Johny Hendricks Won’t Be Denied: ‘Who is Georges St-Pierre to be My Judge?’

March 15, 2013
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Johny HendricksJohny Hendricks has only ever lost one fight in his professional career, a decision loss to Rick Story nearly two and a half years ago.

Since that fight, Hendricks has been the epitome of a one-man wrecking machine. He’s won five consecutive fights with four of the five being Top 10 fighters: Mike Pierce, Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, and Martin Kampmann.

If those aren’t No. 1 contender credentials, what are?

How about adding perennial UFC welterweight title contender Carlos Condit to the hit list? Would that put any doubts to rest?

It certainly should, but most people already do consider Hendricks the No. 1 contender to Georges St-Pierre’s welterweight strap. It happens to be that the one man contesting Hendricks’ worthiness is GSP himself; one of the few men that also has some power to derail his title shot.

“It isn’t the world; it is GSP.  It is, in this situation, because of GSP,” declared Hendricks in a recent interview with official content partner Knockout Radio.

So what does he aim to do about it? He aims to change St-Pierre’s mind, and short of that, he aims to position himself such that UFC officials can’t deny him his shot unless St-Pierre finally agrees to take a superfight with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Hendricks next faces Carlos Condit – who is one fight removed from losing his challenge of St-Pierre – at UFC 158 on March 16 in Montreal. That is the same fight card that St-Pierre headlines against Nick Diaz, a fight that the champ specifically requested instead of facing Hendricks.

Hendricks had initially agreed to fight Jake Ellenberger on the card with Condit facing Rory MacDonald. When MacDonald fell out due to injury, Hendricks seized the opportunity for what he sees as a much more dangerous fight, and one that would pay a much bigger reward if he is successful.

“My coaches found out that Rory MacDonald got hurt and they jumped all over it,” Hendricks recounted. “It’s a big fight; it’s a good fight.  He’s coming right off a title shot, a title run, all that kind of stuff.

“Carlos Condit is the tougher fight and what I’m trying to do is… if I do fight Condit and I win then there’s nobody else in the division that get’s the title shot.”

St-Pierre has pointed to Hendricks’ split decision victory over Josh Koscheck as one of the prime reasons he wanted to instead fight Diaz. St-Pierre said that he believes Koscheck was the real winner of that fight, and thus, Hendricks doesn’t yet deserve a shot.

Hendricks doesn’t necessarily buy that. Perhaps his patented left-hand knockouts of Fitch and Kampmann had something to do with GSP not wanting the fight.

Either way, Hendricks doesn’t take kindly to St-Pierre denying him.

“He said the only reason why I’m not the No. 1 contender in his eyes is because he thought I lost to Josh Koscheck.  And so that’s his claim, right?  That’s it,” said Hendricks.

“Who is he to be my judge?  Who is he to keep me from something that I’ve earned. So that being said, that doesn’t make any sense.  I think that it might be that he’s worried about my power and my wrestling abilities.”

Regardless of why Georges St-Pierre has denied Johny Hendricks, Hendricks isn’t about to site idly by and let his future slip away. He intends to take the toughest fights there are – in this case, Carlos Condit – and keep winning until St-Pierre has no choice but to step up to the plate and give him a shot at the belt.

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  • George Sperry

    Who is Hendricks to decide Conduit is tougher than Ellenberger? See how that works Johny? Everything in fighting is speculative. Who is GSP? If you have to ask then you are delusional.
    Diaz talked his way into this fight and as unfair as that is it is the way the UFC works now, see Chael Sonnen.
    GSP rarely shows emotion but Diaz struck a nerve and Georges wants to beat the crap out of him, and he will,
    As to GSP being afraid of you, that’s a joke right?

    • lifsabiatch

      yeah the real irony of him complaining is that Diaz had more than earned his shot before he was pulled out and then Condit stole his nb1 spot. Now the exact same thing is going to happen to him! this is hilarious im LMAO hahaha 😛

      • Tommy Blingshyne

        ummmm the difference being condit beat diaz whereas hendricks has been knocking all the top WWs out…so its pretty much nowhere near as close…who the hell did diaz beat to “more then earn” his title shot? hendricks is by far and away the true #1 contender….this is just the UFC trying to cash in on a big PPV event because they f***** up and dropped the ball and missed the original opportunity to book this fight…by them pulling diaz from the main event a yr or so ago, the UFC killed the anticipation for this fight…diaz ended up losing, got suspended, “retired” and all the while hendricks has been laying waste to the division…all the luster for the GSP v. Diaz fight is gone…nobody cares anymore…everyone saw how Bendo v. Nate Diaz played out and reality smacked them in the face bc we just saw the blueprint for exactly how GSP is gonna run through Nick

        • lifsabiatch

          the only thing that you stated is how much time to lose you have cause every thing you said is beside my point.
          I just think condit will beat hendricks its all, seeing how he has a granite chin, great footwork and superior standup skills compared to johny who never did much behind his first power punches.
          But for the record Diaz going 10-0 before condit, defending strickforce belt several times had earned him a fair shot.
          And his fight will be NOTHING like nate’s since GSP will not want to trade standing with nick. btw i think nate havin trouble cutting weight was one of the reason he was so apathetic in his fight.
          damn i too have time to lose

    • Advance*

      Condit beat Ellenberger and was just the interim champ. That’s why he can say Condit is a tougher fight. There’s a difference between using logic like that and saying I think Hendricks really lost his fight and Diaz really won his fight, so I’m gonna fight Diaz. That’s called rationalizing

      • BRAD

        And what you just did is MMA math, sir. Not logic. fighter X beat fighter Y and Fighter Y beat Fighter Z so Fighter X can beat Fighter Z… Ever hear of styles make fights? So no your “logic” makes just as much sense as GSP’s. Btw Condit beat Ellenberger by split decision when a lot of people gave the nod to Ellenberger if you wanna get nit picky like that

        • League

          GSP beat everybody….

        • Tommy Blingshyne

          condit is higher ranked, was just the interim champion, pretty hard to deny hendricks a WW title shot if he beats condit whereas, beating ellenberger doesnt mean you get a title shot, TBH, ellenberger is a lower ranked win then all of hendricks recent top 10 wins…fitch was #2 when he KO’d him, kampmann was just coming off a KO of ellenberger when hendricks knocked him out and koscheck and ellenberger were pretty close in rank w/ koscheck possibly being a spot or 2 higher…its pretty easy to understand why hendricks v. condit makes more sense then ellenberger…are peoples brains not functioning correctly? i didnt even have to think to put that together…WTF?

        • Alex Anderson

          MMA math is one of the only things you CAN use when determining who the next challenger for the title is. The other thing that’s used is obviously consumer demand. The ufc thinks that a fight with Diaz will get good numbers, and so that’s the main reason why GSP’s request was accepted. I think it’s also easy to understand that GSP wants to get Diaz out of the way. Hendricks will get his chance, I’m not sure what the rush is. Hendricks could use the extra time to hone his skills anyway, so really I think Hendricks is lucky that he gets to fight Condit first. It gives him a better chance of raising his experience and skill to a level that will be sufficient against GSP

          • BRAD


    • Sir_Roy

      As aforementioned, I think Hendricks wants to bang with Condit more than he wants to grapple with another top tier wrestler.

      I think he’s grown overly cocksure of his big left hand and finds Condit the easier opponent. I think he’s going to have a rude awakening.

      Condit’s going to kick his a$$ to be blunt.

    • GSP remember this????
      You think Johnny begged for a fight, Johnny did not beg he pretty much called you out. You got down on your knees and begged. That is why Dana loves you. But now you made Dana mad by not doing what he wants so he will make you fight Hendricks.

      Been awhile since you fought a 100% all out fight. not sure your hungry any more. Reminds me of GSP right before he fought Matt Seirra.

  • RedLeb

    i believe it’s his left not his right hand that knocks people out. And who is GSP, he’s the champ and has been the champ for a long time. That give’s him some authority as to who deserves a shot or at the vey worst who he would like to fight once in a while.

    • UFC Politics Suck

      Fighters should not be allowed to choose who they fight. That makes absolutely no sense. It’s all about the money. That’s why they didn’t let Jose Aldo say no to Anthony Pettis.

      • Sir_Roy

        7 title defenses, best welter weight in UFC history, arguably the best (at least top 3) pound per pound fighter in the world, and the biggest PPV draw the UFC has … by far … and I’m sorry, but GSP is not ‘just’ a fighter.

        That kind of rap sheet allows privileges and allots certain favors whether you like it or not. If you can’t make the distinction, then you’re living in an ideal world that is not called planet Earth.

        And we can all relax, it’s happened once in his stellar career that the UFC gave Georges the fight he wanted. And it’s not a bad fight at all. In fact, it makes more sense in many ways than the Hendricks fight insofar as entertainment value is concerned.

        Again, it’s happened for him once, and he EARNED it – it’s not like GSP gets free reign on a daily basis or anything.

  • Dave Stiles

    Keep trying stupid no one wants to see you fight GSP.

    • tutu

      weirdly a lot do apparently, dickheads can never get enough of one punch knock outs

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      everyone prefers gsp v. hendricks over gsp v. diaz…that fight is lame as hell…did you not see bendo v. nate diaz? this fight plays out the same exact way….diaz has nothing to offer…hendricks is a power puncher w/ solid wrestling…stylistically, its a way more intriguing fight

      • Randi

        Oh well, its too bad that fight isn’t going happen. It least not for the title!

      • Sir_Roy

        Why you continue to tout everyone when it’s really only YOU is beyond me.

  • Brendan

    I like Hendricks. He seems like a nice guy and he can fight. But he sounds like a little crybaby here. If any one deserves to choose an opponent, it’s GSP. He’s paid his dues, and Hendricks can wait and stop his whining. If he barely got by Koscheck, then George will dominate him the same way he did Josh.

    • Bry Ocampo

      nobody deserves to pick his fight even if you defend your title 300 times, youre the champion you shouldnt be fighting anyone but the number 1 contender either diaz or hendricks or ching ching chong if he’s the number 1 contender then that guy should the champion fight.
      The number 1 (chamption) is god and cannot be challenged by any one but the number 2.

      The number 2 (the contender) can challenge the number 1, but can also be challenged by the world.
      (well practically the contender must be challenged by a top 10 atleast hehe)

  • youllbesorry

    GSP is the guy who beat the $hit out of the guy who will knock you out. Look him up

    • Uncle Dana’s Fan

      You are so stupid. I can hardly stand it. Why are people like you allowed to voice an opinion?! It’s infuriating.

      • youllbesorry

        ok sure.. I probably would have deserved that for writing GSP is the guy who spent 25 min humping the $hit out of the guy who will run away from you for 15, but then you and 100 other r3tards would’ve liked my comment 😛
        u don’t agree Condit>hendricks? but than again u are dana’s fan so not a big fan of the truth

      • Heathcliff

        The winner of Johnny vs Carlos gets Diaz.! The loser fights St pierre. Now you got it!?

  • If he does beat Condit he deserves a shot. But anything can happen in a fight so lets see what happens with GSP/Diaz and GSP/Silva being in the works. I’m sure GSP has no problem fighting Hendricks it’s his job to fight the toughest challenger. He just asked for Diaz to settle some business.

  • robbiez

    Iv been seeing a ton of very recent interviews with nick diaz stating that all this “hate” and hype around that gorge hates nick diaz is all fake. Nick has been saying that GSP didn’t even ask for this fight. I kind of even see where he is coming from, Im sure dana had a lot to do with this fight because hes all about the money. This fight is bringing in a TON of money for dana.

    I also saw interviews about how dana has been saying he hasnt been showing up for the media and video shoots, from the interviews nick has been saying its a load of BS. He says that he hasnt shown up because no one has been asking him or reaching out to him about doing media stuff or video shoots.

  • juandingo

    I hope hendrix knockouts out gsp
    Gets through condit and lets his heavy hands and stong
    Wrestling do the talking…
    I hate ufc champs cherry picking fights..
    Fight who is number 1 not who talks trash

    • UFC Politics Suck

      Someone who actually makes sense. I don’t understand the “logic” of some of these comments and the people who make them.

    • Sir_Roy

      GSP was set to fight Diaz twice. He was robbed the fight he prepared for … twice. So yeah, he wants to finish what was started in 2011 and shut Diaz up. I can understand that … and he’s earned the right IMHO.

      Really doubt either GSP or the UFC are going to make a habit out of it so we can all relax.

      I see no reason to foul a man who took every single fight the UFC wanted him to fight for years, fought without complaint every single #1 contender, and then asking ONCE for a fight he was already supposed to have twice over.

      • Tommy Blingshyne

        not making a habit out of it? have you not been paying attention…all the UFC does is give out undeserved title shots these days…frankie edgar got an undeserved rematch vs bendo, lost, then got an immediate undeserved FW title shot vs aldo…sonnen is getting an undeserved title shot vs. bones… diaz is getting an undeserved title shot vs gsp….pettis is getting an undeserved title shot vs aldo…it goes on and on…

        • Sir_Roy

          It goes on and on … stop being melodramatic.

          Frankie Edgar deserved every fight he got. You’re delusional to say otherwise. He gave rematch after rematch in every single close match … his fight against Bendo was close enough itself to warrant the favor be returned in kind. And everyone wanted to see Edgar versus Aldo … except maybe you. To which I really, truly have to wonder why the “f” not.

          UFC, don’t listen to these whiners and complainers. Keep making the fights people actually want to see. Please and thank you.

    • Kiernan Chamberlain

      Koscheck is the same fighter except orthodox… when hendricks gets outboxed by GSP for a round or 2, he would try to wrestle and be thoroughly dominated. just like all the top wrestlers he fights. and he did lose that fight to koscheck.

      • Bry Ocampo

        hello bro? GSP did not out wrestled koscheck on the 2nd fight, he won on the stand up but paid a lot of damages whenever he tries a shoot for the TD….

  • Maverick

    Tired of him whining about the same thing. Nobody told him he was getting a shot. It was all the mma pundits saying he could be next that he chose to listen too. The GSP/Diaz fights has been a long time coming, plus its a grudge match and a much bigger draw. People forget the amount of casual fans that make up the PPV buying audience.They don’t follow the news, just tune in to watch the fights. Most have no idea who Hendricks is.

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      grudge match? bwhahaha…i see you bought into the UFC hype machine hook line and sinker…there is no grudge…gimme a break…funny thing is, this really isnt a bigger PPV buying event…GSP sells 600-700k by himself…doesnt matter if it was diaz or hendricks against him…

      • Maverick

        You are right, it was the UFC hype when Diaz was routinely calling out GSP in the cage post fight during his Strikeforce days.bwahaha…you must be new. GSP is the draw, but who he is fighting is the difference between 500K buys and 1 Million.

        • Randi

          Diaz/Penn…Diaz/Condit… Both main event big draws…

          • Bry Ocampo

            Condit and Penn both already ahve drawing power specially Penn… but trust me, Diaz wont do anything scary for GSP.

  • Theodore

    This guy doesn’t really think Pierce was a top 10 fighter when Hendricks beat him right?

  • MMAniac

    Im so f***** sick off Hendricks crying and bitching, GSP has never ever said he wasn’t worthy, All he said was Koscheck should have got the decision vs Hendricks, which is true, everyone who seen that fight knows Kos shuda won, and GSP beat down Kos twice, easily. That being the case and the fact he has unfinished business with Diaz he wanted that fight instead. I think it was a huge mistake for Hendricks to take the Condit fight, though I agree if he’d have beat Ellenberger that really doesn’t change his position and beating Condit would, problem is I don’t think he beats Condit, can’t wait for Carlos to shut this jerks mouth.

    • UFC Politics Suck

      Hendricks is a better wrestler than Condit and he hits harder than Condit. Condit has better Jiu-Jitsu and better technical striking. Hendricks is going to TKO Condit in the 1st or the 2nd.

      • Sebastian Sassi

        Carlos isn’t going to stand still for him like Kampmann did. He’ll circle away from the left, score hooks and kicks, and win a decision. He’s NEVER been stopped by strikes. People don’t seem to remember that.

    • richard duncan

      he did say he was not deserving of the fight.

  • Orville

    I don’t think it’s a very good idea for Johnny to be looking past Condit. Probably a better idea to focus on the fight at hand instead of spouting off about Georges again!

  • UFC Politics Suck

    I’m so tired of people getting on Hendricks case for complaining. GSP is the one who didn’t want to fight Hendricks. Jose Aldo can’t choose who to fight, but GSP can? UFC politics are going to drive this company into the ground one day.

    • richard duncan

      i agree, the ufc brass will end up turning the ufc into what boxing is now. a joke. thats why i watch more bellatore theese dayswhen the champ defends his gold, its against the true number one contender.the tallent is not as deep, but there fights deserved .

    • Bry Ocampo

      did jose has a lot of title defenses?
      thats why he cant be compared to GSP, but yes I agreee with you no one should eb picking their fights.. but maybe just maybe yeah just this once lets give gsp achance but trust me i hate this thing too…

  • J crew

    Hendricks is now dangerously approaching Weidman level of crybabyness.

    Whether he is right or not at a certain point seeing a grown man whine and complain gets old. For me he just crossed a threshold.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    What’s everybody getting so worked up for? Diaz vs. GSP won’t happen. The stoner’s gonna screw it up. Likely he’s taking a weed-nap during the next press conference. Maybe he gets the muchies and can’t make weight. I predict Hendricks will fight GSP at 158 due to Diaz blowing it.

  • Jimmy

    Who’s says GSV is going to get Diaz? You can only hug a guy so long and Diaz is a master on the ground….

    • Jimmy

      Beat Diaz not get…

    • Rory

      Wow, someone who knows his mma! Jackson and Zahabi are good at talking smoke screen game plans.Diaz is ready for everything!

  • Tommy Blingshyne

    there is absolutely no legitimate arguement against hendricks being the true #1 contender…hes done by far and away more then anyone else in the division…stylistically its a far more interesting fight vs GSP…power punching wrestler intrigues me much more then a BJJ guy no TDD…GSP has the best top game in MMA…hes not getting subbed by Diaz and Diaz cant stop the TDs…we already saw how Bendo/Diaz played out…this is gonna be exactly the same…at least w/ Hendricks, theres a chance he can defend the TD and George may be forced to stand up, GSP technical striking vs Hendricks cement left hand…id much rather see that…

    • Arashikage

      There is no more a legitimate argument for Hendricks as there is against him. Rankings are speculation and opinion, not exact science. Sure the argument for Hendricks is there. He knocked out a guy no longer in the UFC, a split decision against a guy on the way down, and another knockout of a gatekeeper. If you want to go further back the list only gets more lackluster. If you want the style match up of a wrestler with punching power, go watch GSP vs Koscheck again. I don’t know where the crying out for Hendricks is going to get you anyway. GSP/Diaz is in two weeks, and you are going to watch it.

  • StealingFire

    lol, GSP isn’t worried about anyone’s wrestling.

  • Sir_Roy

    Y’know what? In taking the Condit fight, Hendricks himself is dodging Ellenberger IMHO. I think Hendricks is afraid of facing another wrestler to be blunt … he has grown overly confident in his knockout power and wants to bang with Condit more than he wants to grapple with Ellenberger.

    Think about it folks. Hendricks is playing the game.

  • Alex Anderson

    GSP will probably fight Hendricks soon. Even if he loses to Condit, he might still end up fighting GSP soon. Hendricks knows that the sooner he gets a title shot, the sooner he’ll start making more money and making himself more marketable. If Hendricks only cared about winning, then you’d think he’d rather fight Condit first, because it would give him more time to develop his skills against a very well rounded fighter, and allow him to be better prepared if/when he finally does fight GSP. I think it’s not hard to understand that GSP wants to deal with Diaz because it feels like unfinished business, and the ufc agreed because Diaz is a good pay per view draw, and perhaps because they thought that they should honour the first special request that GSP has ever made after 9 years with the company.

  • Jack

    GSP is scared of Hendricks. He has crazy KO power with great wrestling. Compared to him what does Diaz bring to the table. I mean Diaz is good and extremely entertaining but stylistically GSP will probably just take him down and dry hump him for 5 rounds to keep his title. At least with Hendricks there are some uncertainities to what would go down. Hendricks has KO power so he can easily finish the fight at any point and his wrestling may be able to stop GSP. With Diaz what are the chances he will finish the fight against a guy like GSP?

  • Larry

    Pierce and koscheck were both split decisions that could of went either way, and a lucky punch to kampmann. Shut the fk up!

  • dathump

    look at it this way, any top fighter that can avoid the left hand turns it into a close of split decision. What GSP is saying, when Hendricks fought Kos it was a split decision that could have gone either way, when GSP fought Kos he won all 5 rounds clearly. I think GSP has earned the right to express his oppinion on who he would like to fight next and why and if the UFC sees his logic (and by logic i mean money) in that fight, then go for it. As for DiazI think if Johnney beats carlos, even by decision i think Georges will give him his dues. As for Diaz, I wouldn’t say he is more deserving of a title shot, but for sure more deserving of getting his beat up.

  • kbroesq

    Hendrix is putting far too much weight into the perceived authority that GSP has to make fights. I’m sure GSP’s opinion means a lot to D. White, but at the end of the day, GSP/Diaz is being made primarily because it’s a money fight, and not simply because GSP asked for it over Hendrix.

    Also, Hendrix needs to stop with the comments about GSP being his judge. Maybe some day Hendrix will be champ and he’ll understand that the media asks you questions, and they expect an answer. The media asks GSP a question, and he gives an honest answer. Instead of getting angry with GSP simply for answering the question, maybe Hendrix should argue with the content of GSP’s answer.

  • Louis

    Hendricks is good, and right now he has the element of surprise on his side. After he has to fight Condit, and probably one more opponent, I think GSP will know enough about his striking game (still evolving) to potentially find a weakness in Hendricks’ game. Honestly, if you would have given Hendricks this fight against GSP he would possibly win, and a big part of that is the element of surprise that he still has.

  • marcel jaremko

    hahahahaha who is he ….the champ fool !!! and thats it and on top of that afraid of wrestling….. would anyone say that hendricks is a better wrestler than matt hughes !!! and is your left hand any better than what was the fools name from england with the crazy hair ! dont even remember becasue his that far out of the picture ! i would stay humble and prove everyone wrong before i would start talking so much trash !!! jon jones did it right and he had a much better record than you

  • mike

    When he knocks out Condit, if he can catch him, it will be George vs Johny. Mark my word.

  • hieagle11

    Carlos moves too quickly for Hendricks and will win an easy submission, toward the end of the fight…