Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Caught Off Air, but On ESPN Camera Exchanging Threats (Video)

August 9, 2014
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WARNING: Explicit Language

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and his UFC 178 challenger, Daniel Cormier, irked many onlookers and excited others when a press stop in Las Vegas on Monday erupted in an all-out brawl between the two, even knocking a UFC press official off the stage.

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While both have publicly apologized for their actions, and tried to put some spin on it, an off-air, but on-camera moment before the two went on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Monday doesn’t put their feud in any sort of positive light at all.

Seemingly unaware that the cameras were rolling, Jones and Cormier exchanged explicit comments and threats that are going to be extremely difficult for either to explain away once people see the exchange.

If you are having trouble viewing the video below, here is a transcript of the Jones and Cormier “death threat” exchange:
Transcript of UFC-Blocked Video of Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Off-Air “Death Threat” Exchange

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Caught Off-Air

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier On-Air

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  • Morde#1

    That didn’t take long for the UFC to block the video

  • Alex Adams

    Anyone wanna spell damage control?!?

  • James

    I loaded it twice and it worked. That s–t is TBS very funny!

  • bryhooper1

    Honestly, there’s nobody that can say they’re ‘surprised’ at how Jones reacts when the cameras are off.

  • Jason Priest

    Haha, Love how JJ says “I’m a professional” then in the same breath tells DC he would “not fight you but literally kill you..” LOLz Professional, thru and thru haha.

    • Dragon Kid

      I’d do it to the person who’d spit in my face. It’s a sign of disrespect.

      • ChaosOverkill

        so’s grabbing your crotch at someone, you get life in jail for killing someone for that too.

        No one is literally killing anyone over either unless they have no self-control.

        A beating? Sure, spitting back? Yup.

        Killing? Talk or psycho.

        • Dragon Kid

          It is what it’s gonna be.

          • ChaosOverkill

            sure there big talker

          • Dragon Kid

            Do what u gotta do. I don’t back down from people who disrespects me unlike some people.

          • ChaosOverkill

            Well I’m willing to bet that people have disrespected you before based on your internet bad ass talk, and since you aren’t in prison you didn’t kill them so. Sure thing kid.

          • Dragon Kid

            Whatever you say peewee wussbag. Anyone can talk tough over the net to another. Willing to bet ur one if those idiots who talk big on the net but got no balls with face to face confrontations.

          • ChaosOverkill

            so mad

          • ChaosOverkill

            and why would I confront someone who is mad? You’re the mad one, getting mad and talking about killing people.

            Cause you’re mad.

          • Dragon Kid

            You obviously can’t handle seperate opinions.

        • Guest

          Dont mind him. By one sentence you can see he’s a moron.

      • lowlb

        Ya but you’d go to jail dude. Don’t you watch the First 48?
        You would go to jail over your pride because you got your silly sad feelings hurt. If you respect yourself, disrespect has no sting. You’d be in jail saying well at least that guy can’t disrespect me any more. BUt the whole world would disrespect you because you killed somebody…

        • Dragon Kid

          I’ll only be in jail if the cops can find me otherwise it’s the poor suckers own fault that he’s dead.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Respect, it’s a ghetto thing.

        • Dragon Kid

          It’s a pride thing.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Pride is something to kill someone for? You are one of those ghetto people.

          • Dragon Kid

            Elvis is there too… In the ghettoooo.

          • bajafox

            Source that he is ghetto?

          • TheCerealKiller

            Let me expand on this…

            You are what most people think of as garbage. Pride is something that you build, not used as violence. Where is your pride? What do you pride yourself in? I pride myself in providing my child with a good school and a great home to live in. I pride myself in providing my child with a good time and a good education. You are obviously the the dumbest ba$tard I have ever met.

            I hope you have pride passing me my fries.

          • Dragon Kid

            And for some reason, I couldn’t give a rats ass about your ba$tard child. Bottom line is, if someone does some silly sh!t like spit in my face then I take action with means to kill. Got a problem with that? Go tell your story walking to someone that cares. You obviously cannot handle opinions.

          • bajafox

            Source that most people think that’s garbabe?

        • bajafox


      • James Williams

        Brilliant. So someone disrespects you, and you kill them. Ever heard of proportionality? In most states, spitting is not sufficient provocation.

        So when your kids come to see you in jail as you serve your 20 year sentence (or you face the electric chair), you can proudly tell the other inmates and your wife that you gave it all up to avenge some disrespect.

        They’ll call you an idiot.

        • Dragon Kid

          I’d rather knock the guy than just stand and take it act like it’s nothing. Real men stand up for themselves. I’m sorry if wusses like you can’t handle it.


    A)Cormier has hidden that missing tooth well. B)This is all fake and designed to boost ticket sales.


    • lowlb

      Nope. I like your t-shirt though.
      Death threats are not good pr.
      I like DC, I think he’s telling it like it is.
      You may be right they need to boost ticket sales, Jon Jones is not popular

    • Dragon Kid

      DC will have all his teeth missing by the time the fight is over.

    • James Williams

      Fake? I don’t think so. It goes against everything Dana white has been striving to accomplish in terms of cleaning up the image of the sport and disassociating it from thuggery.

      What’s your argument? Burden of proof is on you.

    • Steve555


  • Sir_Roy

    Wow. Jon is seriously high on himself. Used to having his arse powdered a little too much. Happy DC is having none of it. He called it right. Jones is fake and has a dangerously low tolerance for folks who don’t play up to his ego. I think he’s realizing quickly that Daniel is not one to get intimidated. That’s throwing him off even more.

  • Usmc8408

    i love how that guy waits until the blow up on each other before he says “guys, we’re on the air.” i’m not saying their beef is contrived, but man oh man the way the media are pulling those strings, it couldn’t be more set up

  • NewSincero100mpre

    I always have known this Jones is a piece of garbage. I want to see this bastard bleeding on the floor. Like Gustafson did to him. Big pussy Jones.

  • Thefind

    The great thing about the UFC is when two guys hate each other they actually get to fight. How cool is that.

  • Noiz

    As a fan of MMA, i can honestly say MMA fans are the worst. You guys sound like a bunch teenager’s discussing WWE.

  • Thefind

    I have been a Comier fan from day one. But his trash talk is going over the top. He continually calls Jones a fake, but now I’m thinking he’s a fake. Comier trash talked his way into this fight so that he can get the fight, now he’s talking it up to get a big pay day. I believe his hate for Jones is more money motivated than anything else.

    • candelario

      you’re in the minority

    • lowlb

      DC seems to echo popular sentiment. Rashad said JJ was a fake. Now DC’s saying JJ’s a fake.
      JJ calls him a pussy and then a couple seconds later DC calls JJ a pussy.
      I think DC is a bit nervous with the whole episode which I have no problem with.

      DC says he would spit on Jones for being fake.

      Jones says he would kill him for spitting on him.
      As DC says “really?” …when you talk about killing people you really expose your true character.
      Sure spitting on people is crude but I don’t know the half of the story. Spitting is disrespectful, Killing is crazy.
      This is just so lame. JJ is psychopath.. Everyone who is working hard to make MMA a sport and art and not associated with thuggery should be appalled by this.

      And Jackson MMA is a true joke.
      DId you notice there is an edit in the conversation..

      • Thefind

        As far as I can tell Comier started the trash talk and he’s been the one baiting JJ. Finally JJ breaks (exactly what Comier wants), you think he’s a psychopath. I don’t think so. If some trash talked about me the way CC as done I’d be pretty pissed off too. And you know that saying your going to kill some one and doing it are completely different things.

        • lowlb

          Very true..

        • Kris-tyahn

          You really think Cormier is the one who started the trash talking?!? Did you wach the video above?
          Or are you talking about from the start? I still thought Jones was the one who bad mouthed Cormier 1st, before they were to fight. I know Cormier stated a year or two ago that he would drop down to LHW before he would fight Cain at HW, and that he would love to fight Jon Jones, b/c he thinks he could beat him.
          FYI: I believe Cormier’s story about how Jones disrespected Cormier when they first met, over Jones’ story about how it went down. Anything Jones says now, will ALWAYS be taken with a grain of salt/questioned.

          • Thefind

            I’m talking about who started the trash talk before that video. For months Comier has been bad mouthing Jones without a peep back from Jones. Concerning the first time they met I totality believe Jone’s story. I’ve talked to Jones on the phone, he’s a playful sort of guy. Also, even though I don’t do MMA I have a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and I will tell you guys that do that stuff are always, ALWAYS joking with each other. So, for Jones to say to Comier “I bet I can take you down.” That’s nothing. NOTHING. That’s not disrespectful. It’s just guys messing around like guys do. Comier simply decided to use that little statement by Jones as an excuse to trash talk so that he could get a title shot,, get in the lime light and make himself a star. He’s lost my respect.

    • Stranger

      So Cormier is using the Chael Sonnen/ Nick Diaz /Ronda Rousey method to get a bigger fight. I would rather see fighters get opportunities for what they do IN the cage, but in Ronda’s case it seems that she can back up her words with wins.

  • Thefind

    I’ve never met Jones but I’ve talked to him on the phone a couple of time. He was always nice to me, but he did have an “inside sense of humor” that I immediately picked up on. I can totality see him telling Comier he could easily take him down and meaning is sort of as a joke. That’s how the guy is.

  • ShadowInc

    “Not for long” : D

  • G-Money

    Ever since the Evans fight buildup, my perception of Jones changed. He’s the champion, he doesn’t really have to care what fans think, but I for one hope ALL his fans can see through his thin lair of ‘sportsmanship’ and realize the Fake for who he really is. I think Cormier is gonna frustrate Jones to the point of him doing something crazy in their fight. I hope the commission enlists Big John or Herb Dean to ref this one, because it is gonna be a war!

    • lowlb

      I wonder if the fight will even happen. the UFC is working over-time to get this downplayed. I’m sure an athletic commission will chime in soon.

  • Essay

    Whatever Jones thinks he’s accomplishing is highly miscalculated. His self image as BMOP will only lead to self destruction. No man is above an ass whooping, and those who understand that remain humble. Been watching UFC since ’98 and beginning to see an evil turn in the culture. Anthony Johnson will bring back class to LHW division, sorry DC you’ve lowered yourself to JJ’s level.

    • Noiz

      That sounds great in theory but besides gustafsson I haven’t seen Jones in too much danger. Besides him succumbing to headbutts to the elbow from Hammel

      • Essay

        Mark those words, Chuck looked invincible until Evans knocked him lifeless. I know your boy beat Evans but the point is someone will eventually shut out the lights. Jones will try to put DC on his back and GNP like the Hammel, Vera fights.

        • Mario

          It was Rampage that knocked Chuck out & Jones is going to win Dc is full of it he’s been running his mouth but tries act like he’s completely professional. Also says he the best pound for pound but dropped down from hw to lw because he said he won’t fight Cain but will say he’s the best pound for pound in the world

          • Aric Brown

            I’m not a fan of either fighter.. but what does DC dropping to LHW to avoid fighting his training partner have to do with being a top p4p fighter? lay off the haterade man

  • Floyd Wilson

    Jon Jones is terrified.

  • disqus_M2OtKNOg3E

    yo these f—sticks broke the code of conduct fire their asses
    dana you are a f—ing joke

  • Mark Mills

    i agree with jon, snaggle tooth biotch spit in my face id bring a baseball bat to the octagon and beat you to death

    • Billy

      DC would send you walkin with the handle sticking out ur azz.

      • Mark

        Says the guy that says he’d be willing to go to prison over some spit

        • Rodbert

          Careful, you could be next!

    • Mark Mills

      @mark n billy, somewhere theres a cold lonely dildo with both your names on it. hope the three of you are reunited soon

  • spigzone

    What is certain is Jones ‘explanation’ of the face off was factually false. So Jones is either delusional or an intentional liar. He started down a bad path when he refused the first Sonnen fight and deteriorated from there. This brawl shows just how far Jones psyche has deteriorated. Jones needs DC to kick his ass for his own sake.

    • Rick Stevenson

      Can’t believe you had the gall to bring up the Sonnen issue. Jones had literally zero reason to accept that fight. And Sonnen had no business being in a championship fight. The guy is a perennial loser and cheat.

  • Hansa

    The saddest thing is that Jon Jones is a role model and father for his three kids. I always liked Jones and have defended him all the time, but this time he lost my respect. All creds to Cormier for behaving like a true champ..Its interesting and pathetic that Dana White hasn’t expressed nor said anything regarding this childish act by these two so called superstars.

    • WrestlersRuleMMA

      It’s not that serious man. lol. They’re both acting douchey. It’s just hyping this fight. I believe they really don’t like each other, though. Which makes it that much better. War Cormier!

      • Hansa

        It’s maybe not so serious but it’s damaging the brand and the reputation of the UFC. Sponsors like Nike and EA doesn’t like this at all..Dana should strip both fighters purse and give it to the rest of the card.

        • James Williams

          I agree. Dana is probably furious. He always said that the sport was associated with thuggery, and one of his goals was to clean it up and showcase competitors as athletes and martial artists.

          Martial artists don’t go around behaving like this.

        • emjay

          you care more about the reputation of a corporation over conviction of true fighters?

          • Hansa

            The only reason I care about the corporation is because with lucrative sponsorships they can lower the PPV-prices. And, in addition, the company can pay the fighters more so they don’t need to do PR-stunts like this.

    • beanfu

      Unfortunately these poor fighters have to go to extremes to sell this fight ufc does not pay well… time to sell and end Dana white bullshit… ufc can do better..

  • More Coffee Please

    Wow, these dudes need to cool it. This needs to stay a professional engagement, and certainly no need to throw death threats and talk of “killing” each another..or even spitting in someone’s face. Come on guys, hype but don’t hate.

    • spigzone

      What are you, the MSM? The talk of killing came solely from Jones.

    • skip

      I think its good for the sport no matter how much professionalism you have it’s a fight im not gonna say nice things to you in a fight or before a fight.

  • lowlb

    Hey Kudos to MMA weekly for posting the story.
    You were down in Cal yesterday eve.. Thought you got jumped.
    It just hit USA Today this morning..
    I like this because it forces the UFC to control their image a bit more.
    I like MMA but for professionals fighters it’s not about killing people.

  • Twizz Nizzle

    It all sounds n looks staged

    • Tony Baloney

      ??? Are you high?

  • Mark Mills

    i believe jones wins this in round one.

  • Gaven

    JBJ has dominated his weight class for a while. Gustafsson took him to task and actually won that fight, regardless of what the judges determined. JBJ’s vulnerabilities have been weighed and measured. He thinks his biblical verse tats on his chest are like some shield of invulnerability. F— you and your stupid fairy tale beliefs, JBJ. The only thing I am not happy with about the JBJ vs. DC fight is that Gustafsson did not get the chance to destroy him first.

    DC wins this in the 4th round by murder..

  • Steve555

    I like DC but both fighters really come off looking bad. It is not staged. This should be a great fight and hope DC knocks Jones out, tough fight though. Personally, I like to see class in and out of the ring.


    well , bones is really proving what people have been saying for years about him ….. that he is an arrogant , phony piece of SH%$# !!!

    can’t wait to watch cormier picking jones up and slamming his skinny a%#& down on his head all night long and smashing his face in with some g&p …..

    btw, that is actually a terroristic threat bones made and if cormier pursued it , bones would be arrested…. but i’d rather see cormier beat the snot out of him instead ….. maybe cripple him when he slams jones on his head !!!

    guaranteed dana white will be handing out some more fines and a suspension to jones for that

    • Hansa

      Dana will do NOTHING…to suspend Jones is like throwing money out the window. The PPV numbers that Jones vs Cormier 2 or Jones vs Gus 2 will be mind blowing. To suspend Jones will be a huge blow for UFC especially becuase the global face for Nike and Gatorade in MMA. I believe Jones will be fined 10K USD and will do some “charity” work for UFC for some positive PR. If I was Jason High, I would called Dana White and demanded some explanation.

      • assclip

        Of course its not right but Jason high, nobody cares about him like people do about Jones. If High were to move the needle as dana likes to put it im pretty sure he would still be employed. The penalties given out for ufc fighters that violate have no consistency to them. So punishment or lack there of is determined on the popularity and how much of an asset financially the fighter is to the company,that is pretty clear.

  • Tristan Jason Ring

    It’s going to be a great fight!

  • nanook2240

    Wow Jon Jones is this the real you? I hate I defended you. I thought people that know you were just hating on you.

  • thomas james

    i like them both, I think JJ will go after DC’s knees and legs which are already suspect..I agree that these verbal assaults make both look bad and Dana should have them to tone it down…

  • Defiancy

    I would watch a reality show where these two idiots talked smacked to each other while competing in a physical challenge!

  • eddie eagle

    Cormier snaps Bones Jones in two long pieces.

  • eddie eagle

    Jones is a small time wrestler from a small school while Cormier is an Olympic and D1 champion. Cormier breaks Jones easily in two sticks. Cormier manhandling Hendo and Big Foot proves it.

  • Edward Lawless

    Jones is just a complete idiot. There really is no way around that fact. I will not be watching this non sense. If I want to see clowns then I suppose I’ll go to the circus.

  • Kris-tyahn

    I’ve liked Jones as a fighter, but I think he’s starting to believe all of his own hype, but still think he will beat Cormier b/c of the reach advantage & cardio, but hopefully Cormier can go 5 rounds, after all, he is training with Cain Velasquez. Should be a good fight!
    I didn’t read every somment, the one’s I have read, no one mentioned anything about Rashad Evans…. I always did & still do like Evans. I remember when Evans was telling everyone that Jones was fake, acted one off camera and another way on camera, people used to defend Jones & say that Evans was jealous & that he was just trying to make Jones look bad….. Ughhh I guess Evans was telling everyone the truth from day one, apparently many people owe Evans a big “SORRY” – like that’s going to happen!
    Wonder what Gatorade & Nike think about this, instigating crap & then threatening someone’s life.
    Anyone else love Cormiers response…. “I’d love to come next door and spit in your face” LMAO!
    P.S To the idiot(s) who thinks Jones is going to beat cormier in the 1st round….. yeah sure, he went 4 rounds vs. a MW in Belfort, but he’s going to “destory” Cormier in under 5 mins. Cormier only owned the HW division, man handled his 2 opponents at LHW and he’s undefeated. STFU!

    • Harry Palm

      Starting? He’s been an arrogant ass for a very long time now. He probably always was.

  • Dimocratic Voter

    big talk for a dude that likes to poke other fighters in the eye and has a nickname like ‘Chicken Bones’. truth is tho, if DC doesn’t finish off chicken bones then i’m 100% certain Mr Rumble will.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Man, Jon Jones really made himself look like some fake douche sac, after watching the first video, when Jones asks Cormier if “you still there pussy…?” and then I watch the 2nd video below and Jones talking completely different, like he’s all Mr. Nice Guy…. loved it when Cormier called him out, saying you should of heard him talking a couple mins ago.
    This video sure is going to hurt Jones’ “reputation,” he’s officially the male version of Ronda Rousey, but 100X the skill.
    Should be interesting if Jones loses any possible endorsements b/c of the “I will kill you Daniel, I didn’t say I would punch you, I said I would kill you” – What’s “funny/ironic” is that if any one of us were cought saying that on video, we would be charge for uttering threats to cause death.

  • nedmorlef

    LOL! This is what it’s like in the hood day aft day. These fools can’t stop killing each other. Why do they hate each other so much? It’s not america.

    The whole reason slavery was able to exist is b/c this race of ppl can’t live in peace with anyone on a whole Continent of black ppl.[i’m aware of history and that there is now white ppl in SA. Thanking that one DumbA that will mention it].

    They blame all of their hatred on slavery but, the truth is these ppl have a built in self destruct button that is stuck on violence.That’s why they do so good at this.

    BTW two very articulate athletes. I was impressed they could form full sentences but, these two can carry a conversation. Let’s just hope they don’t beat it out of each other.

    Yeah, i know i’m a racist. Most ppl that scream that garbage have never done one thing for black ppl iin their entire lives.

    • Iam Absolutelyzero

      so you mean black people killed all of those people in europe – all of the +6m ppl..?

    • DrMcNinja

      You happen to hear about MMA fighter Warmachine and his altercation that left his gf in the hospital unable to speak? Got any brilliant explanations for what caused that white fighter to act out like that?

    • Ish009

      Your ignorance is astounding!

  • Jdoe

    It’s interesting how we exalt these men for extreme physical violence in the cage for our entertainment. But when they wish to display verbal and physical violence for personal reasons they become vilified. This is the definition of hypocrisy.

    • Harry Palm

      No, it’s not the same. There’s more to MMA than just violence. There’s fighting skill and technique. It’s called Martial Arts for a reason. Not everyone that fights in a cage is a violent asshole. Most of them are normal guys that just want to test their fighting skills against other fighters.

  • CKDaimen

    Dear Sanctimonious Masses,

    It is no secret that Jones and Cormier do not like each
    other. Both men have gone on record to state they don’t like one another. Jones
    even stated so on the Jimmy Kimmel show. So why is it any surprise, and how is
    it phony, for Jones to call Cormier a pussy, particularly after they had a
    fight? Has no one on this board called someone a name? Particularly someone they
    hated and just got in a fight with? Are you guys serious?

    As for the “death threats” please stop picking and choosing
    excerpts to listen to. The man didn’t just say, “If I see you I’m going to kill
    you.” Daniel said that he wanted to SPIT IN HIS FACE (so please, let’s stop
    painting DC as innocent here) to which James replied, “IF” IFFFFFF you spit in
    my face, I would kill you. Once again, you guys mean to tell me you never said “If
    you do( xyz) to me, I would kill you.”? So Jones was provoked into making the
    so-called death threat, and it was in response to a ‘vile’ statement DC made.

    The way DC describedJones off-camera, I thought this would be
    much worse. His voice inflection sounded exactly the same. When they went on
    the air, Jones was talking to the INTERVIEWER, NOT CORMIER, SO OF COURSE HE IS
    GOING TO SOUND MORE POLITE! In addition to the obvious reason that they are on
    national TV and he is a professional, he was conversing with the INTERVIEWER,
    NOT CORMIER! Now if Jones was going on about how much he respected Daniel,
    THEN, and only THEN, would you have evidence that he is a phony.

    Let’s stop holding athletes/celebrities to standards that you
    know full well you don’t practice yourselves. Especially people who beat one another up for a living.

    • Harry Palm

      Why are you defending that a–hole? F— you.

      • Manny

        Because people are trying to vilify him as though he’s the only one instigating it. Cormier started this whole beef by taking a joke from Jones way too seriously. Then ever since then Cormier has been calling Jones out. Then at the photo shoot Jones did what A LOT of MMA fighters do and put their head to head and Cormier again instigated the fight. The hate is obvious between them and to call him phony because he talks a certain way in a professional environment then doesn’t talk to Cormier in that same way is dumb. Of course you talk to someone you don’t like differently, you don’t have respect for them.

  • Hansa

    Well, after seeing this several times, I really thinks it funny. The way Jones asks Cormier if he’s still there is really funny…and the way Cormier politely responds like a innocent schoolboy who’s been bullied day in and day out is really funny…I hope somebody makes a funny video of this…it’s tooooo funny

  • ugh

    Not that no one knew it but it is funny to see Jones real personality shine.

  • eddie eagle

    Cormier is coming to break skinny Bones Jones in two long strands. Olympic Wrestler beats the D3 kid.

  • tie_banana

    I hope Cormier kicks the sht out of JJ. What a dck.

  • RubeKegal

    Jones is going to dominate DC. Who did DC beat to get here? Hendo? Really? Top wrestlers who Bones made look like children include: Bader, Matyushenko, Hamill and Rashad. He made them look foolish in there.

  • eddie eagle

    black on black crime so rare today?