Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Issued Punishment for UFC Media Day Brawl

September 23, 2014
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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and challenger Daniel Cormier had been slated to headline this weekend’s UFC 178 pay-per-view event in Las Vegas. That was, however, before Jones suffered an injury in training that has pushed the bout to UFC 182 in January.

Before the bout was shifted to the New Year, Jones and Cormier went on a small promotional tour with one of the stops being a media day event in Las Vegas. When the two squared up for photographers on a stage, they lost their cool and started pushing and shoving, eventually knocking the display over and forcing UFC Director of Public Relations Dave Sholler off the back of the stage.

The two fighters fell to the floor and tussled, requiring numerous members of the security team and others to separate them.

On Tuesday, Jones and Cormier were called before the Nevada Athletic Commission to answer for their actions, which the state argued was “bad for the sport” and could have led to injury to the fighters and others. Each faced a potential fine of $250,000 and his fight purse for his transgressions.

Jones was first before the commission and readily admitted to the allegations and proffered himself ready to accept whatever punishment the commission deemed appropriate, admitting that he had already suffered a substantial financial penalty in the form of losing his Nike sponsorship, which his attorney characterized as “over six figures” in terms of value.

After much deliberation, the commission decided to fine Jones $50,000 and 40 hours of community service, but did not suspend him.

Cormier also faced a lengthy cross-examination before the commission. The commissioners followed the precedent they set with Jones, but due to Cormier’s lesser financial stature his penalty was slightly less than Jones’ penalty.

The commission issue Cormier a fine of $9,000 and 20 hours of community service. He also escaped without a suspension, leaving the two open to compete, as scheduled, on Jan. 3 at UFC 182.

  • terry hendley

    Jones head butted cormier an they fine cormier to ?

    • TKDGuy

      I was actually surprised Cormier got fined so little. I didn’t think Jones head butted him though – I thought Jones put his forehead against Cormier’s, which I’ve seen in a lot of face offs, and I thought also that Cormier over reacted to that and struck first. Thats just my perspective though…

      • Ian Price

        I didn’t think Cormier struck jones. I though he just pushed him. However, there is some video footage of Cormier pushing him away while the hand is in a “karate chop” position, so that doesn’t help his case.

        If he had just pushed jones in the chest, I don’t think he should have gotten any fine.

    • TheCerealKiller

      This is a headbutt. You Jones haters crack me up.


    wow $50,000 !!! Next time keep a 5 feet distance !!!!

    • solo

      And Nike sponsorship. Thats a six zeros dude.

  • Muttley76

    Takes two to tango, but Cormier only gets 1/5-1/6 the fine? That’s pretty bad, I understand Cormier doesn’t make what jones does and all, but if you factor in the loss of the Nike deal, it’s more like 5%. Haven’t watched the video since it first came out, but didn’t DC initiate the actual contact? Regardless that’s a really big discrepancy, I wonder if that’s because Jones “won” and screamed and flexed afterwards lol. I know most of us are pretty pumped up after feeling we got the best of a dust-up lol (definitely not defending EITHER’S actions), but it looks like what was going to be decent publicity for the fight might actually be a little costly. Wonder if the UFC will work that extra into the contracts lol, definitely helped drum up a little interest from non mma fans…

  • TheCerealKiller

    Dana is laughing behind the doors and handing them both checks to cover.

  • Darin

    Thiago Silva gets s#it-canned for accusing his wife of hiding a man……..

    Did the UFC not promise to punish these two? This is the NAC, not the UFC. What is the UFC going to do?

    • JRod

      Silva also stuck a gun in his wife’s mouth, so…

      • Guest

        So she said

    • solo

      What do you think the UFC is going to do?! Probably nothing!

    • Seth

      Welll…it was obvious neither UFC, neither NSAC would do something serious about it. Come on, do you know how much money both UFC and NSAC will make thanks to this fight? It was soooooooo obvious they won’t punish them for real…you didn’t expect to see them suspended, did you?

  • Seth

    NSAC at its finest “Well, you were bad…but you will make us sh** load of money when you fight, so we won’t suspend you. Here, have this phony punishment that UFC will most likely cover for you and go back to your training”. But hey, it’s not like it’s bad thing now. I want to see that fight too, so at the end of the day, I will say it’s good (and obvious) call from NSAC.

  • Chicago

    Ok, I understand that DC makes less money so the fine is less…. but why less community service?

    • Scoobykater

      Because Jones was the aggressor, beotch!

      • Chicago

        I Hope the beotch was directed at JBJ and not me. My opinion (not fact) out of it was they were both wrong at both at fault due to both of them turning it up a notch, and not wanting to be punked. FYI I would have done the same if someone I despised got in my face. And would have done the same thing if someone put their hands around my throat.