Jon Jones and Rashad Evans Go Face-to-Face on CSS SportNite (Video)

February 19, 2012
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Before they go at it at UFC 145 on April 21 in Atlanta, Ga., UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and No. 1 challenger Rashad Evans are doing the rounds with the media. They recently met face-to-face on CSS SportsNite, where things got a little heated in the studio.

Check out Jones and Evans on CSS SportsNite…

  • GiovanniB

    I’m sorry, but Rashad is just being a punk and since there’s no point in him show boating anymore because it got him nowhere, now all he’s got left to do is try to bad mouth Jones to make himself feel a little bit better about facing a guy who’s more popular than he has ever been or will ever be in his whole life.

    I still can’t get why Rashad is getting a title shot if he’s not been impressive in his last fights and got his ass handed to him in an embarrassing way by Machida. Talk about embarrassing knock outs! LOL

    • RubeKegal

      Can’t get why Rashad is getting a title shot? The guy is 22-1-1, thats a good reason.

    • bigdaddym1987

      you dont have a clue about mma. keep your rookie comments to yourself jones only got a shot when rashad was unable to fight for hes originally, since then hes won 2 fights with ease how doesnt that warrant a shot he has 1 loss in hes career who deserves a shot more then him expert? the only person considered is hendo whos a hell of a tough fighter but not on the same level as far as athletiscm and skill goes and he potentially didnt even win hes last fight where as rashad would of dominated shogun regardless if it was fight of the year

  • jacobgarrett

    It kinda freaks me out that Jon feels hes destined to win, like it’s his divine right to be lord supreme ruler of MMA. He’s really good but Rashad has only lost once in his career and is probably a little bit faster than Jon Jones. Just because he hasn’t been beat doesn’t mean that he can’t be and mythologizing yourself is unhealthy psychologically. That being said I think he will win this fight although It will probably be close and could possibly go against him if Rashad can take him down without too much trouble.

  • markronin

    They’re both obnoxious but Jones is fake. Jones is pretentious and pretends to be a noble guy, yet always throws subtle degradations at people, such as telling Rashad what his mindset is, that he’s a loser. Jones is either stupid and unaware of his own behavior or he thinks everyone else doesn’t understand what he’s doing.

    • therealmo

      i dont know i jonjones is fake but i get this impression that hes trying to insult everyones intelligence by pretending to be someone hes not

  • Anthony

    Im so sick of these idiots bitching about how fake Jones is. Whats this guy have to do to make you jag offs approve of him? The guy handels himself w/ class and honor and you call it fake. Its the same idiots that praise Diaz for being an “innovator” because he breaks the rules and smokes pot? So Diaz is a great guy and Jones is fake? unbelieveable!!!!! None of you even met him,or are anywhere near his personal life, how the hell do you know hes fake? Because hes articulate and acts tasteful in front of a camera he must be an ass when hes not? Diaz is an ass in any situation and hes loved by you guys– None of this makes any sense–you bitch just to bitch cuz hes young and successful-get a life

    • Cptmats

      Easy Answer. All these guys talking **** about Jones are gonna hate no matter what, because somewhere along the line their favorite fighter got his ass beat by John Jones.
      I’m not exactly a Jones fan but I will admit , the Sky’s the limit for this kid !

    • RubeKegal

      I agree with you about Diaz, but I can’t stand Jones. This is the first time EVER I will be rooting for Rashad. The reason being is simply this…and keep in mind I was a huge Bones fan after his first several fights in the UFC…the reason is he doesn’t talk to you, he talks at you, talks down to you like he is a supreme being. When Jones says “My storyline is so much bigger than this fight”, how can you not look at the guy as arrogant?

      C’mon man!!

    • oxygendrunkard

      Spot on Anthony…

  • zap

    lets remember Bones is 24. he’s off to a good start as far as handling himself. he needs to mature but a good foundation exists. i met him once and he was genuinely nice and humble to me. I must say tho that Evans is showing a bit of entertaining qualities lately. I always thought he was just cocky and boring but he’s maturing too. Makes things more interesting. After the fight I think these guys will be cool with each other.

  • TJ

    rashad evans is calling jon jones arrogant? hahahahahahaha maybe he should look in the mirror, rashad is lucky hes even getting a title shot and if he fights like he has in his last couple fights hes not going to win. i cant wait til jones shuts him up in april

  • BlackDog2009

    Jones IS arrogant. Evans should know, he is too, but just because Evans is also arrogant doesn’t mean that what he says isn’t true.

    And why do you say Evans is lucky to get a title shot. Check out his record, that’s no luck.

    Jones will have his hands full. And all the bullcrap about “my storyline” this and that… come kid, take it down a notch. Don’t let all the fans and media blow up your ego like this. Keep it humble, you might lose at any given time, keep that in mind and you’ll be fine. All this cokcsuckers online that think you’re God… they’ll get off your wagon as soon as you falter a bit. You watch.

    • Please tell me English isn’t your first language?

    • TKD

      Who gives a sh*t about arrogance and being fake? Jones WILL beat Retard Evans, and that is all anyone should care about.

  • Evans is one jealous, angry SOB.

    • TKD

      You got that right, johnweatherly!!!!

  • Haters will always hate! They are both great fighters! People hate on Jones because he doesn’t talk trash about his opponents. When a guy is humble, people will always try to say, “Oh, that’s not how he really is. He’s an arrogant guy.” First of all there is a difference between being cocky and arrogant.

    If you were paying attention to what Jones was saying, he never put Rashad down. He simply said Rashad can’t visualize the winning moment in his mind, because Rashad is too caught up in all this other stuff.

    Jones is how a professional athletes should carry themselves. Unless you went to school or grew up with Jones, you are all just running your mouths about how you know he is, because you are ALL just assuming.

    Now, you can’t compare Jones to Diaz. Both are great fighters, Diaz’ mentality is just get to. Do I down Diaz for his personality, No. Im not a perfect person myself, so why would i get online and talking about how someone is this or that. We have WAY too many “Character Police” on there internet. Im sure if we ALL took a look at your personal lives, there would be many flaws!

    This is about fighting, not judging people on how you perceive them to be…

  • Jon Jones is my favourite fighter however he should just be himself.