Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen Will Coach TUF 17; Title Fight Set for April 27, 2013

October 16, 2012
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Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones UFCUFC light heavyweight Jon Jones has his next assignment and it includes a coaching stint on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Jones will join the show, which begins taping later this month, and will coach opposite former middleweight contender and perennial UFC bad boy Chael Sonnen. first learned the pair were being considered as coaches last week, but the decision remained in the corner of Jones, who obviously opted to accept the job. The confirmation for the show was first reported by the LA Times on Tuesday.

Beyond their stint as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter, Jones and Sonnen will then square off in a bout for the UFC light heavyweight title on April 27 at a UFC pay-per-view event with a location to be named later.

“This should be a good one,” White told the LA Times about the pairing. “Jon has accepted the fight. He knows the fans want to see that fight.”

Jones stated last week that he was warming up to the idea of facing Sonnen after public pressure from the fans that wanted to see the bout take place.

Sonnen was originally scheduled to face Forrest Griffin at UFC 155, but now that bout has been pulled as the self-professed “American Gangster” from West Linn, Ore., will instead coach opposite Jones before facing him in the Octagon next year.

Sonnen last fought at UFC 148 against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. He was stopped by TKO in the second round.

Jones and Sonnen will head to Las Vegas on Oct. 29 to begin taping the new version of the reality show airing on FX starting in early 2013.

Stay tuned for more on Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen as updates become available.

  • jbroce

    lol not a single actual light heavyweight wants to fight Jones. That’s sad.

    • Jay

      True story bro. At least Chael is man enough.

      • jpgagne

        Chael has nothing to loose fighting Jones. He is at the bottom of the ladder in the LHW division. It’s not a fight with Forrest Griffin that will make him top contender either. Did you saw Glover Texeira against Maldonado? Now THAT’S a contender. And Dana White telling him he needs another fight against a top LHW to earn a shot. As usual, it’s money Vs. competitiveness, and gues who always win?

      • obuchons

        Has nothing to do with being man enough! He is just looking for a big payday! **** I am man enough to fight him! The result would be the same we would both get pummled! But at least Sonnen will get his money for doing it! SAD!

    • obuchons

      BULLSHIT! Glover Texeria would fight him in a heartbeat!

      • themoney

        Yeah but it sucks Glover’s on medical suspension. He could try but most likely he would be removed by security have his license suspended.

  • onlycy

    UFC is becoming a joke like boxing. NO WAY DOES CHAEL DESERVE TO FIGHT FOR THE TITLE. He lost to middle weight campion twice, how does that qualify him for a title shot at light heavy weight?????

    • Guest86

      At the end of the day, why not do this fight? Let’s get some more eyes on the UFC from the declining casual fan base.
      The fact that all these MMA sites have blown up over the last 5 hours with comments and opinions just fires home the impact Sonnen will have in selling this fight.
      We need as hardcore MMA fans to accept things like this will happen. Brock helped build the sport (remember the outcry), TUF was funded by the UFC after Spike refused (remember the laughter). Chael will help push JJ to the next level with the casual peripheral fans out there.

      Cain/JDs vs Overeem
      GSP vs Silva
      Chael vs Jones
      Aldo vs Edgar
      Returning Nick Diaz
      Strikeforce and UFC combining…

      Come on guys, 2013 looks set to be a huge, fight stacked year

  • SonnenSucks

    How the F#$% did Sonnen finagle his way into this one?? Basically the same fight as Silva v. Bonnar

  • bajafox

    Let the hating begin!! LOL, whaaaa!! Chael doesn’t deserve the shot, whaaaa!!

    Name ONE 205er who’s stepping up to fight Jones or quit your bitching.

    • I agree. At least Chael is willing “to fight any man god ever made.”

    • DF

      Texeria, Machida, Henderson, Griffin. All more deserving than Sonnen for this shot.

      • bajafox

        And your point is? Which one of them is ready and willing to fight? lol. Texeria won’t sell like Sonnen. You haters need to remember one thing, this is a business. There are apparently more fans wanting to watch this fight than there are people who think Chael deserves this shot. Grow up and order the fight, we all know you will.

        • shakejunt

          blah blah haters blah lol blah snide question blah blah

          • bajafox

            Get off my nuts dude, you’re more annoying than my 4 year old little sister.

          • shakejunt

            ouch, my pride.

        • duh

          Do you realize that hatin’ on haters makes you a hater? Go back to watching WWE fool.

          • bajafox

            My post wasn’t to hate. You idiots are easily predictable.

    • dathump

      I wont hate, but i will laugh my a$$ off when Sonnen demolished by Jones. I can see why the UFC wants this, TUF ratings will go up to see what this clown will say next.(but alot of people watch honey boo boo for the same reason too) I will say though, most off the fighters that ran their mouth usually end up on the losing end, Sonnen should ask koscheck what mouthing off the champ on TUF gets ya.

    • shakejunt

      last i recall dan still wants his shot.

      and regardless of the state of the lhw division, you’re still a troll.

      • bajafox

        User proper English and Grammar before you go off calling someone a troll.

        There’s even an edit button now so no excuses.

  • Truth

    Wow why on earth would the do that besides trying to fix tuf. chael would have lost to Forrest again too which makes this even more dumb

  • Glassjaw11

    I’m finally burnt out on MMA… only took 9 years for this to happen….but I need a ******* break…..every card is nothing but injurys and watered down fights….along with very few big name fights on each card…….more cards than ever but big named fighters fight 1-2 times a year tops…..**** this……no one will miss me here anyway, just giving my 2 cents and I am going to try****(prob wont be possible since I spend so much time following the sport, but yes I am realllllly going to try…..sick of this ****) to take a LONGGGG break from this once great sport.

  • Mario


    Sonnen has to be the luckiest bastard in MMA!

    The guy should thank his mouth for doing all the work.

    Meh. Stupid decision in my eyes.

  • Tom Jolley

    this is bullsh!t !!!!

  • Vince

    Thats complete,sonnen shouldn’t even sniff a title shot.

  • DF

    This is garbage. I totally agree Sonnen needs to earn his way to title shot and a fight with Griffen is a good place to start. Dana White needs to stop thinking only about money and start thinking the way he used to, with guys earning there way to a title shot. Jon Fitch earns a title shot more than Sonnen does.

  • adam1848

    I thought I remembered Dana saying “Chael is going to have to earn a title shot.” No? Was I tripping, or will Dana do and say anything to make a few more bucks? This is a complete joke…if Chael demolished Forrest at 155 then fine, give the man his shot, but to hand it over just because he has the biggest mouth in the game is pathetic. Chael is a great promoter, I’ll give him that, but he does not deserve this fight.

  • Stanislav Alyas

    Bajafox thank u ******* the only smart guy here i mean shut the **** up its gonna be a sick uf and Mad good ratings i mean if carwin and roy mad the uf better maybe dana wouldnt have to Do this the uf Will dying if this is wat it continues to be like i hate the complainers I mean you don’t even know what it’s like to be in Dana’s shoes he has to get good ratings and if he doesn’t the ultimate fighter will fail

  • mj

    so funny – the ‘fans’ hassle Jones about not fighting Sonnen and now that he accepts the fight they think its a joke. Hope Jones is making a fortune out of this situation or else he’s an idiot.

  • Guest

    Great television; biggest ratings yet for that show. And that’s the
    point. Did Chael’s mouth get him the gig yep. Am I gonna watch that show
    for the first time in years, yep. Is Chael entertaining yep. Is Chael
    gonna beat Jones . . . I don’t care. The hype will be huge by the time
    it comes around – and that’s fun. I think there would be greater hype
    though if Sonnen were able to destroy Griffen before taking the TV gig
    but that didn’t work out. Is Dana’s a promoter who knows what he is doing, yep.

  • Guest

    Great television; biggest ratings yet for that show. And that’s the
    point. Did Chael’s mouth get him the gig yep. Am I gonna watch that show
    for the first time in years, yep. Is Chael entertaining yep. Is Chael
    gonna beat Jones . . . I don’t care. The hype will be huge by the time
    it comes around – and that’s fun. I think there would be greater hype
    though if Sonnen were able to destroy Griffen before taking the TV gig
    but that didn’t work out. Dana’s a promoter who knows what he is doing.

  • PhranktheTank

    we get news that TUF ratings have hit a series low and the next day this is announced. This is obviously a ploy to increase TUF ratings. In what world does sonnen deserve a shot against Jon jones? I guess in the world of network television.

    • Timothy Malone

      True that this is obviously to save the ratings of the show. It’s unfortunate though that a series about finding the next great talent has turned into just stroking the egos of the celebrity coaches.

  • Sonnen attains the mic and hype skills of a WWE superstar. Fans and non fans like people who talk a good game whether they win or lose. Hype creates attention, attention creates a buzz, the buzz attracts PPV ratings…if anyone is to blame unfortunately…its us, the fans.

  • Guest

    Great television; biggest ratings yet for that show. And that’s the
    Did Chael’s mouth get him the gig? Yep.
    Am I gonna watch that show
    for the first time in years? Yep. Is Chael entertaining? Yep.
    Is Chael
    gonna beat Jones? . . . I don’t care.
    The hype will be huge by the time
    it comes around – and that’s fun.
    I think there would be greater hype
    though if Sonnen were able to destroy Griffen before taking the TV gig
    but that didn’t work out.
    Is Dana a promoter who knows what he is doing? Yep.

  • Foolio

    oh this is gonna be good

  • Rob

    It will be great TV and that’s the point. Did Chael get the gig because of his Herculean ability to trash talk? Obviously. He is also the only fighter in the UFC to give Anderon Silva real difficulty. He took 5 out of 7 rounds so he can obviously fight. But, it’s entertainment value that counts on Television. The ratings will go way up because of Chael’s presence. I will watch for the first time in years. Dana is a promoter thus it his job to bring eyeballs to the UFC. As far as Chael goes, hate the game not the player. Well played by both Dana and Chael.

  • oface scrillionaire

    How to do well in the UFC.
    1.) Be racist towards blacks and south Americans
    2.)Be xenophobic and pull on the heart strings of “ahmuricans, Fu#& Yeah!”
    3.)Be lucky that the UFC signs a tv deal with the most bias and racist news and entertainment corp FOX
    4.)Be super white, republican and do illegal stuff in your personal life
    5.)Be a steroid taking cheater
    6.)Lose to one black guy (twice) and start calling out the next one

    • Tim

      how is he racist towards black people?

    • stak

      1. It’s not racists when it’s true

      6. Silva is not black and you’re an idiot for thinking that he is.

      • Rightguy

        Umm… Silva is black. He’s a black brazilian (Demian Maia, for example… is not. There is a difference between race & ethnicity). You are aware that there are other black people in the world aside from in America, correct? He didn’t say he was African-American, he said he was black… which he is. You’re not an idiot for thinking he’s not… just ignorant.

        • oface scrillionaire

          Did you just use facts and logic to counter staks argument? Come on man this is a guy who wakes up eating Bill O’rielly for breakfast and goes to sleep with Shawn Hannity. Logic is completely foreign to these people. Why do you think they root for Chael sonnen. Stak probably thought that chael was the undefeated champion of the world because just like fox news if you say it enough it must be true.

    • ferflamenco

      LOL! fantastic. beautifuly put! beautiful!

  • Man everyone keeps hating on this but Chael is doing what anyone who loves their job would do to get a promotion so to speak. Yes he got beat by Silva twice recently, who hasn’t been beat up by Silva? Guy is still a total beast who trains hard and brings the fight. Business wise it makes sense b/c although most of you complain, the ratings are going to be big on this season, especially if Chael runs his mouth and entertains us and tries to get under Jons skin. He’s obviously doing a good job at work if he’s getting a chance to get on TUF and fight Jones.

    • PhranktheTank

      The hate isn’t generally directed at Chael. No-one here would turn down that opportunity. The hate is towards the UFC sacrificing the integrity of the sport and the hierarchy of contenders just to boost some ratings. You’re right, Chael is a beast and backs up all his trash talk, and the ratings will jump considerably for TUF. Be that as it may, it still doesn’t make me proud to be a UFC fan.

      • jpgagne

        Spot on!!! My thoughts exacly!!!

      • lowlb

        I agree but Chael doesn’t do as well when his testosterone levels are regulated. He is not half the man he claims to be when he’s not on elevated T. He only has one great fight which he lost and later we find out he was on elevated testosterone, extremely elevated.
        Machida (with preparation) deserves this fight, Chael should fight Belfort.
        But, The UFC is entertainment and not a true sports competition.
        Isn’t TUF on friday night? What nerd watches tv on friday night?

    • dathump

      I do agree Sonnen is a great self promotor, not sure if he has the UFC’s best interest in mind, but he will make for good ratings, however so did jerry springer but it doesn’t mean it was good for daytime tv. I will always disagree that Sonnen is a great fighter, great wrestler yes, but fighter, no. He may have had a great fight with Silva, take downs and looked busy, but really did no damage, barly postured up, he really looked like he was child clinching to his mommy for 5 rounds. I am all for a technical chess match of a fight, and i understand the ability to hold someone down is a learned skill, but you will never finish a fight that way.

  • Gigi

    this is how exactly sonnen gets another title shot,by us morons arguing here aswell as on other sites,he brings hype and ppv$ so yea. dana makes fights fans wanna see,not ones quality on paper. jones gonna destroy him but who cares,just another big money in pocket and fame before the mouth fighter fades to oblivion

  • DCee

    Bottom line, Chael got into another fight because of his mouth and marketability. Yeah, he should fight and win some fights, but because Dana likes his willingness to fight on a dime and Jon basically can’t stand his ass, Chael got the spot. I know people gonna say other fighters should get the shot, and I would agree with them. but Chael can talk a lot of trash and put asses in seats. That’s why this fight has been planned and TUF needs a ratings boost, so who else can do it? Jon the champ and Chael the bully!

  • MMA

    So when Chael loses does he get to fight for the heavyweight title next?

  • stevemcz11

    I dont think ive ever seen a topic this popular on this site

  • Steve

    When did the UFC merge with WWE? With all the weak cards,
    trash talking, manufactured rivalries, bad refs, and steroid use I’ve had enough of this

  • Rick James

    people talk shit no one ever dominated anderson silva like chael did and he did it for five full rounds he was a REPLACEMENT for 151 and jones backed out and canceled that when he was trained and ready for a fight and chael was NOT and he was still a lower weight class at the time so that made jones look like a puss now fans want to see him fight chael he ows us that for canceling the show plus Chael and jones on tuf talk about a way to REVIVE the show it was dying and chael is the best entertainer in this sport so this will be interesting i will also like 2 see how good jones does vs one of the BEST wreslters in the ufc chael sonnen it will be way better then jon jones vs a has been such as vitor belfort now HATE IT OR LOVE IT YOU STILL ALL WANT TO SEE THIS FIGHT

  • AKG

    Obviously, Sonnen will lose. The reality is TUF is now facing its lowest ratings and needs to be resuscitated. Chaels WWF mouth along with JJ, who represents the type of young star MMA is looking for to help make it become a main stream sport, is likely to be somewhat of a hit. It’s a descent business decision, even though Sonnen is a total loser…for all the reasons already stated in these posts. IMO, this is the business plan….GSP beats Condit– JJ fights Sonnen in April, which will get the best ratings or any potential JJ opponents and boost TUF. While this is happening, Silva vs GSP superfight will happen around June. This will bring in bill $. Of course, Silva will win. Then, we will get the real superfight between AS and JJ. $$$$$
    Come to think of it, maybe the UFC should launch a new show called TUL (the ultimate loser) –Sonnen vs Roy Nelson!

  • Joe

    I’m sure that this decision was to boost TUF ratings. But it will also let us see how Jones is mentally built, because he will be interacting with Sonnen for weeks. We all know that Sonnen is the Champ of Trash Talking. That being said I think Jones will hand him his @$$.