Jon Fitch: “I Think I’m Better Than Jake (Shields) And Should Be Fighting For The Title”

December 13, 2010
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Jon Fitch rocks Thiago Alves at UFC 117

Jon Fitch rocks Thiago Alves at UFC 117.

Jon Fitch has never been a fighter to hold back on saying exactly what he’s feeling.

After watching his teammate Josh Koscheck fall to Georges St-Pierre over the weekend, he then had to hear the news that Jake Shields would indeed be getting the next crack at the UFC welterweight title in 2011. While Fitch has his own fight coming up in Australia in February, he still believes the title shot should be his.

Speaking in Australia on Monday, Fitch let it be known that he believes he’s a superior fighter to Shields, but knows he has a tough test ahead of him at UFC 127.

“I think I’m better than Jake (Shields), I think I should be fighting for the title, but I’ve been given a huge opportunity here to fight B.J. Penn and that’s a big fight, belt or no belt,” Fitch stated.

The business of why Shields is getting a title shot instead of him is something Fitch understands, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be gunning for his own opportunity in the future.

“We’re in a sport of selling fights right now, and the sport’s growing, we’re trying to get international, trying to get into every country, every household, and part of that is ticket sales is the idea that Jake Shields is coming over from Strikeforce with two belts,” Fitch said. “I understand that, it’s a business decision.”

Fitch has fought once for the UFC welterweight title, losing a unanimous decision to Georges St-Pierre in 2008. Since that time, the American Kickboxing Academy fighter has won his last five fights in a row.

Shields’ signing with the UFC and a subsequent win over Martin Kampmann earned him the next title shot against St-Pierre. Shields is currently riding a 15 fight win streak and has been undefeated since 2004.

Regardless of Shields getting the next shot, Fitch is convinced if he puts on a strong performance in Australia, he’ll get another crack at the championship.
“I feel if I can put in a fantastic performance with B.J. there’s no denying a title shot,” said Fitch.

Fitch will battle B.J. Penn in the main event of UFC 127 in Australia on Feb 27 at the Acer Arena.

  • Guess he forgot that Jake took him to school back in 2005 at the Gracie Open.

    Video here:

    • Yeah but not only is that not an MMA Fight, but there is no way Jon Fitch is the same fighter he was half a decade ago.

      Fitch is right; he is better and deserves the title shot. But it doesn’t matter because he is going to beat BJ Penn anyways, and then there is no denying it.

      • That grappling match is relevant because an MMA fight between Fitch and Shields would be contested almost exclusively on the ground. Neither one of them possess any sort of threatening stand-up skills and the majority of almost every single one of their fights has taken place on the ground.

        Also, your statement that “there is no way Jon Fitch is the same fighter he was half a decade ago” holds true to Shields as well. You weren’t suggesting otherwise were you? I’m sure they have both improved a great deal since 2005.

        If Fitch gets past Penn then he deserves another title shot because he’ll have won 6 straight. My only problem is I don’t think he has evolved in any aspect of the game since he last fought GSP. He’s the same guy with the same skill set and I think the outcome will be exactly the same.

        • matzkup

 The score is 1-1 and hey if you compare the striking then you should watch that thiago alves fight again, fitch did good at stand up too. (and yes I know alves lost too much weight too soon but still he is a lot more dangerous drained than shields would ever be standing up) So I think the fight between fitch and shields would end Fitch getting his hand raised because shields wouldnt be able to get him to the ground 🙂 Just my opinion , peace

  • I agree that he is better than Shields, but Jake seems to be in a slightly better position to challenge for the title right now, not having already lost to GSP. We have seen that Fitch can basically beat anyone else in the division, but Shields, having just come from another promotion, represents more of a “wild card.”

  • kneedlez Kane

    What can Fitch do different??GSP gave him a one sided beating and will do it again. I felt sorry for Fitch..

  • ShockednAwed

    Fitch may or may not be better now – the only real way to put that to the test would have been to match them up. I think that would have been fairer to Fitch, and also taken away a lot of the question marks surrounding Shields getting the Auto-Shot.
    I wish Shields all the luck in the world, to be honest… with no real prior UFC credentials, where’s he going to be with a loss to GSP?

    • “with no real prior UFC credentials, where’s he going to be with a loss to GSP?”


      • ShockednAwed

        lol… now Shields vs Sonnen is a fight I’d be much more interested in watching!!