Jon Jones Apologizes for UFC 178 Fight Postponement, Reveals Injury Requires Surgery

August 13, 2014
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Jon JonesThe UFC 178 main event bout between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier on Tuesday was pushed back to early 2015 due to the light heavyweight champ suffering an injury.

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On Wednesday, Jones offered an apology to fans who find themselves disappointed by the delay, but also revealed that the injury was severe enough to need surgery.

“I’d like to apologize to all the fans who were excited for UFC 178,” wrote Jones on his Facebook page. “Earlier this week, I suffered an injury while training for the fight. I’m having surgery tomorrow and I’m focused on recovering as quickly as possible. I look forward to getting back in the gym and defending my title on Jan. 3 in Las Vegas.”

Cormier took the fight despite having a partially torn anterior cruciate ligament. When Jones dropped off of the Sept. 27 date, Cormier questioned whether that was necessary.

“I don’t think he’s ducking me. Jon Jones isn’t afraid of anyone,” said Cormier. “But if I can go in there with a partially torn ACL, him hurting his ankle, I think he should have fought. Tough it up and fight. I don’t know the extent of his injury and if it’s really bad, I’ll take it back.

“I wish he would have just fought.”

Jones didn’t offer any details of his injury. He only stated that he would be heading into surgery on Thursday. So perhaps Cormier may have to “take it back.”

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  • kale

    Sux for the fans that got tickets

    • blob

      Why ? They do get to see Mighty mouse !

      • kale

        Like i said.. sux for the fans

  • conspiracy

    now they can both heal, and we can get one heck of a fight

  • Corey Hutton

    Blah blah blah, he was forced to do that. He doesn’t care, he only cares about himself and his massive ego. And i must say, i almost pissed myself laughing, like he has any fans.

  • Muaythai4life

    Injuries happen in this sport, but I have to say I think Jon Jones did the right thing. When you get analyzed as the P4P best, or among them, you have to keep fighting like the best, or else your value drops. Like it or not, Jon Jones is a brand, and he has to protect that brand.

    As for DC – stupid man, I mean I get taking a title shot when it’s available, but taking one injured can only set you back. You were already next in line for the shot, why fight arguably the best guy in your division injured? If you lose that fight who knows when you get another shot at him. Jon Jones doesn’t have a single rematch in his whole carrier. Now i’m sure that will change, but you could go from being the “it” guy to last in line.

    my 2 cents

  • macarrech

    I think this is a move from dana to delay this fight to put it in the next season of the ultimate fighter.