Jon Fitch Out of UFC 132 Bout Against B.J. Penn Due to Injury

March 30, 2011
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Jon Fitch has been forced out of his upcoming bout against B.J. Penn at UFC 132 due to an injury sustained during training.

Fitch’s removal from the fight was confirmed to by sources close to the situation on Wednesday.

While no details were available regarding the nature of the injury, it was severe enough for Fitch to withdraw from the July 2 card.

The bout was set to be a rematch from the fight Fitch and Penn had at UFC 127 in Australia that ended in a draw.

As of now the UFC has not found a replacement to step in and face Penn, but the search is underway. will have more information on Fitch’s injury and a replacement fight for B.J. Penn when it becomes available.

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  • Flexxi

    My guess would be Carlos Condit is the one stepping in. Malki Kawa seemed so happy yesterday on twitter when he tweeted that he had gotten an opponent for Condit.

  • grimsgrind


    • Frye557

      I’m so happy. Fitch vs anyone is a terrible fight, so I’m glad he won’t get the chance to put a million people to sleep again. I think Alves would be a great replacement. I’m pretty sure Sanchez wouldn’t want another beat down. Condit or Dong Hyun Kim seem like the most likely match-ups though.

      • MrAdidas

        I doubt BJ would be able to beat Sanchez @ WW, like he did the 1st time they fought @ LW. BJ went into the 5th round with Diego, NO chance – NO chance BJ could go “3 rds” with Diego, b/c BJ was DEAD after 2 rounds with Fitch, & Diego would be the same sort of pressure as Fitch. Theres a BIG difference between LW & WW, & BJ is the perfect example of that statement. Dont get me wrong, BJ could very well beat Diego @ WW, but I doubt it & heres the reasons why………

        1) Diego @ WW is a much better fighter & hes not as “sickly” looking @ WW as he was @ LW, therefore hes not as dehydrated/weak etc.

        2) Diego is now back with Greg Jackson & trains with GSP.

        3rd…… He’s no longer the “nightmare”!!!

        I’d like to see BJ fight Tiago Alves, Carlos Condit or even Diego Sanchez, but Diego would be the 3rd choice. Dong H. Kim isnt a bad fight(er) either, though I think Alves would MAUL BJ with size & power, which is the main reason why I think/KNOW BJ wont do much @ WW vs. the top contenders…….. all b/c of the size & strength difference.

        I know figthing is mostly about technique, but when the fighters have size, strength, techinque & not to mention cardio, which BJ doesnt have @ WW. I just dont see what advantages BJ has, figthing @ WW & I especially dont see BJ being able to fight for a title/the Championships Rounds @ WW, after seing him so tired after only 10 mins VS Fitch. Whats BJ going to do Vs. Alves, the new & improved Alves, Koscheck, Carlos Condit & especially the man he wants to fight more than anyone, the Champ GSP?!?

        BJ’s time is up, not fast enough for LW & too small & out of shape for WW.

        *** I’d also like to see BJ fight Koscheck and/or Anthony Johnson. Though I could see BJ beating Rumble, but hed get CrUsHeD Vs. Koscheck! BJ’s cryptonite is …….. top ranked wrestlers with size/strength/explosiveness, & especially if they have incredible cardio.

        P.S BJ lost to Fitch

        • Frye557

          Interesting, honestly I think rumble would have a better chance over BJ than Koscheck would. My dream match up is BJ Alves though. BJ is unbelievably tough, and if he needed to could take the fight to the ground and sub him. Either way I look forward to his return with a new opponent, definitely one of my favorite fighter ever.

  • collideoverme

    Dong Hyun Kim or John Hathaway. Tho John Hathaway wouldn’t probably have time for a proper camp. I absolutely hate Carlos Condit. Thiago Alves would be a good one too. But I think Alves would be too big and strong for Penn.

  • MrAdidas

    collideoverme: Yeah thats what I said as well, I doubt BJ could submit Thiago Alves. Unless he hurts him to the point Alves is almost KO’d, but other than that…… if GSP couldnt keep ALves down, then I dont see how a smaller & weaker BJ could keep Alves down & submit him.

    I think BJ was possibly one of the most natural talented fighters ever to fight in MMA, I used to think he was the most talented fighter, but now I think I would have to say Jon Jones is the most naturaly talented, seing how he only has 3 yrs of MMA training, like WTF?!?

    But I lost ALOT of respect for BJ after the BEATING/EMBARESSMENT GSP gave him in their 2nd fight, like if BJ honestly thinks that the tiny amount of vaseline that was applied to GSP’s shoulders made the difference in that fight, BJ should go back & watch the fight, last time I checked GSP owned BJ on the feet!!! If people/BJ fans really think BJ could beat GSP, I would LOVE – LOVE to see them fight again & I guarantee you that BJ doesnt make it to the Championship rounds. GSP’s a machine!!!