.

“He’ll give me lots of new tactics, lots of new ways of thinking and approaching the sport and then I’m going to have the canvas on April 21st to paint a new masterpiece.”

Jones has certainly found his artist’s stroke working under Jackson. The New York native went 4-0 in 2011 en route to winning and then defending the UFC light heavyweight title.

He will still train under coach Greg Jackson, as well as striking guru Mike Winkeljohn, as he prepares for his April showdown with Evans.

For his part, Rashad Evans seemed fairly indifferent to Jackson’s involvement in the fight. He says it’s been quite some time since he’s spoken to his former coach.

“We don’t have a relationship; we don’t really talk no more,” Evans commented about Jackson. “I haven’t talked to Greg in probably a little over a year.”

The two former teammates will finally face off at UFC 145 on April 21 in Atlanta.

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  • TKD

    It will be my pleasure to watch Retard Evans get his mouth shut!

    • frumps

      ^^^ Jon Jones fans are starting to sound like old Fedor fans…

      • TKD

        Ok, frumps, I guess we’ll see who wins this fight. I have been wrong before, but doubt I will be this time.

  • andthenisaid

    Battling back and forth whether or not he will corner Jones against FORMER teammate Evans? What is the battle about? I could understand if a coach has two PRESENT teammates fighting each other, but a former teammate??? How could Jones not be insulted if Jackson does not corner him? From where I am sitting Jackson is either a coach that does all he can do to help his fighter win against his opponent, or he is not. Wake up Bones! I will coach you but not support you that night? Sounds like a play it safe game plan to me for when you move up to heavyweight and Rashad can be back in the picture.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Totally agree! Rashad’s the one who who left. There is no conflict of interest. Jackson’s loyalty should be to his fighter, period!

      • TKD

        I agree 100000%! Why would he not be in his fighter’s corner???

  • philmckracken

    Fedor is like 80 and this kid is 24 and finishing top guys. Former champs (Jua, Machida, Rampage) with pretty much ease!! Yeah I’m a fan too watching a guy this good finish people with good fights to watch. I hope he puts retard to sleep also!!!

    • What the hell is a Jua?

      • philmckracken

        shoguns sister Janet rua. Brain fart.. talking to someone and typing at same time

  • philmckracken

    ^^^^^ I Agree!

  • BennyG20

    Quetion for all u guys who does jackson corner or help in gsp vs condit??

    • TKD

      It’s not the same. Greg Jackson is Jones’s coach. Jackson no longer has any affiliation with Retard Evans. It should be a no-brainer. I would question this if I was Jones!

  • TKD

    It’s not the same. Greg Jackson is Jones’s coach. Jackson no longer has any affiliation with Retard Evans. It should be a no-brainer. I would question this if I was Jones!

    • TKD

      Oops, sorry!