Jon Jones Back on the Wave of Domination, but Doesn’t Want to Talk About Gustafsson Just Yet

April 27, 2014
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Jon Jones vs Alexander GustafssonIn the immediate aftermath of a performance as dominant as the one that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones had over Glover Teixeira at UFC 172 in Baltimore on Saturday night, it’s easy to label it his greatest.

Jones, now 20-1 as a professional fighter and on an eleven-fight winning streak, certainly deserves all the accolades and adjectives that we can send his direction.

The champ, however dominant he was in the fight – he won a 50-45 nod from all three judges – still wouldn’t hold this individual fight up as his “best.”

“I felt as if I got sloppy towards the end,” he said when asked about the bout at the post-fight press conference. “I started getting booed for running and things like that, but guys like Vladimir Matyushenko, that was a fast fight, Chael Sonnen, that was a really fast fight. I feel like those were my best performances as far as being a clean performance.

“But to beat a guy that hasn’t lost in 20 fights, I can’t complain about that performance.”

Teixeira had won 20 consecutive bouts, including five under the UFC banner, before stepping into the Octagon opposite the UFC light heavyweight champion. But he had never faced the likes of Jones or the laundry list of opponents that Jones has defeated to be considered the top pound-for-pound fighter on the planet.

Jones isn’t downplaying how important it was for him to perform as well as he did against Teixeira though. He counts it as a major achievement.

“Glover Teixeira, to the hardcore fans, man, they know how tough he is. I feel as if it really gets me back on that wave of domination, and I’m happy to have all that back,” he said.

That’s an important feeling to have when you’re a fighter. Most will admit that a key element to winning is confidence, and defeating Teixeira impressively adds to Jones’ confidence as he heads into a rematch with Alexander Gustafsson in his next fight.

UFC president Dana White on Saturday night reiterated that the rematch would indeed be the next bout for both men. He later added that the UFC is considering Jones vs. Gustafsson II in Sweden, perhaps even in a stadium, although there is nothing yet set in stone.

Jones emerged from Saturday’s title defense mostly unscathed, save for a minor issue with his left big toe, which doctors checked after the fight and believe is not broken nor is it likely to have any torn ligaments.

Jones, however, didn’t want to talk about Gustafsson after the fight, what’s next, or anything of the like.

“I’m not gonna talk about (Gustafsson) at all,” he responded when hounded about the Swedish challenger. “I just won a fight; I’m having a good time.”

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  • WTF

    Alexander, then Cormier, then HW and a fight against a guy like Werdum, Brown, Hunt or even Nelson.

    • JDMMA

      Cormier or Henderson will be exactly like this fight and Rashad,,, these guys can’t do anything against Jones’ reach … he was bulling Texiera by putting his hand on his forehead and punching him w the other

      • deepgrim

        yes but i feel against cormier his reach can be balanced by cormiers grappling power, no way he holds cormier against the cage delivering those elbows imo. it will be interesting to see anyway

  • Austin, TX

    Jones fights dirty frequently. He’s unappealing. He knows what he’s doing with that eye bs. I mean he’s very good because of his reach and his legs and arm/techniques but it’s hilarious to hear him talk about Jesus afterwards after he pokes people and does what he does. “I just want to thank Jesus Christ my personal Lord and Saviour. Without him I would be nothing….”

    I look forward to the Gus rematch that Gus won the first time 3 rounds to 2.

    • uncle

      The refs should start taking points away he is a
      arrogant prick with no class ,what’s next he
      uppercuts to the dick like Bernard Hopkins, and
      if this was another fighter Dana would of been addressed it by now. I rather see Gus as champ
      he is way more fun to watch.

    • Mark McDowall

      And Glover spitting out his mouth piece 3 times when he was in trouble isn’t dirty?? That’s on purpose…thats worse than an accidental eye poke.

      Accidental eye pokes are a part of the game with open gloves, it happens…it will continue to happen as long as they use the gloves.

  • Diet Dr pepper

    Two super hot hunks fighting

    • JDMMA

      Jones a Hunk? with his crooked teeth and bags under his eyes?

  • james j

    Bones knows how to win.

  • uncle

    Jones is 1 of the best fighters on the planet but everybody
    hates him because he is a fraud, I want Gus to humble
    him again

    • Hk40

      …HA!!! you do know that there are people in Hell starving for cold water, but wil never get it. Gus. got lucky in the first fight, if he steps in the ring again, he’ll be thrown to the wolves.

      • uncle

        Did you see Jones face ?that wasn’t

      • Correction

        You idiot, Jones got lucky that he wasn’t stopped due to his bleeding eyebrow that almost cost him his first real loss. 5 rounds later and Jones is a stumbling kebab.

  • TrentSki

    Jon probably doesn’t want to think about getting beaten up again by Gus

  • Bob Sacamanto

    D.C. will do what glover should have, and make him pay for each kick with a takedown

  • guy2

    Remember how quiet and humble this guy used to be while rising up the ranks before becoming champion then the dollars started coming in, and he became like your typical arrogant, cocky black athlete or rapper. Mr. “God boy” getting all excited about murderer Ray Lewis in the crowd…what a phony!

    • uncle

      he wants to a be Christian one day and vain
      cocky prick the next if would of stayed humble
      and cool he would be loved like GSP but he is
      a walking hypocrite with no clue who he really
      is he is not 21 anymore

    • Jon Doe

      nah.. it just his true character is starting to show.. something that we have all have known for a while. he was coached to be a “good boy” just like Tyson but sooner or later…

    • Corporate Entity

      Can you, or someone, give some examples of his arrogance? I constantly hear you haters talk about it but haven’t seen any evidence myself. I’m not being sarcastic, just curious as to why people always call him arrogant and cocky when he always seems to be humble, confident, and grateful to be where he is in the sport.

  • DamianCross

    Someone has to tell Jones the difference between hardcore fans and UFC executives.

  • Jon Doe

    long legs, can stay at distance, extend and lock to defend from takedown, Kicks to the knee caps, hyperextending, eye poking, reaching and pawing, wrist grabbing, bullying smaller fighters, press against cage, muscle to the ground, 7ft arms as a shield, uses elbows as jabs and hooks doesnt need to whine-up and swing can bring basically from any position he’s black and naturally athletic, young. Great coaching
    That’s a whole lot of obstacles, not only is he naturally gifted, he is also a dirty fighter and well coached.
    He wins by muscling people and fighting Dirty, he wont be able to that against DC and he tried to do that with Gus but obviously it’s harder with someone your own size.

  • BIZKI365

    I can’t believe Jon Jones tries to hurt his opponent that is such crap. He really tried to break his opponents arm in a sport where armbars are legal, I cant believe it Jon Jones should stop doing these things he may really hurt someone that he is in a FIGHT WITH.

  • dallas

    Im a big jon jones fan but the way he fights with his stand up is reckless he puts his hands down after he does his exchanges and if he fights gustafsson with gust throwing his uppercuts it gonna be a close fight again and jones is rushing to hard for takedowns now he telagraphin them u can see them coming

  • Boxer

    I don’t like Jones’ childish attitude but I respect him as a fighter because he’s exceptional and utilizes his abnormally long arms well. However, he’ll NEVER be as skilled with pure boxing techniques as Gustafson who has an established boxing foundation and will always have better striking capabilities than Jones.
    Jones was totally mashed by Gustafson in UFC 165 and could barely walk, had to be carried off the octagon and sent straight to hospital for worse injuries than Gustafson, who was merely advised to VISIT the hospital for a ROUTINE check.

    That’s the difference between theses guys. Jones is one versatile all-around fighter with good wrestling skills and varied style, while Gustafson is primarily a boxer with great takedown defense thanks to Phil Davis. Gustafson is also physically stronger and faster.
    Jones won (survived) the last fight because of superior cardio and the fact that Gustafson ran out of gas and was stunned by Jones’ dangerous elbow. Next time I hope Jones gets knocked out cold so that he learns to grow up (and probably wash his mouth with soap as well)

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Yup, it was Gus’ gas tank that cost him the fight.

  • Denny Swain

    Gus needs to go in and keep throwing eye pokes til jones taps out

    • Mack

      Jones threw the first eye poke in UFC 165.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Did anybody watch the fight think, yeah Glover should be here instead of Alex Gus? It was stupid, dude never had a chance and Jones just phoned it in.

  • Hk40

    First, who say Jones is Obligated to give Gus a rematch? If that’s the case then why didn’t Rashad, Shogun, Machida or anyone else for that matter get a rematch? Dana, the fool he is is constantly trying to pacify the public, Tex. earned his right to be there and Jones earned the right to put him back in pecking order. Gus had his chance, now go back tot the drawing board.

    • Guest3

      Hold your horses you’re clearly missing the point. Why Jones is obligated to give Gus a rematch?
      1. UFC 165 was The Fight of the Year 2013

      2. Gus is the only one who wasn’t dominated by Jones throughout 5 rounds. Instead, Jones was in big trouble several times and almost lost.

      3.Public demand. Gus has become an instant favorite among many people, adorning the cover of EA’s next big production game UFC and he’s not even a former UFC champion (!), apart from Evans, Shogun and Machida.

      4. Similar frames. Both fighters are perfectly matched physically, erasing Longshanks Jones dominating usage of his reach.
      Gus had A chance, but Jones wasn’t left unshaken and I don’t blame him if he doesn’t want to get smashed into mincemeat again. Yeah…his bloody mess of a face after that fight, the almighty Jones ladies and gentlemen.

  • Informed One

    You know why JJ doesn’t want to talk about Guss? Because he just watched Rocky IV. A 6’5″ swede going after an arrogant african american, where have we seen that before…

    • Corporate Entity

      Can you, or someone, give some examples of his arrogance? I constantly hear his haters talk about it but haven’t seen any evidence myself. I’m not being sarcastic, just curious as to why people always call him arrogant and cocky when he always seems to be humble, confident, and grateful to be where he is in the sport.

      • Da Basement

        Haven’t you asked yourself the question (with more afterthought) why people could possibly dislike him? There’s got to be a reason right? Did people dislike Liddell, Rampage, Griffin or any other former American LHW champion as much? I sure don’t remember any hate towards them. Isn’t it strange that large parts of the UFC 165 audience where booing Jones (loud and clear) in his own home country? Obvious enough signals.

        • Corporate Entity

          I have, and it is hard not to see race as being an issue. Especially when I ask a direct question and can’t get a direct answer, or when posters such as “Informed One” directly call out race, or when an unbeaten champ’s confidence in himself is labeled as arrogant. Chuck and Rampage did much more trash talking and talking down on opponents, often not being able to back it up. Griffins talent wasn’t on the same level as Jones, but he was all heart and class so I can’t knock him or his short run as champ. On numerous occasions Jones has dealt with extreme trash talk from his opponents and their supporters (Sonnen, Evans, Chuck/Phil on Glover’s behalf, etc.) only to shrug it off and treat his opponents with respect. Then he is labeled the arrogant one? Explain to me how that makes sense. Arrogance is making presumptuous assertions or claims that can’t be proven or backed up. Arrogance is Phil Davis overlooking his opponent and talking trash at the champ or a retired Chuck Liddell talking trash about the champ prefight or saying that he’d only come out of retirement to fight for the belt despite losing five of his last six (including three to other fighters past their prime that were beaten by Jones), or Gus claiming that the champ is ducking him. Arrogance isn’t believing you’re the best when you’ve proven it seven times. Arrogance is making presumptuous assertions or claims that can’t be proven or backed up. I’d love to hear exact reasons why so many Jones haters label him as arrogant, so please fill me in on what I’ve missed.

  • Matt Reeber

    Does anybody else want to see Jones vs Anthony Johnson before gus2??…or am I alone in that?

  • Informed One

    haha Da Loft you are a douchebag, it has nothing to do with race. People don’t like a guy who claims to be a “christian” and has Philippians tattooed on his chest, then gos and wrecks his Bentley while driving drunk. What if that were a family in a minivan and not a light pole? JJ is as phony as a 4 dollar bill and that’s why people don’t like him.

    He tries to play the calm game, that he’s an artist, a student, a follower of Jesus. I don’t care how good or bad he is at checkers, i don’t like him personally because he is arrogant and fake. I cheer for Rumble, i cheer for Davis, i can’t stand JJ. My description of the Rocky movie was just that, but i made sure to be specific so as to not lose the joke to the not so bright, such as yourself.

    • Mackie

      Yeah somehow I also get a false/fake impression from JJ no matter how “humble” he acts.