Jon “Bones” Jones Explains Rashad Evans’ ‘Swagger Jacker’ Comment, Hopes They Can Be Friends Again

May 4, 2011
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The war of words between former teammates Jon “Bones” Jones and Rashad Evans started almost as fast as Jones wrapped the light heavyweight title around his waist.

The situation has been boiling over ever since with both fighters taking to Twitter to jab at one another until they finally meet in the Octagon.

Their meeting however has been delayed as thumb surgery will put Jones out of action for the next several months, and Evans will now face NCAA champion wrestler Phil Davis at UFC 133 in August. Still, just because they aren’t fighting now it doesn’t mean they’re aren’t a few questions to be answered.

One of them for Jones was a comment Evans made about him on Twitter calling him a ‘swagger jacker’. The UFC’s top light heavyweight explained exactly what that mean during the Super 7 meeting prior to UFC 129.

“Swagger is what makes you sexy, it’s what makes you, you,” Jones commented. “So we have this stylist whenever there’s really big events going on and they want us to look good, look our best. I think I was sent to the same exact stylist (as Rashad), and I ended up wearing the same shirt, the same suit and the same tie that Rashad wore like a year earlier.

“So I show up at Jay Leno with this suit on and he sees the suit and he’s like ‘oh you’re copying my style’. It was totally not intentional, but a little embarrassing.”

Same suit aside, the war of words has slowed down since Jones was forced out of their bout, but it doesn’t mean isn’t still a score to be settled.

For his part, Jones doesn’t hold any ill will towards Evans. As a matter of fact, he’s not sure where the ill will began, but he’s hoping when they fight at some point down the road they can close that chapter and go back to being friends.

“It’s definitely going to be huge for the sport, teammates fighting each other. You know Rashad, we were friends and hopefully we can be friends after the fight. It’s just business. Like if the Patriots had a friend on the Jets it’s not like they can’t play each other in the Super Bowl. You’ve just got to get the job done,” said Jones.

“I think this whole Rashad Evans situation is really weird because the night before my (Ryan) Bader fight he came to my dinner and told me I was getting the shot against Shogun and he gave me his blessing. Now suddenly I’m the guy who betrayed him and all this type of stuff. I really don’t know how that happened.”

If Evans wants his revenge he’ll have to get past Phil Davis first and then face Jon Jones in the future. This is one rivalry that is definitely to be continued…

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  • wonggfan

    Although I wouldn’t say Rashad is as annoying as Tito or Frank Mir, his attempts to stay relevant is just laughable.

    Why isn’t he looking for a rematch with Lyoto? Why isn’t he looking for a match with Shogun? What makes him think that by beating Rampage via point match, he is the #1 contender?

    This is what I think about Rashad. He is at best top 5. But he acts like he is top 2 or 3.

    Let’s look at his record:
    Majority Draw with Tito: lame
    2nd round KO of Liddell: Given Liddell’s recent performance, not that impressive. Shogun schooled Liddell and even Franklin KOed Liddell
    KO of Forrest: He was losing the fight until the KO. Given Forrest’s recent performance, not impressive.

    And then…

    KTFO by a real Top 3 fighter in Lyoto

    Then eeks out a really boring decision against T. Silva and Rampage.

    And now he thinks he is ready for the title?

    I’ll tell you what. Rashad doesn’t want to fight Shogun or Lyoto at this point because a loss to them (which is very likely) would mean that he might never get a title shot.

    But if he loses to Jon Jones (which is very likely), he still can fight Shogun or Lyoto after that and stay relevant for couple more years.

    Rashad sucks.

    • saywhat

      uh, hello folks ! Obviously, someone besides Rashad thinks he’s the number 1 contender ! And they’re the ones WHOSE OPINIONS COUNT ! : Dana, the Fertittas, and Joe Silva … Who the heck else is gonna get the title shot ??? You can’t really give it to Rampage or Machida ….. You can’t give it to Forrest “yet” … if Phil Davis beats Rashad, Rashad won’t get the title shot…..

      • wonggfan

        Dude you are so fcking stupid.

        A real #1 contender is the #2 guy. Rashad is #1 contender purely because of promotional reasons.

        Dana’s opinion “counts” in a sense that he is the president and he can make whatever decisions he wants. But that doesn’t mean that making Rashad #1 contender is CORRECT.

        Look, Rashad is avoiding Lyoto and Shogun for a reason. If he loses to them, he might never get a title shot at this point. And one of them schooled him well.

  • BigGuy

    I couldn’t agree more! Rashad is an ok fighter, but even top 5 is a stretch. This is a guy that has really been the beneficiary of circumstance. He is not nearly as relevant as any of the top 5 guys out there, and acting like he is doesn’t make it so.

    Rashad does suck!!

  • ShockednAwed

    Agree and Agree.

    Jon Jones’ word is better than Jesus Christ’s right now. If he says that douchebag came and gave him his blessings on earning the title shot, only to turn around and call him a backstabber in public, then that’s what he did.

    Rashad does indeed suck.

  • wonggfan

    I just can’t wait to see Jones, Shogun, or Lyoto fight this guy.

    Sinec when does a decision over T.Silva and Rampage = #1 contender?

    The funny thing is, Rampage dropping Rashad was the most meaningful thing that happened in that fight. It was a fucking point match.

    If Rashad was a true fighter, he would have asked for Lyoto rematch.