Jon Fitch – ‘I’ll Beat Him Up the Way I Beat Up Everyone Else’ (UFC Video)

October 11, 2012
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“I’ll beat him up the way I beat up everyone else.”

Hear why Jon Fitch thinks he’ll have no problem derailing Erick Silva’s hype train at UFC 153 on Saturday night in Brazil.

  • DrRJE

    in other words, get ready for a terrible fight. #fitchistheworst

    • Nobama

      who the f uses hash tags and shits bro

      • DrRJE

        same people who can admit they were wrong #dopefight

  • Cameron Merryman

    So he’s going to dry hump him like his dog dry humps the couch?

  • Darin

    I fondly remember the way he “beat up” and derailed the hype train that was Johny Hendricks.

  • Sherrod McClease

    He is going to lose.

  • misotocurry

    surprise butt sex

  • Nobama

    hah the only reason i even clicked on this article is cuz i knew there were gonna be pretty much nothing but lay and hump comments.

  • Drew Nathan

    Doesn’t matter what he says. It’s not gonna happen this time. Silva is a bad matchup. Too quick, takedown defense is too good, and he has explosive power. Fitch gets knocked out for the second fight in a row.

    • onehitwonder

      agree, Dan Hardy would be a good fight for him.

  • Only 2 losses in the UFC and a lot of disrespect from fans. All the hate will never erase what he’s accomplished as a college wrestler and as a pro mma fighter in the UFC. Other then Hendricks nobody has handled this guy. Don’t hate on him for that.

    • King_DG

      wrong bro BJ Penn a natural lightweight handled him for 2 rounds until he gassed. Fitch is overrated and he will get knocked out again in this fight and hopefully he gets cut and goes to the smaller organizations.

      • BJ Penn is also an incredible fighter though who also held his own against Matt Hughes and GSP in WW fights, he’s not just some lightweight. And I don’t think Fitch is overrated when he’s only been beaten twice in the UFC. You may not respect the names he fought or the way he won but fact is he had the balls to go through a fight camp and step in the cage against other pro fighters and won.

        • King_DG

          I didn’t say BJ penn was just some lightweight, former 2 division champion. WHat I was trying to point out is that Fitch who was probably 30 pounds heavier then BJ at fight night was handled by the smaller man. Fitch has a good fight record, but he lacks the desire to finish fights. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if a fight goes to a decision when it’s an exciting fight, but at least try to finish the fight, go for submissions or something, not lay on top of someone for 15 minutes.

          • I hear ya, but thats his style. All control. I mean he attempts to end the fight it just doesn’t seem to happen lol. But I’m saying you may not like the guys style but c’mon he’s accomplshed a lot between college wrestling and MMA at least give him that. And the BJ fight he didn’t cut weight for. He was on a vegan diet and lost a whole mess of weight.

      • Rob

        Hey there newb…Queen_DG.