Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson Fight Twitter War of Words While Jones Sidelined with Injury

May 27, 2013
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Jon "Bones" JonesUFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and rising contender Alexander Gustafsson have heated things up recently, taking their war of words to Twitter.

The two have made no secret that they want to fight each other, but their recent Twitter exchange grabbed its fair share of attention.

“Its on @jonnybones cant wait to get in that cage with YOU!!!” wrote Gustafsson, leading some to believe that the fight might be in the works.

“Fighting me is not good for your image @alexthemauler FYI,” Jones retorted.

Gustafsson then took aim at Jones’ recent challengers, Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort, both of whom moved up from fighting at middleweight for a shot at the 205-pound champion.

“@jonnybones if you think of what is good for your image, maybe you should continue to fight this 185ers??” said Gustafsson.

The two have been on a collision course for some time. Jones has destroyed everyone set before him, and Gustafsson represents the best of the new blood coming up in the division.

The biggest question mark at the moment, however, has to do with Jones’ health.

Jones suffered a severe dislocation of his big toe in the recent fight with Sonnen. The toe didn’t break, but the ligament damage in the injury has Jones in waiting mode.

“(Jones) feels great. The toe is healing good,” UFC president Dana White said recently. “But the problem was that ligament. That ligament popped. The thing could be six weeks; it could be six months.”

Jones is supposed to go in for a follow-up MRI to try and clear up the cloudiness that surrounds his rehabilitation, but until the results are known, he still waits on the sidelines, having to settle for wars of words.

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  • Brent

    Would absolutely LOVE to see Gustafsson beat Jones, but unfortunately I don’t think it’s in the cards at this time.

    • gnodeb

      We should lean that already: “barking dog never bites”… there is a reason he is making his title run on tweeter… he is just that confident in his ability…

  • Patrice Lavoie

    i think its a great match up for jones,,,they almost have the same reach advantage. But i still think that jones have more tools in his arsenals then Gustafsson. Dont get me wrong, i like Gustafsson way of fighting bc he does use his reach really well,,,,not like Stefan Struve who still not comfortable using his long arms and legs to keep the fight to a distance!!!

    • Mikey z

      Jones has an 8 inch reach advantage on Alex. Common misconception.

      • Ian Price

        So? When it comes to Gustaf’s kicks, the reach is even more so. Gustaf is a better striker than Jones.

        • Mikey Z

          Never said he wasn’t…that remains to be seen. Just simply stating a fact because Patrice said they have the same reach. Learn to read.

          • Ian Price

            I better get on that, thanks.

            I’m so sick and tired of bulls*** fights. Vitor vs Jones but with a busted hand. Chael vs Jones. Anderson vs American psycho. Just fed up with bulls*** fights. The only good fights I’ve seen recently was Anderson vs Chael (albeit interrupted by stupid spinning back fists and silly shorts grabbing and most likely legal knees to the chin), Frankie vs Aldo, and Condit vs GSP, JDS vs Hunt, TJ vs Gray, Vitor vs all, and Jones vs machida until the fateful end. I’m most looking forward to the Weidman fight. And Hendricks vs GSP. And of course, Hones vs someone serious. Like Anderson. Or a heavyweight. Or…. Hendo? I just don’t know who can beat Jones. Maybe Gustafsson because of his great footwork and striking?

          • ikeybZ

            I agree with you there sir. Those 185 fighters were bs. Alex should have got a title shot at 205 before question about that. That tuf bs has its way of making stupid title fights.

          • Ian Price

            Lets hope for more balanced fights for the rest of 2103….


    Kudos to Gustafsson !!!! I think he won the war of words … “maybe you should continue to fight this 185ers??”

    • gnodeb

      Maybe Gustafsson should fight Vitor&Sonnen too, because it’s obvious he doesn’t want to fight other 205 contenders… Also, is there any smaller LHW then Mousasi? He didn’t even show up for that fight… how does that make him number one contender?

      • Sir_Roy

        “Also, is there any smaller LHW then Mousasi?”

        Yeah … Chael and Vitor.

        And Gustafsson “not showing up” had a little something to do with not passing the medical due to a cut above his eye opened in practice. If you think otherwise, you’re being silly. Pretty sure Gustafsson’s missing that paycheck right about now – no fighter forgoes payday for sh!ts and giggles.

        “He didn’t even show up for that fight… how does that make him number one contender?”

        Another really silly comment. His record makes him number one contender; 16 matches, 15 wins, 1 loss. By knockout, 9, 0. By submission, 3. By decision, 3. Most recent victories include Shogun and Thiago.

        So yeah, if you don’t put Gustafsson in with Jones next, who would you put in with him? (Forget Anderson Silva for now … Jones already stated clearly he wants one more before he even ponders a superfight).

        Gustafsson is clearly next in line.

        • gnodeb

          I didn’t say he was afraid of Mousasi or something like that. He was scheduled to fight another LHW contender, witch means that he needed at least one more quality win to earn title shot. He suffered an injury and missed that opportunity.
          For some reason he acts like he destroyed Mousasi. Yes, there are other fighters who got title shots like that, but I don’t have to like it… and I don’t…

      • lavekyl

        At least Mousasi has won some fights at 205 within the past couple of years.

  • adice89

    Please god gods sake dont make this matchup. Gustafson doesnt have the speed or wrestling defense or bjj to compete with jones. Seriously i doubt he could catch jones with anything. I say put gustafson vs machida first than we will see if its deserving. Machida or lil nog stand the best chance to beat jones.

    • me

      really? Machida? last time he fought jones he went to sleep

    • Ian Price

      Oh yeah he can’t catch Jones with anything. That’s why he’s been kicking everyone’s ass, catching everybody with something. Look, Gustaf has just as much chance of dethroning Jones as a non-injured Vitor, and also Rashad (yes, a rematch), and also little Nog, and also Anderson, and also Cormier, and also Mousasi, and also Texiera. Little Nog, ok, you can remove him if you REALLY want to, but he’s pretty good, man.

      • Mike mckinney

        I think mousasi would have a really hard time in there with jones.
        You need someone with dynamic finishing ability in there.
        That’s why a guy like Vitor would make it interesting everytime he fights jones, no matter how many times they could fight.

      • Lucas Freire

        Go look for Gustafson fight with Mr. Wonderful.
        That’s the reason I think he won’t be able to do anything against Jon Jones.

        • Ian Price

          Well, maybe gustaf has improved as of late. lets find out! But I agree that I’d rather have jones fight Hendo first…. Since he doesn’t have many more years to go.

    • solo

      Lil nog????? Give me a break!

  • solo

    Could be a good fight! But i would love too see Gustafson vs Texeira fight for the number 1 contender.

    • Ron Wheeler

      Agree. We need a no.1 contender with a bit of top 5 beating credibility.

  • eric

    Jones will dominate Gustaff with ease, wrestle, and ground and pound’ still too has huge reach advantage and skill-wise Jones is far superior. Machida and Jones 2 would be epic, still believe Lyoto’s the man to stop Jones if there is any LHW.

  • Shawn Johnston

    Alexander’s pube-beard does nothing for his image.
    No contest. Jones via first-round rapeage.

    • Daaave

      Alexander via split decision (Alex´s Beard more hot than bone´s).
      Serioiusly, I think that would be the most competetive and intresting match up in LHW in quite some time.

      • Ian Price

        There’s just something in my brain that says Anderson, Hendo, Cormier, Machida and Gegard as being competitive vs Jones.

  • Maven

    Gustaf shows promise, but needs a top 5 victory before he deserves a shot. Isn’t Machida next in line anyway (according to White)? I don’t understand why he gets the shot after a split decision to Henderson.
    Personally, I find title shots are too easily given out by the UFC… they rush to make matchups to make $$$.
    With a bit more patience they could ensure that a proven and deserving contender gets in there, and the hype and buildup would be genuine as the fight would sell itself. If Lil’ Nog gets past Shogun, and does so in impressive fashion, then let him fight Texiera, and let Machida and Gustaf fight. The winners of each fight square off, and we have the true contender. Any combination of those four suits me fine, especially since there is a lot of time with Jones toe ligament being in question etc. He might even fight Anderson first if he beats Weidman.


    Bones by sub. RD2…


    Bones sub. RD2

  • Madmmax

    Jones is destroying anyone at LHW. This is including Anderson. Cormier moving down in weight would pose the most problems for Jones. Don’t see Jones winning the wrestling match up, and Cormiers got plenty of punching power and speed to catch him. Jones just overwhelmes everyone else when he gets on top. P.S. please take mousasi out of this conversation.

  • peter lopez

    I think machida wants another fight before rematch with jones, I think superfight between machida and cung le would be awesome, anybody agree

    • Ian Price

      Sure, something like that. Machida might be one of the few fighters who stands a chance against Jones

  • Sir_Roy

    I think a problem right now in making sure the right fighter gets the title shot, is the household MMA names we all grew up with through Pride and the earlier UFC days, the names that fans most relate to, are on their way out with few really ready to replace them in the minds and hearts of fans. Randy, Chuck, and Tito are long gone. And how many times can we see Shogun, Forrest (now retired), Machida, Hendo or Rampage (no longer with the UFC) make a run for the title before we yawn and lose interest, knowing the outcome to be predictable? (Yeah I know I omitted Evans, but he’s more new generation than old – or at least somewhere in between).

    I mean, even though he lost via boring split decision to Machida, I’d really rather still see Hendo fight Jones than Machida again (or a “lesser known”) just because that would be novel more than anything else. Machida’s style makes winning by decision lean far more in his favor due to his evasive style and counter striking. Feels almost like cheating against someone like Hendo. Styles make fights IMHO and I don’t think losing a boring split decision to Machida should remove Hendo from the picture with Jones.

    To conclude the rant, the “newer” fighter doesn’t hold the same place in the common MMA fan’s minds and hearts, the fan full of nostalgia, whose been there since the beginning, and so the real fights that should take place are not necessarily the ones that will make the most money.

  • kula

    10 months later sure but that is probably more true now then before?

    Cormier is a serious threat to Bones me think + who knows what a rematch with Gus will look like second time around? Who have improved the most and who got the strongest mind at this point?

  • kula what do you feel nowadays reg Gustafsson chances?