Jon Fitch Details Knee Injury That Forced Him Out of Aaron Simpson Fight

The news broke a couple days ago that Jon Fitch had to pull out of his UFC on Fuel TV 4 bout with Aaron Simpson due to an injured knee.

“I injured my knee. I have a partially torn ACL and I will be out about four weeks,” Fitch said Monday via his official YouTube channel. “I will have to pull out of my UFC fight on July 11 against Aaron Simpson. I apologize for that.”

The fight was to be Fitch’s first fight since getting knocked out by Johny Hendricks at UFC 141 late last year. It was also to be Simpson’s first bout at welterweight, finally deciding to make the cut down from 185 pounds.

“On the good side,” said Fight, “my documentary if finally going to be released, entitled ‘Such Great Heights.’”

As he noted, Fitch won’t be out of commission for long, but there has been no word yet regarding a target for a return fight following the injury.

Simpson is likely to remain on the UFC on Fuel TV 4 fight card with a new opponent.

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  1. I made a documentary about Jon Fitch. Be sure to look for “A Fitch Fight is Next, Good Time For A Beer Run” at a Redbox near you!

    • You must be a just bleed ko only fan its ok let it out lil guy…

      • Yeah. I’m the ONLY guy that doesn’t enjoy watching Fitch do the 15 minute hump.

        • obviously if you think fitch is boring then you’re not a real mma fan like grendel

        • p.s.
          apparently a just bleed ko only fan too

    • lol I love it. Yeah, I’m with you on this, Pooby. I don’t think you have to choose between liking Fitch fights and being a single-minded KO/blood fiend. That’s an oversimplification of the issue.

      I like to say the following to anyone who defends fighters like Fitch: If everyone fought like Fitch, Woodley, or Askren, there wouldn’t be a UFC as we know it today…period.

      The guys who lay and pray are only able to do so because they take advantage of the guys who go in there and take chances to awe the fans. And I’m NOT saying you have to get in the cage and fight standup when that’s not your forte, but at least risk losing to impress the fans. There are plenty of wrestlers who are still fun to watch because they fight to finish.

      • Wrestling is as much MMA as anything -sprawling, defense, and getting to your feet. It is all strategy, just as much as standup is, so blame the dudes that can’t get up from being taken down, not the wrestler for sticking to his strengths or a game plan! I am not hyped up on Fitch either, unless he is fighting a guy who can defend a takedown and get up from one … ehemm … St. Pierre, Johnny Hendricks!! Were those not good fights? Furthermore, Joe Rogan, you might know him, agrees with me. Lay off the wrestlers … No pun intended!! Again … start getting pissed at these dudes who just lay on their back for 15 minutes and can’t make make it a fight!!

      • If everyone fought like Fitch, no one would fight like Fitch. At least then, everyone could get up from a takedown from all the practice and training for it!!

  2. I don’t think that fight was going to showcase anything good anyway. Now that Fitch is on the shelf, I would like to see him and Rory MacDonald fight or MacDonald and Koscheck fight soon.

    Check out MacDonald said about BJ Penn

    • The MacDonald fight is a good idea. The only fights that I would want to watch with Fitch are fights where (1) I like Fitch’s opponent, and (2) I think Fitch’s opponent will dominate him.

      That’s MacDonald.