Jon Fitch Faces Demian Maia at UFC 156 Super Bowl Weekend

November 15, 2012
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Jon Fitch rocks Thiago Alves at UFC 117Two of the top grapplers in the welterweight division will face off at UFC 156 as Jon Fitch takes on Demian Maia on Feb 2 in Las Vegas.

UFC officials announced the new fight on Thursday.

Following a stunning loss to Johny Hendricks late last year, Jon Fitch finally returned in October and got back to his winning ways with an exciting performance over up and coming star Erick Silva.

Now the Dave Camarillo black belt will get to test his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu against one of the best in the business.

Since moving to welterweight, Demian Maia has looked very impressive.

After a long run at 185lbs, the Brazilian grappling ace decided to drop down to 170lbs an test the waters there instead, and the results have definitely gone his way.

Thus far Maia has beaten Dong Hyun Kim and Rick Story in back-to-back fights, and now faces yet another stiff test in former welterweight title contender Jon Fitch.

The new bout between Fitch and Maia is the latest fight added to the growing UFC 156 card, which takes place Super Bowl weekend on Feb 2 in Las Vegas.

  • julian moran

    If Maia gets Fitch down, he will win by sub. If Fitch gets Maia down, he may win by decision.

    • Kris-tyahn

      You have no clue what ur talking about, but it’s a mistake many would make. Jon Fitch has very, very, very underrated BJJ. His opponents have attempted 25 subs in the UFC and they’ve all failed. He’s 25 for 25 in sub attempts, BJ Pennhad his back and was not able to submit him, Erick Silva had his back and would have taped out 95% of fighters in that situation, yet Fitch defended it beautifully. Fitch is also known for placing bets with his teammates, that anyone who submits him, he will pay them, he hasn’t lost a cent yet. First Maia will need to get the MCAA div 1 stand out down and then do something the best have failed to do. I know Maia is a multiple world champ at BJJ, but so was BJ. This is the fight I wanted after Fitch dominated Erick Silva. Pumped!

  • stevemcz11

    Whoever is putting Fitch’s fights together really has it in for him. IMO Erick Silva and Damian Maia are more dangerous than the top 5 guys in WW division right now

  • Jmoney

    Maia doesn’t do to well against wrestlers… And I don’t see fitch getting submitted. Hope he gets through this fight and maybe one more against diaz or condit. Hes begging for a title shot

    • Johnny55

      what happened in Maia’s fight against Sonnen?

      • Michael

        Sonnen didn’t respect jiu jitsu.

  • Ras Butten

    This ought to be a great fight for people who enjoy fine, technical, and crisp striking.

  • Gene

    Fitch really turned it up against Silva. He said he was going to do and did it. I am becoming a Fitch fan. The guy has enough skill to really let loose. I hope he continues to put on exciting fights. He just has to watch out for those over hand lefts haha.

  • trollie rowdy

    no phukin way man..

  • Dave

    I would like to see Fitch fight every 4-5 months, not giving a damn about rankings, title shots, just fighting for $$$$$.