Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre Superfights Are Off the Table After Anderson Silva Loss at UFC 162

July 7, 2013
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Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Georges St-PierreAnderson Silva’s seven-year middleweight title reign came crashing down at UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman on Saturday with a flurry of punches by Chris Weidman. It put an end to the superfight-talk-era his accomplishments ushered in.

“That fight cost Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones and Anderson Silva a lot of money,” said UFC president Dana White during the UFC 162 post-fight press conference on Saturday.

“In those superfights, he was the link to both of them; so there you go,” added White.

Silva was, and perhaps still is, considered the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet.  A fight with St-Pierre was going to be billed as a match-up to determine which one truly should carry that accolade.

Jon Jones has made a case for his pound-for-pound top status with wins over former light heavyweight champions Maricio “Shogun” Rua, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans and Vitor Belfort.

Silva’s UFC 162 loss ends the discussion of potential superfights, since they no longer make much sense.

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  • silvas daddy

    Ok i will say it, “i told you so “. I,told everyone silva ducked weidman til forced into fight and weidman would ko him. I was in the correct 1%. Wheres all these guys at now who would say to another silva fan boy, “i agree “, with you its too soon for weidman, whos he fought, blah, blah…lol

    • s

      Dude, big deal. I wanted Silva to lose, he lost. Now I want Weidman to lose. Lots of people picked Weidman, you are not special.

    • David

      Dude how can Silva duck a guy who only has what 9 fights?

    • How could you be so disrespectful to Anderson Silva? Your a horrible fan for the sport. I never bad mouthed Weidman, I always stated he had talent and potential but I didn’t see him beating Silva, but how could you be happy with that win? Silva was making a fool of him before he made a fool of himself and got caught. Worst fight ever. Not b/c Weidman won, but b/c of how Anderson acted and how he lost b/c of it. Silva should have just finished him instead of showboating. He had that coming for a long time now. Although I’am happy for Weidman, your still a half hearted fan.

      • drkdisciple

        Combat Science I am curious to know your opinion. Do you think Anderson threw the fight? He was is full control and looked like he took a dive. Reminded me of the dive Forrest Griffin took when he fought him.

        • I don’t think he threw the fight. If he retired after this then maybe I would think that just a little bit. Guys like Matt Hughes have said they felt great having that pressure off of being a dominant champion and expectations. I give Weidman his credit but I never seen Anderson clown around that much. That honestly did not look like a game plan or technique used in practice to lore an opponent in to make a mistake; that looked like a complete jackass move. He was in full control and was able to goof with Weidman the first round then he took it to far and he got caught. This rematch needs to happen.

      • Baller31

        Silva never made a fool of Weidman…the only one who looked a fool was Silva. He lost the first round, lost on the ground, even lost the standup. He has acted like an idiot every single time he has fought, the only difference this time is Weidman wasn’t intimidated by his showboating. I would like to see a rematch though.

      • shakejunt

        pretty sure you can only finish someone when they’re hurt or caught off guard. weidman was neither.

        anderson was dodging beautifully, the right backfist he slipped simply left him vulnerable to the left hook.

    • Marcus Miles

      Dude get over your victory dance. You didn’t win anything. You are just a fan who lives through this sport as if your a fighter getting paid. I have 10 homies that were rooting for wiedman, you aint special.

  • Maddawgmar

    When were they on the table???

  • silvas daddy

    Im so glad an american won. I know that it is not the “in thing “, to want the american to win but I’m not a traitor and i always want the american to win. Good job, weidman!!! Stay focused, get more money on your contract and get those endorsements. Proud of you!!!

    • r

      Who cares if he is American?!?! May the best man win according to the unified rules of mma. Thats all this is, its not the olympics.

    • UFC Nuttthhuugggeeerr

      wooohoooo!!! one and done you heard it here first the next fight a brazilian will be the new champ and that sir is belfort he is on a tear. I suppose you want GSP to lose next because he is not american and aldo for that matter too strange guy strange logic….

      • Drew

        Belfort is on tear because he is abusing TRT, and he will get KTFO’d by Weidman.

  • Timothy Malone

    Superfights aside, with the consecutive title defenses record officially set at 10, will Georges St. Pierre surpass the mark? (He has 8 so far)

    Jones of course has 5 already but has been talking about heavyweight ambitions too

  • David

    Silva should Join the Olympic swim team, because I give that dive a 10!!.

    • David Luu

      Lmfao!!!! Do they give academy awards along with olympic sports as well? Cuz it was some beautiful theatrics… Specially his “convincing” eyes rolling back act.

      • Guest

        He was ragdoll sparring, like he does with Machida. It’s like rolling with a white belt and letting him put you in a rnc

    • Kris-tyahn

      LOL yeah, man Silva did some good job making his eyes roll back into his head too …. STFU nut huggers!!! Now if any fight was a dive, the Forrest vs. Silva fight was a good joke, not a good dive by Forrest though! He loses and then gets up and runs away, I thought he was KTFO?!?

      • jon smith

        I can roll my eyes back whenever I want. seriously. I didnt think he plan on getting koed I think he wanted tko.

    • Milosc

      The kiss/2 pats on the face after the first was a thousand words. Happy birthday, sport

      2nd round he was all: “WHEN is this kid going to do anything?”

      Roy Jones Jr should have done the same thing back in the 90s. Now people will love him

  • Trenw

    Wow, why does any one care what country they are from, this is the UFC, not the American f c , I’m guessing Silvia’s daddy did t like joe Jackson either, you have to have the best In the sport compete, and regardless where they are from the best person wins! That’s mma! Mma defies borders, and social inequality, where a poor man from Curitiba Brazil can have a shot at glory and fame, or Mexico canada England, Japan , that’s what makes its truly mixed ….. Martial arts not one country, but all united. I guess the Gracie’s should have never exposed the world too bjj but helio sent a global challenge out more then 50 years ago, we have all been bless to be spectatorS since! I love silva, but Weisman won that fight congrats Chris, but I expect silva to come back and bring all he has, if he loses again then hat off to the victor regardless of who it is!


    A SUPERFIGHT was Never going happen !

    Dana just likes people talking about his business !

    Don’t drink the cool aid bro .

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Right before the fight we were comparing silva to Roy Jones…flashy but never fought a real big name or star

    • PainIsGain

      Hopkins 1 and James Toney…

  • drkdisciple

    GSp had no intention in fighting Silva so it didn’t cost him a penny!

    • Werdoomb

      well said.

    • McHyu

      Dana/Zuffa lost big time, but who gives s***….

  • g-rude

    Any of you people think that he threw that fight are insane. He’s been in many fights where he drops his hands and dodges strikes from the waist. He got caught this time. He was KO’d and you can’t fake that. Get over your miserable lives and give the guy credit for being the longest champ the UFC has ever seen (so far).

    • Jak

      Silva always showboats (see his fights against Bonnar, Maia, Okami, Forrest) and he finally paid the price. When you repeatedly drop your hands and stick your chin out at trained fighters, it’s only a matter of time until one of them connects. Stupid move. He got too cocky for his own good and Weidman caught him with a left he didn’t see.

  • onehitwonder

    what dose Anderson’s loss have to do with any superfights ?

    • Werdoomb

      it doesn’t. In fact, superfights make more sense now than before since AS is not putting anything down for legacy.

      Pretty much AS never wanted to fight JBJ and GSP never wanted to fight AS.

      I doubt GSP would now agree to fight AS.

      Dana is making excuses.