Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier on Media Day Brawl: They’d Both Do It Again (Video)

December 26, 2014
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(Video Courtesy of UFC on Fox)

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier each received mounds of criticism following their UFC 178 media day brawl that ended with the UFC’s PR director forced off of a platform and the two fighters in a tumble, swinging at each other amidst numerous people trying to pull them apart.

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They were both brought before the Nevada Athletic Commission and punished for their transgression. They were apologetic when meeting with the commission and declared that it would never happen again. Jones was fined $50,000 and required to do 40 hours of community service. Cormier was fined $9,000 and ordered 20 hours of community service.

But in a promotional interview with Joe Rogan on FOX on Saturday night, each of them said, circumstances being the same, they’d likely react the same way and do it all again.

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Check out their full interview with Rogan in the video above…

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  • DamianCross

    So basically all that stuff they told the athletic commission about acting in a professional manner and setting an example for the kids was bs.

  • The dude


  • cheflacsto

    Whatever, I can’t wait for this fight. I find myself rooting for Jones more and more. Two big mouths but I feel like D.C. is the guy I want to see get his mouth busted up. Jones is a beast and it seems like Daniel thinks he is just gonna steam roll him. Maybe he will I don’t know, something just tells me Jon is gonna beat him in the first or second round.

  • disqus_063g1sXnAQ

    Wow, what professionalism. They should be fined again just for saying something so dumb.