Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson Set to Rematch at UFC 178 in September

June 6, 2014
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Jon Jones vs Alexander GustafssonWe finally have a light heavyweight title fight.

After saying that he would prefer to face Daniel Cormier in his next bout, Jon Jones has changed his mind and agreed to defend his title against Alexander Gustafsson on Sept. 27, UFC officials announced on Thursday evening.

The 205-pound title fight will headline the UFC 178 pay-per-view, which is scheduled to take place at Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

“I think Cormier is the tougher fighter, but the fans want to see me fight Gustafsson. There was never an issue with taking the Gustafsson fight,” Jones said in a statement. “The issue was that my brother is getting married in July and I would have preferred a later date. I didn’t want to go this early and I would have preferred to go later in October or November. It is what it is. We have a date now, Sept. 27. This was a personal decision for me. I will be at my brother’s wedding and have a proper training camp.”

Jones said earlier this week that he desired a fight with Cormier, wanting to pass on a Gustafsson rematch, saying he had already beaten the Swedish challenger at UFC 165 in September 2013.

UFC President Dana White around the same time said he and UFC Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta would meet with Jones Thursday in an effort to convince him to sign the bout agreement for the Gustafsson rematch.

White referred to the signing as a win-win because fight fans will watch the highly anticipated rematch, and if Jones comes out on top he’ll face Cormier.

“Two great fights in the light heavyweight division with three of the baddest guys in the world: the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world and champion Jon Jones, and the No. 1 and 2 contenders,” White said.

In a show sportsmanship, Cormier wished Jones the best in a post on Twitter.

“Good luck @JonnyBones get er done! See u next year!” he wrote.

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  • Darin

    Whoever is supposed to be managing Jones needs to get him under control. He just lost a bunch of fans for nothing. There will now be far more people rooting for Gustafsson.

    • J Will

      Unless they have changed the rules there will only be two men in the cage actually fighting. Whoever is managing Jones, needed to make sure he got a date that will allow him to have a proper training camp.

      • The guest of guests

        Indeed. Gus put up a hell of a fight and is one hell of a fighter, but I believe Jones will be more prepared and win this fight. No matter the reasoning for changing his mind, I don’t see him losing to either man. DC loses by decision, Gus may get submitted or elbowed. However, I see the possibility of DC having the ability to successfully get the fight to the ground consistently interesting.

  • The bad guy Jon bones jones

    Darin I completely disagree Jon’s get ppv buys in by playing scared I bet at least 100000 extra ppl will order to see him loose wich he won’t he will stop guys 3rd KO. Great managing by jones camp everyone loves to hate the bad guy.

    • put me in the sauna coach

      Chael plays the bad guy. Jones acts more like a diva.

    • earlsimmons

      I dont understand where this notion that more people will buy ppv because of all the drama and wanting to see someone lose. I stopped watching ufc years ago because of all the diaz and WWE antics. Its lame and whether its an act of not he is losing fans.

      • Kelly

        Why are u even here if u havent watched UFC in years??? If you even like MMA let me say you have missed some AMAZING fights all for nothing. LOL

  • Kelly Kush

    More drama more witnesses, this was strictly a business move to get more people to tune in. I’m sure it worked, and it will continue to work. They already have the world ready for a Cormier/Jones or Cormier/Gus fight, and it’s close to a year away. Genius marketing strategy.

  • Denny Swain

    Jones said cormier is better fighter then that means gus and cormier take title from jones. Gus striking is on point, needs focus on wind and wrestling, gus will ko jones. Gus had jones down and let him up instead of making jones expend energy in first fight.that was a mistake, make him use energy

  • Denny Swain

    Jones after signing contract

  • TheCerealKiller

    Looks like Jones/DC Superbowl weekend.

    • greaseygranny

      Changing of the guard a coming. Embrace the horror. I find it funny how everyone is saying that Jones was playing scared to get more PPV buys, hahahahaha. Not what everyone was saying two days ago. Also funny after doing EVERYTHING within his power to get out of this fight, his story changed. “There was never an issue taking the Gus fight. The issue was that my brother was getting married in July and I would of preferred a later date.” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. Your champion is a coward. You can twist it anyway you want, Bon Jovi bubble gum it up anyway you want, the guy wants not a thing to do with Gus. And who’s to blame him? I would hate losing the belt also. Like I said Cereal. Embrace the horror cause it’s coming. But I honestly think you already know this.

  • greaseygranny
  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Jones can fight DC after the Gus fight win or lose. This guys turned into such a baby.