Johny Hendricks: The People’s Champion?

November 19, 2013
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34-Johny-Hendricks-9313-UFC-167-w-a Johny Hendricks entered the Octagon on Saturday night at UFC 167 with one goal and that was to dethrone welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

While the 30-year-old didn’t walk out with the belt, in the eyes of many, he is the champion.

The judges awarded St-Pierre a highly controversial split decision victory with two of them giving him the first round, which ended up deciding the result of the fight.

“I am the champion,” Hendricks said post-fight. “I don’t care about Georges. I beat him anyway. I just want the belt. That’s the only thing motivating me. I need to get it. That’s my drive. I thought I got it tonight, but I guess I didn’t.”

UFC president Dana White was also highly critical of the decision saying that he scored the fight four rounds to one in favor of Hendricks, while most others had it three rounds to two in favor of Hendricks with the challenger winning rounds 1, 2, and 4. White went on to rip on the Nevada State Athletic Commission, saying that the state’s governor, Brian Sandoval, should step in and take control.

“Nevada is a very scary place,” White said. “This is the worst commission on the planet. I’m blown away that Georges St-Pierre won the fight. It’s not fair; it’s not right. Johny Hendricks won that fight and he deserves to get that fight again.”

Some fighters went on to say it was the worst decision in UFC history. One thing is for sure, Hendricks will be determined if the pair meet again after giving St-Pierre the toughest fight of his career.

It still remains to be seen when or if the champion will return to the cage, but Saturday night proved that it might not be long until we see a changing of the guard in the UFC’s welterweight division.

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  • Flutie

    People Champion?? Give me a break.

    Mr. Tap….or Mr. Out till May 2014 maybe.

    We are used to GSP dominating everyfighter he faces, clearly he didn”t … add Rogan dripping on Hendricks all night you get massive bias.

    • Guest

      How inappropriate of you to write that s***, i mean really? And i think, i think Rogan knows a “litlle” more about mma than you flutie.

    • solo

      How inappropriate of you to write that s***, i mean really? And i think,
      i think Rogan knows a “litlle” more about mma than you flutie.

      • Austin, TX

        Hendricks is hardly the people’s champ. He is a b*tchy lying little douche. Sitting there spitting his chewing tobacco and spittle into a cup while he is talking with reporters at a press conference with a wad of chewing tobacco in his mouth forming excess spittle. He said he was going to touch him and knock him out. He touched him many times and it didn’t work out. Also he tapped quickly 3 or 4 times in a kimura or whatever that was at 20 seconds (before he realized he was out.). Thats a tap out whether the UFC wants to talk about it or not. The ref clearly didn’t see it and now nobody wants to discuss because it opens up more crap. Rogan didn’t see it and if he did he didn’t want to talk about it. Hendricks is not the people’s champion. he’s been on the receing end of decisions that clearly could have gone the other way. Kos, Condit, etc.
        Plus GSP actually was dealing with sh*t we now know. (The woman that wants to have his baby etc.) That would put any man in a state of semi-panic.

        • Maddawgmar

          First of he was dipping not chewing tobacco, difference. Whether it was a tap or not is irrelevant because it wasn’t seen so the fight went on. GSP should have held on and maybe a tap would have been seen. Why are there alway excuses when GSP loses or under performs? He was nervous because Matt Hughes was his idol so he lost. He had personal issue is why Matt Serra KO’d him. He got hit in the eye and couldn’t see, that’s why Jake Shields was able to win the last two rounds. He had baby mama problems so that is why Hendricks was able to heat him up.

          • Maddawgmar

            Beat him up*. He need to stop making excuses and own up. But I agree Hendricks has been at the other end of bad decisions. And while I believe GSP lost this fight, I am not in an outrage over the decision. Close fight, not razor close, but close

          • Denise

            actually Matt Hughes is the reason GSP got into fighting and the only reason he didn’t beat him is because he respected Hughes as for the other fights he lost at least he didn’t go off crying and so what if he under performed what fighter hasn’t.

          • Maddawgmar

            Listen to what you said. GSP didn’t beat Matt Hughes because he respected him. That is the lamest excuse ever. GSP lost because he was not the better man that night. But he does give excuses, that’s all he did during the build up of the Serra rematch, give the excuse that he had a hard Time training because of family issues.

        • Austin, TX

          Just in: According to Bleacher Report the pregnancy rumour is supposedly a myth. The real deal is supposedly he (GSP) is being sued by his ex manager Shari Spencer for millions. We’ll see. He’s been saying he can’t sleep at night. We’ll see I guess what the deal is soon.

    • Pat Garret

      Whatever your smoking I want some! Stop dreaming son, JH had, Gsp hurt badly, and staggering .This fight reminds me of Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas. After, Buster dominated mike for 10 rds and eventually knocking him out. Two of the judges had Mike Tyson winning the fight…

      • Flutie

        Rogan hype… that all it is… who is out till May 2014. Knee damage caused by GSP kicks.. there is more to a fight than shock and awe LOL American.

    • Me

      If you think St Pierre won that fight you’re either a delusional nuthugger or Canadian.

      • Denise

        what is that supposed to mean you must be American a sore loser .

        • Me

          It means I have eyes in my head that actually work like literally 99% of the mma media, fans, analysts and fighters.

      • Flutie

        1 3 5 baby!!!!!!

        Who is out till May 2014??? Hendricks knuckle head.

  • jake snod

    Just not fair that Johnny got the shaft. Give him his belt.

  • Big Tuna

    Hendricks dominated the champ I was rooting for…therefore he is both the peoples champ and the outright best Welterweight in the UFC

  • Fainmal

    Champions don’t run off at the mouth before a fight, and then make excuses after they fail to deliver on those promises.

    Actually, sounds pretty close to what Tito does, so maybe that IS the new definition of a ‘peoples chumpion’

    Champions do not discredit their opponents, nor do they disrespect them. Champions don’t try and coast through a fight and cry, bitch and moan about not winning. Champions take responsibility for their losses. Champions don’t believe their own hype.

    And Champions give it 100%

    From a street fight perspective Hendricks won in the eyes of SPECTATORS. But this is a five round COMPETITION. And that is what he lost in the eyes of the JUDGES.

    Hendricks is acting like a spoiled little brat. Perhaps mixed in with those push ups at 5 yrs old there should have been some life lessons on humility, and sportsmanship.

    If Hendricks would have had any, he wouldn’t have dismissed GSP’s abilities and he wouldn’t have put some much stock in his own. Based on Hendricks’ skill set, Hendricks SHOULD have done to GSP what Woodley did to Koscheck.
    Hendricks can only blame himself for losing, its nobodies fault but his own. Well, maybe he can share that with his corner for telling him he had the fight won after rd 4.

    The rematch will not help Hendricks. What is GSP’s rematch record? What does he do to those fighters?
    Hugh’s got himself and armbar and a KO. He made Penn quit after 4 rds. And finished Serra.
    The last thing anyone wants to do is get into a rematch with GSP.

    • Very well put. It was a very close and tough fight but GSP won. Instead Johny needs to start calling out whos next to get another title shot if its not given to him. Everyone thought GSP was going to knocked out but instead he hung in there for one his toughest fights in a long time.

      • Fightfankevin

        I kind of agree. I would have probably said Hendricks won but certainly not by a blow out like Dana and everyone else is making it out to be. Most agree Hendricks won 2 and 4, GSP 3 and 5. The only controversy was round one and it was close. And with significant strikes the case can be made handily for GSP to win the fight. Again I thought Hendricks won, but not by much. Certainly not the dominant win everyone seems to think it was. Btw, why doesn’t Dana give us the old “don’t leave it in the judges hands” speech? That’s what Johnny did.

        • A rematch would be interesting. This fight is bad for everyone. For the fans, Hendricks and even GSP. Maybe Johny was hoping to land that big shot and didn’t want to push the wrestling to much and maybe GSP didn’t want to use energy going for takedowns or get to close so he kept it standing and stayed active throwing many kicks. I agree with the judges after looking at the scorecards. What would you have thought of a draw?

          • Fightfankevin

            I really hate draws, especially when you’re paying 60-70 for a PPV but it might have been fitting. I guess all in all I’m satisfied with the GSP win, considering how close it was, plus Hendricks didn’t live up to his promise to destroy GSP. He rocked him but simply could not finish him. I hate to use a “wrasslin” term but like Ric Flair always said to be the man you have to beat the man.

          • Just not a good ending for either guy. But it was a tough fight.

          • Denise

            I agree with that they should have a rematch , GSP is always stronger in his rematches he’s shown that a number of times so yeah a rematch would be interesting

          • Maybe GSP will have his head together and work a different strategy, He landed shots and backed out to avoid the counter every time. Maybe next time he’ll go for more take downs or mix it up like he usually does. All Hendricks has to do is push forward more. I’m excited for the rematch.

    • Denise

      yup seems to me GSP is stronger in his rematches and why is that it’s because every fight he’s been in there has been a question whether or not he deserved it like when he beat BJ Penn the first time but BJ wanted a rematch because he accused GSP of rubbing himself down with oils so he would be slippery to touch .

  • Woodley and Hendricks anyone?

    • JRod

      Woodley vs Lawler, before either get a shot.
      I think Koscheck is retiring soon, and McDonald isn’t a mature fighter, yet. Neither win was surprising, and both aren’t even top 10 wins.

      Hendricks and Condit should rematch for the belt.

      • Jacob K

        Woodly and lawler will not fight until there is no other option both at Att

        • Lawler is ready to fight for the interim title I believe he stated. They are both out of ATT but they probably haven’t trained together long if at all. I’m sure both guys would step up for a #1 contender fight in a second. GSP and Condit trained at Jacksons but never really trained together.

          • Jacob K

            And yet Woodly and lawler are not in the top ten. I say askren before these two. He’s top ten and hasn’t fought any of the UFC guys. People are all over these two guys nuts after Saturday, but they still have work to do before any interim belt. Gsp I’ll fight again in august or some thing so probly not.

          • Lawlers win over Rory puts him in a good spot. I wouldn’t mind him fighting Kampmann to cement himself as a true contender for those who have a problem with him. Askren is calling out Rory but I’d rather see him fight Josh Koscheck. I hope the UFC picks him up and gives him just one fight to see how he performs.

      • I would like to see Robbie Lawler have a number contender fight. Let’s see what happens with Condit and Brown.

  • Bruce

    johny the loser !

  • bro

    Johnny is the crying little bitch champ

  • Brian

    Very disrespectful article. Very disrespectful to the Champion who has done so well for so long. Because of the scoring system, Johnny didn’t do enough to win the fight. It was two rounds each clearly and round one was close with Pierre actually outnumbering Johnny in each catgegory. I like Johnny, and I don’t LOVE George, but Johnny didn’t WIN that fight … he should have done what he promises to do next time.

    • Denise

      I agree with your comment Brian I’m a big fan of the UFC and alot of things being said here are disrespectful I watched that fight and even though Hendricks caused more damage then GSP, GSP had more strikes take downs and one submission and I’m wondering if it were the other way round would this discussion be happening .I’m a GSP fan but if Hendricks deserves that belt then he should have gotten it . Johny Hendricks is a great guy and an awesome fighter I like him .

  • Ray D.

    The rightful champ….but hardly the people’s chmap.

  • james j

    GSP reminds me of a QB who throws nothing but 8 yard check down passes. He was content to throw punches and kicks with no strength for the purpose of getting points. While JH bashed his face and checked everything. Horrible decision


    Hendricks vs. Lawler for the Interim title in March 2014, Make it happen UFC

  • mmafightclub

    Sore LOSER, Hendricks is a loser

  • Daniel Dieringer

    The new champ people! gsp dont want a rematch to get his belt back.

    • MrChris

      Love it!

    • Prybar

      You may need some help getting that foot out of your craw. Rematch is in the works.

      • Daniel Dieringer

        LOL gsp got his ass wooped and we all know it! This will be the first title defence for JH@b95861efd278d9429a4ef9f406c8f075:disqus

        • Prybar

          Hendricks is a GSP fan!
          He didn’t finish either!

    • GSP is not a new champ? hes still the CHAMP

  • Mr Reality Check

    Peoples Champion!?!? Lets see… He talked crap the entire time about it was only going to take one punch, he went back on his word to do extra testing like GSP did, and he comes across like an arrogant douche bag with a false sense of entitlement and the personality of a turd. He didn’t beat GSP, GSP was in his face for 5 rounds and he couldn’t land his one punch. Did you just watch the same fight I just fought? Yes we did, and you lost, jackass.

    • Jacob K

      Actually read about the testing fiasco and you will see the issue was really in gsps camp. It almost was a nick Diaz type mind game to try and make Johnny look bad. When Johnny said ok to it, the gsp camp asked a zillion weird questions about the testing process, getting their bluff called on it..
      Talking crap. Ever heard of selling a fight?
      He has a right to think he won a fight in which the other guys face looks like a acne riddled teenager shoved Into a meat grinder.
      Facebook fanboys are ruining this sport.

      • Fainmal

        Actually, GSP went through VADA voluntarilly, without Hendricks participating,and GSP was refunded the money he put up front to pay for Hendricks testing.

        When Hendricks said he would do a similar test at a different facility it was HENDRICKS lawyers and representatives that used the excuse that GSPs reps were asking too many questions about those testing specifics. GSP’s camp was insuring that the testing was a rigorous as VADA’s.
        It is more suspect that a dude walking around at 220 cutting to 170 and bouncing back to 200 overnight is abusing some sort of substance, and avoided VADA testing but suggested a testing site he knows how to circumvent.

        • Jacob K

          And yet when you look at the questions being asked by gsp, all the answers were either already available on the website or not allowed to be known by the participants…. Why you worried Georges? Just sayin there are two sides to the story on that. He is the peoples champ because he is an exciting fighter and a straight forward non super star fighter. People love him. Except all 19 year old gsp fanboys whose acne looks worse than gsps face on Saturday night.

          • Fainmal

            Then why have Hendricks lawyers pull the plug? GSP’s reps never indicated GSP wasn’t going to go through with it, but Hendricks reps took the slightest chance to prevent their fighter from doing any drug testing. GSP still went forth with VADA if Johnny was the stand up guy, drug free athlete he is supposed to be he would have undergone voluntary testing at his facility of choice. BUt he didn’t.

            Fact is GSP went through more rigourous testing than standard UFC practices and Johnny avoided it at all costs.

  • Daniel Dieringer

    Does he look like a champion that won lol @c777935099a020f783e397ec140b4d9b:disqus

    • Fainmal

      don’t judge a book by its cover. Johnny put GSP out of commision for 45 days, but GSP put Hendricks on the bench for 6 MONTHS.

      • Jake Reimers

        Lol hendricks put himself out of commishion by beating gsps face in for 25 minutez he was robbed

    • Austin, TX


    • Flutie

      Who has medical suspension till May 2014?? Hendricks.. GSP out till Jan 31/14.

  • Fainmal

    There is only 1 thing that matters in every sporting event on the planet and that is the. score. He who scores the most points wins. Period.
    Team A has 1000 yds rushing and 1800 yds passing for 3 TD’s and a score of 21

    Team B with 400 yds rushing and 600 yds passing and never entered the inzone but racked up 24 pts with 8 field goals.
    Team B wins every time. Doesn’t matter Team A destroyed Team B’s defense. Team B still scored the most points.

  • Hendricks is a byotch who tapped, hes no champ nor will he ever be , he is a joke who tapped first round

    • Thy_Yeti_Knows

      Says the invalid who couldn’t take him with a shotgun

      • why are you here and not at Bingo eating Bannock and huffing gasoline?

      • name a place and time yeti, I will end this once and for all you worthless coward !

        • Thy_Yeti_Knows

          Your humour gene must have been spilled,splashed and otherwise lost on the barnyard haybed huh Beez ?

        • Thy_Yeti_Knows

          sounds like you’re near tears Beez.. check if your humour DNA isn’t now merely a puddle at the glory hole somehow

  • Triggerman99

    LOL! This Hendricks tapping conspiracy flag being waved around is absolutely hilarious. GSP nuthugger damage control is in full swing right now!

    • hurts for ya that hendricks is a bitch who tapped?

      • Triggerman99

        I’m not a Hendricks fan, if that is in fact what you are implying. And the fact that every response you post on here is nothing more than some variation of “Hendricks is a bitch who tapped” actually makes this much, much funnier. Your range as a debater is comical. That’s the best you can do? lol

      • BAdams

        Hendricks didn’t tap moron, u r ridiculous. And by the way, everyone taps, GSP, Anderson Silva, Marcello Garcia, Kron Gracie, everyone! And I guarantee, if u had the balls to train yourself, you’d tap too. It’s not about being a bitch, it’s about being smart. If u are ever in the Chicagoland area make a comment on here to me, u can come by my gym and I’ll be happy to show u what happens when u don’t tap.

        • ok clown, i’d slap you and your entire gym around. you think your a tough guy? come up to my hood and you’ll call me your father when I’m done with you son

        • Denise

          that doesn’t make any sense are you even hearing what your saying your the moron everyone taps I watched a fight where Rich Franklin fought got his arm broken and he didn’t tap he fought to the end when you tap it means you give up it doesn’t mean let me up so I can continue fighting why the f*** do you think the Ref stops the fight after a tap.

    • Denise watch Hendricks tapping in the first round the only reason the ref didn’t see it is because GSP did what he was supposed to do after a tap he let go .

      • Maddawgmar

        I’m sorry, I don’t see a tap. I see a man that was trying to get out of a submission by pushing the leg. And even if GSP thought there was a tap, then he messed up by letting go. You don’t stop until the ref pulls you off. No earlier and no later.

      • Flutie


        Don’t believe the rogan hype… he tapped and now he’s out till May 2014.. who inflcited more damage? GSp cleared to go end of January. THe coaches for Hendricks should be fired with their advice for the 5th round.. Denis nice POST!

      • Kenny Powers

        The so called ‘tap’ came after the weak sub attempt was already let go idiot. Hahahaha get over it, Georges got smashed.

      • Triggerman99

        Thanks for the gif, but I’ve already seen it many, many times. That was absolutely not a tap… all. He never even touched his leg with his hand at all, and he wasn’t even in any danger at the time. You can clearly see his arm on GSP’s thigh, and he’s pushing GSP away. That’s why his hand is doing that wobbly looking thing. Come on now, this is just pathetic at this point.

        • Denise


          • Triggerman99

            You clearly either cant or choose not to actually really watch that gif. Like I said, his hand never even touched GSP at all. I’m not gonna explain it again. Turn you caps lock off and open your eyes.

  • Kenny Powers

    It came down to round 1 on the scorecards. Idk how anyone with a brain gave GSP round 1. The stats showed Hendricks landed more strikes, harder strikes, took GSP down and dictated the pace. Hendrick’s clearly won the fight, but its not GSP’s fault, its these judges that have no MMA knowledge. Look at the damage. GSP was hurt several times in the fight while Johny was smiling the whole time, and Georges face looked worse than JDS after. I’d be pissed too if i beat the hell out of someone for 5 rounds and didnt get the belt. GSP should probly retire, he will get finished in the rematch.

    • Denise

      ok I counted more strikes more take downs and one submission for GSP then for Hendricks and even though Hendricks caused more damage then GSP it doesn’t go buy damage it goes buy strikes take downs and submissions and as for a rematch if you follow the UFC you will find that GSP is always stronger in his rematches after all he took out one of the best if not the best welterweight champion in the UFC Matt Hughes in a rematch

      • Kenny Powers

        Try watching the first round again without any bias. They each got one takedown, but Hendricks kept GSP down longer. At about 30 seconds left in the round they show the significant strike count, Hendricks – 21, GSP – 12. Hendricks pushed the pace the entire round, and GSP’s sub attempt was nowhere near close. And if there’s a rematch, Johny already has his number, he’s just a bad style for George.

        • Duxan1

          This is why GSP will make a fortune out of the second fight. Cause fooled people will start betting on JH.

  • BAdams

    The big problem is the scoring system. How was round 2 a 10-9 for Hendricks and round 3 10-9 for GSP? Hendricks rocked GSP and backed him up the whole round (and the whole fight). GSP landed a couple more jabs than Hendricks, and both got the same amount of points! Ridiculous 10 point must! Also, I just wanna say GSP got a single takedown in round 1, which he did nothing with, and he landed no significant strikes. Hendricks on the other hand, landed a takedown, landed hard elbows that cut GSP, backed him up, and controlled him on the fence. I don’t know how anyone could score that round for GSP.

  • Hendricks is never going to beat GSP. he proved that with his first round TAP.

    • deepgrim

      you seem like the a man who has been hit to many times in the head by johnny hendricks fist. and the fact that a tons of fighters have come out in the company and said hendricks won that fight proves only that you cant rely on a judge to call a fight.

    • microman

      Wow! you’re right every rematch are useless! You are a genius!

  • when you fight a CHAMP its up to the challenger to prove to the judges he won.
    HE FAILED to do so.
    therefore the TRUE champ won!
    Hendricks never could beat GSP

    • Ian Price

      One of the silliest comments I’ve read. Thanks for the good laugh. Were you serious!?

      • fainmal

        say wha?
        So its not the challengers duty to either finish the Champion or beat him in the eyes of the Judges?
        It is silly to expect the challenger to prove he is the better fighter to the judges if it goes to a decision?
        Because the judges’ decision doesn’t mean anything? They are just hanging out scoring the bout for sheets and giggles?
        Yeah, that does sound silly and lame. I retract my statement

        • Ian Price

          I mean, your statement was factually correct, he failed to convince the judges. But if Dana White, Carlos Condit, joe rogan, GSP’s face, as well as fight matrix thought Johny won, well, it’s just something that takes away from the official result, that’s all.

          • jroth420

            Not to mention GSP himself. He didn’t end that fight looking like he won, he hung his head and looked defeated. It wasn’t until his corner ran in and threw his arms up that he played the “I won” game. He knew he got beat and was as surprised as anyone when the decision came down.

          • Tony

            He didn’t even think he won the fight. I agree.

          • Tony


    • Tony

      That was lame.

      • rob

        Not as lame as a grown man Bicep flex posing for his profile shot…

        • Tony

          Sir, please step away from the keyboard or put your phone/tablet down now.

    • fsunoles10

      thats the dumbest argument, both fighters should walk into the cage with a clean slate, your past accomplishments should have 0 to do with the decision the judges come too and to agree that this is the way it should be tells me you never played a sport in your life. whoever is outperformed should be the loser, period.

  • diazfan209

    Hendricks’ right hand looks like it taps 4 times during the choke attempt, but they’re very small quick taps. There really isn’t much reason for a fighter to patter their hand on their opponents leg unless it’s to tap out, but it happens so fast it’s tough to tell.

    Either the small quick taps were just part of Hendricks’ right hand getting position, he actually tapped out, or he knew the ref wouldn’t see the tap and did it to trick GSP. I think that he was just going for position and it was a reflex, but it definitely looks like his right hand pats the legs of GSP whether it was an intentional tap-out or not.

    • jroth420

      It was 19 seconds into the fight and GSP didn’t have a choke locked in at all. Why would he have tapped? The gif that people are using to show it is sketchy at best.

  • Ian Price

    The decision wasn’t the worst in history. But it was still bad. It was as bad as Frankie – bendo II

    • deepgrim

      i think it was prob worst than that decision even thought i scored that fight 4 rounds to frankie, 3 of them very close were as johnny blew gsp away in 2 and 4 and would well up in the first. machida shogun was another awful decision

  • KevStinx

    I thought his fingers tapped twice just as GSP let go slightly to change position, but I could be wrong

  • Triggerman99

    Even more idiotic than this ridiculous “tapping” conspiracy is this new one about “GSP did more damage because Hendricks is medically suspended longer”. Really? Really?! That’s your logic?! You do realize that Hendricks is out because of his knee, right? Which, at most, means it was from GSP’s leg kicks (possibly he just tweaked it, but whatever). OK, just to point out how ingnorant it is to say “GSP did more damage because Hendricks is medically suspended longer”, would you say the same thing if Hendricks KO’d GSP, but then had to sit out for longer than GSP because GSP landed some leg kicks and tweaked Johnny’s knee a little? Now do you see how stupid you sound?
    Wow….. it almost makes me wish you would go back to pretending Hendricks tapped. That was kind of funny at least.

    • Fainmal

      The point is that the claim that Johnny won because GSP’s face is all busted up is equally absurd. GSP’s face represents nothing more than superficial tissue damage. It is NOT an indicator of who won the fight. Which determined by a finish or POINTS awarded by judges.

      The argument should always have been that Hendricks out performed GSP in atleast 3 rounds.

      But non educated UFC fans, Hendricks nuthuggers, and biased americans/anti canadian fans only engage in the ” Look at GSP’s face, he got destroyed, Hendricks is the real champ” argument but avoid a serious conversation about individual round by round performance. Why, because that is a more difficult and educated argument.

      I just took the ‘more damage’ argument and turned against those Hendricks fans that use it for their only definition of a winner.

      • baba

        lol I love this argument, couldn’t have said it better.

      • fsunoles10

        haha i love how you said bias like nobody else in the world is bias towards their countrymen, but hendrix was landing more significant shots on gsp as well as controlling the grappling that sounds like outperforming to me.

        • Flutie

          No no Rogan was dripping on Hendricks all night .. “Wow what knee bye hendricks” it was non stop BS .. the American hype machine at its best!

      • Triggerman99

        Well yeah, that’s my point; the after the fact stuff doesn’t matter. If you just simply watched the fight and ignored who’s out longer or who’s black eye was bigger etc., etc., you would probably come to the conclusion that Hendricks won.

    • mac8neely

      Hendricks own corner said to him after two rounds. We think you won the 1st 2 rounds,but they weren’t 100%. He lost the 3rd then wins the 4th. They tell him after the 4th get mean. Go after George. GSP shows the heart of a champion and clearly wins the 5th. Hendricks said he wasn’t hurt or tired but he comes out in the 5th and does nothing. It is his own fault he lost. He’s a baby.

      • taylor2008

        I watched that fight twice. Hendricks won. End of story.

  • Denise

    I am now leaving this discussion about wither or not Hendricks tapped I know he tapped so does a lot of other people but some of you think he was just rubbing GSP leg or just saying let me up I want to continue to fight I’ve been watching the UFC sense it first aired on TV so I know what a tap is in any case I can’t be bothered wasting my time talking to idiots .

    • Tony

      Bye. Don’t come back.

  • Tony

    If Hendricks really “tapped” I think it would have been brought to everyone’s attention by Joe, Mike, Dana, and other experts already. Just stop it with the “tapping” nonsense already.