Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Give Their Accounts of the Brawl During the UFC 178 Media Day In L.A. (Video)

August 6, 2014
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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier give their accounts the brawl from the UFC 178 Media Day while the press tour continued in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

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  • Sir_Roy

    DC owned Jones in that one. Jon tried to cajole but failed. DC will own in the Octagon too. Really want to see Jones eat some humble pie.

  • Can’t wait 4 this 1

    If the fight is as entertaining as the build up well move over forest n Stephan… can’t wait for this fight. I think DC is all in jones head never seen him act this way but I like it hope this is new Johnny the bad guy bones!!!!! Very fun so far

    • TheCerealKiller

      That’s the first time someone has shoved him like that, but I agree. I wanted this fight to happen before the Gus rematch. Bones has almost wiped out the whole division. All that’s left is DC and Rumble.

      • bajafox

        Source he’s almost wiped out the whole division?

  • sept 27 is too far away

    at this point i completely forgot that there are acually 2 ufc events in August and a couple more in September before this one. I think Jones is gonna loose his belt to DC.

  • LiLRaSKaLG

    Everybody’s forgetting what a monster jones is in the cage. We will see jones out wrestle DC and submit him.. -LiLRaSKaLG from Tapology..

    • FritzVonLoeffel

      no. he will go for the knockout. end of story.
      and dont forget that dc is a heavyweight. he bashed every monster that was put in front of him.
      nobody can tell what the outcome is going to be but its going to be a hell of a fight. thats for sure.

  • Marc Livingood

    jones will win Dc will try to take him down but he will eat a knee or an elbow. No one his ever hit or kicked DC before really

    • deepgrim

      Yeah I’m wondering how DC will respond to been hit myself. But before the Gus fight we hadn’t seen Jon been hit either but he takes a shot well. DC spars with Cain so you would have to presume he can take a shot too. Jon is a great wrestler too but he is not as good as DC. But his GNP is much better. I think DC can box better but he has no other muay Thai. Should be a good fight, think Jones has to nullify the wrestling to win tho

  • Darin

    After he loses his belt, Jones will say, “I’m glad this happened. This is all part of my spiritual journey”, or some such crap. He was glad he drunk crashed his Bentley. He was glad he got in the scuffle with DC. The more dumb stuff this guy does, the gladder he gets.