Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson Taken to Hospital Following UFC 165 Main Event

September 22, 2013
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Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson UFC 165 weigh-478x270Jon Jones was forced to overcome his toughest ever test in the Octagon to retain his UFC light heavyweight title with an unanimous decision over Alexander Gustafsson in the main event at UFC 165 on Saturday night in Toronto.

After such a bruising war, both Jones and Gustafsson were taken to the hospital and weren’t part of the post-fight press conference.

“So you wanna know how good of a fight that was, neither the champion or challenger will be here,” UFC president Dana White said at the post-fight press conference. “Jones is already at the hospital and we’re taking Gustafsson there now.

“You could tell in the final round they were fighting on pure heart. I believe this is one of those fights where both of the fighters believed they were going to die.”

Team Jones told Ariel Helwani of Fox Sports that Jones injured his left foot badly early on in the fight.

The fight was awarded the Fight of the Night honors with both fighters awarded $50,000 bonuses.

White said that, while he would like to see a rematch, it’s too soon to make a determination just yet.

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  • lucky1


    • dgs

      Another clueless viewer who thinks Gustafsson was “robbed.” Wow, you people simply do not know how to judge an MMA fight. There was no robbery in that fight, Jones won, period, as close as it was.

      • Snp

        Cecil Peoples in da house! Tell us what makes you an expert in MMA judging and I guess that you have always agreed with the judges decicions as they “know” how to judge an MMA fight!

      • uncle

        It was a robbery unanimous decision for Jones, are you kidding me only time he wasn’t getting his ass handed to him ,was at the end of the rounds.. were he tried to keep it close.. this fight should of been at least scored a draw

        • L

          Funny thing, I agree with you that a lot more fights are actually draws than get scored draws.

          And there is an argument to be made, because G landed more shots, while Bones landed the harder shots. It was a war, and I have huge respect for both fighters.

          • uncle

            This fight was epic UFC prelims alone.. is more exciting then Mayweather fights Gus vs jones 2

  • Carlo

    I agree!!!. Jones only scored the last 4 and 5 rounds while Alex dominated the first 3 rounds

    • Dragon Kid

      The second round was pretty even

      • L

        I was surprised with Gustaffson’s tdd and his boxing. I thought they would exchange a lot of punches, but Alex was landing more than Jones. Jones, however, landed the bigger shots. The head kicks, the spinning back elbow, the forearms shivers, etc.

        Jones needs to improve his boxing, whereas his kickboxing is already better than Gustaffson’s.

  • David Huenecke

    As much I disagree with the call I do believe that you should beat the champ to be a champ. As much as I wanted alex to win, unless it was total domination, you shouldnt let it go to scorecards. Either way ppl will talk crap about how he didnt win or if it went to decision jones should win. That was one of the greatest fights Ive seen in awhile so the fans are the real winners tonight

  • steeltown65

    Cry baby cry. You people that talk this robbery s*** are pathetic. You take away from a great fight with your menstruating.

  • Sam

    Fighting somebody the same size as jones obviously made a difference

  • Bob

    Reminds me of the first shogun and machida fight

  • mcraw

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  • JDL

    The call was the right one just by the fight statistis themselves. Here the striking break down via FightMetric