Jon Fitch Sees Georges St-Pierre Defeating Nick Diaz, but His Focus is on Demian Maia Fight

January 5, 2013
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Jon Fitch at UFC 117Jon Fitch has re-invented himself, or more accurately perhaps, re-invented how he trains and where he directs his focus when it comes fight time.

Those are things that come with time and experience, and Fitch definitely has plenty of experience. He’s been to the top of the heap, challenging Georges St-Pierre for the UFC welterweight championship. He failed to wrest the belt from GSP, but Fitch got right back on the horse, winning five consecutive bouts.

He has slipped since then, going 1-1-1 in his last three fights. He fought BJ Penn to a draw, lost to Johnny Hendricks, but then rebounded with an impressive victory over Erik Silva at UFC 153.

Still trying to get back into title contention, Fitch knows he’s not in the immediate mix for another shot at GSP, whom he feels is firmly entrenched at the top for the time being, especially since St-Pierre has Nick Diaz up next.

“I think a shake-up could’ve happened if Johny Hendricks got the title shot,” Fitch said in a media scrum at UFC 155 recently. “GSP will probably defeat Diaz. I think there is a strong possibility the fight after that would be Marquardt, just because it’s champion vs. champion.

“So I’m not even gonna consider thinking about any top seed type stuff for the whole 2013. That’s already booked, honestly.”

That’s okay. Fitch is not focused solely on the belt. He’s highly motivated by the love of what he does, which is to fight. And the fight in front of him is Demian Maia at UFC 156 on Super Bowl weekend.

Should he add a victory over Maia to his recent success against Silva, Fitch would be creeping into the discussion about fighting one of the guys that could put him back in line for another title shot.

Check out what else Jon Fitch had to say in his scrum interview with the UFC 155 media…

  • It’s always interesting to see who can handle Fitch. BJ did a great job that was a close fight and the Hendricks fight obviously didn’t go as planned but he’s still a top competitor. Nate Marquardt coming back over is awesome. I wouldn’t mind seeing them fight. Nates friends with GSP so i don’t know how that will play out. And Rory as well. All these top guys are friends. Fitch vs any of them would be nice though.

  • I want to see Diaz take Fitch out.

    • heathcliff

      one fight at a time. Lets watch Nick beat up on safe pierre first!

      • Oswald Cobblepott

        That won’t happen Diaz is too dumb GSP will outclass the bumb!

        • uncle

          Diaz too dumb yeah right more like GSP
          is too scared to stand with him and its
          dry hump not outclass

          • billybob

            wow saying that is like saying Anderson silva is too scared to wrestle chael sonnen… Man… Why the hell people bash on wrestler to take there opponent down… It’s mma noth kickboxing.

    • Sir Smoke A Lot

      you are in for some disappointment then.

      Fitch is the worst fight imaginable for Diaz (except for maybe GSP). I say this as a fan of both fighters who has watched them both for a long time. Diaz has found success of late because he has not faced ANY elite wrestlers. Fitch will 30-27 the $hit out of Nick. (yes 30-27, not 50-45, because GSP is going to 50-45 the $hit out of Nick)

      If you want to see Nick win fights then you should hope he never gets put in a cage with Fitch, lucky for all Diaz fans, the UFC knows how popular Nick is and they will probably spare him that match up to keep his value up.

  • kennybro

    it doesn’t seem like too many people are excited about maia at 170. he’s someone i like to root for and fitch is a nice test for him.

  • uncle

    Damn i like Fitch and Maia they are both just getting
    back on track

  • Mike mckinney

    Jon Fitch really went out on a limb with that pick…
    And to the Diaz fan, Fitch is one of the last guys you want Nick fighting.
    I’m not really a fan of any of the guys mentioned as much as a fan of competition. Have to look at matchups. Styles do male fights, and that’s probably not more true anywhere more so than mma.

    • Mike mckinney

      Male = make*

  • heathcliff

    Just watch what happens to gsp when he cant stay on top of Nick Diaz for 5 rounds. Diaz is going to pick him apart, greased up or not.!!!

    • dick Niaz

      spoken like someone who hasn’t seen Nick Diaz fight a wrestler

  • Diaz can’t beat any of the guys mentioned here

  • Aaron

    What wrestlers beat Diaz? Are you people talking about Shawn Sherk back in 2006? Thats just crazy talk. GSP is going to be an extremely tough fight for Diaz but not because he is a wrestler. Diaz works out with some of the best wrestlers in the biz.