Johny Hendricks: “The Most Important Thing Is To Win”

March 11, 2013
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Johny Hendricks at UFC 141UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz features the who’s who of the 170-pound division.  Georges St-Pierre faces Nick Diaz in the main event for the welterweight title, but the highest ranked welterweight on the card not named St-Pierre is Johny Hendricks.

Hendricks was originally scheduled to take on Jake Ellenberger at UFC 158, but an injury to Carlos Condit’s opponent, Rory McDonald, shook up the card.

Hendricks was removed from the bout with Ellenberger and placed against Condit, while Ellenberger got a new opponent in Nate Marquardt.

Hendricks spoke about the change of opponent on a recent UFC 158 media conference call.

“You got to constantly be adaptable, meaning that, of course I wanted to fight Georges St-Pierre, but he chose somebody else; fine, cool. I had Jake Ellenberger.  I trained very hard for him then I was able to get Carlos Condit, an excellent fighter, that’s what it’s all about,” said Hendricks.

“You take it fight by fight, day by day. That’s how I live it. That’s how I train. Nothing else matters but Carlos Condit at this point. If I even think about overlooking him, he’ll definitely beat me. So I got to go out there and nothing else matters but Carlos Condit,” he said.

On the same media conference call, Nick Diaz commented that “nobody wants to see” a “wrestling match” between Hendricks and St-Pierre.  Hendricks said Diaz’ comments didn’t bother him.

“No it doesn’t because if he’s watching my fights, when have I ever took anybody down? You know what I mean? I have wrestling, yes, I do; my background is wrestling. I have knockout power. Just because I don’t go out there and use it all, you don’t have to use it all to win fights,” said Hendricks.  “He has his opinion and I’ve got mine; it doesn’t matter.”

Hendricks is on a five-fight win streak, including knocking out Martin Kampmann and Jon Fitch in a matter of seconds in the first rounds of their fights.  But winning is what is most important to Hendricks.

“The most important thing is to win fights. It doesn’t matter how you do it. If that means you got to take that end to get a win like Georges does, then do it. It’s about getting your hand raised and the fans like that. So it is what it is,” said the welterweight contender.

“The only thing that matters is like Georges said is everybody’s got to be on top, but there can only be one and we’re all fighting to get there.”

UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz takes place on March 16 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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  • hyderabod

    I hope then whiner gets humbled by Condit…..

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    I think Condit vs Hendricks will be a higher level fight. GSP beat Condit, but the win was ugly and GSP looked worse than Condit at the post presser. I think GSP took more strikes than Condit and did too much lay and pray. I think UFC should reconsider how they score takedowns and top control and look closer at who’s actually doing more damage. If the fight had been scored this way, Condit might have gotten the W. Either way, Condit needs to improve the takedown defense and control GSP. Condit has many many more finished than GSP and deserves a rematch if he beats Hendricks.

    • shakejunt

      the ufc doesn’t control how scoring works and there’s a difference between fitch/guida and gsp/chael.

    • TandmWarElephnt

      What fight did you watch? When I watched the Gsp vs Condit fight i saw a a very evenly matched pair of guys go back and forth both got dropped once, Gsp was NOTICEABLE more aggressive than usual. Grappling is a part of the sport go take a bjj class or watch a wrestling match to better educate yourself on all aspects of the sport because Gsp is no where near a boring fighter if you actually know what he is doing.. Not every fight can be like Stann vs Wandy

      • kbroesq

        Yeah, I agree that Condit did a very good job, and really gave GSP more competition than he’s had since his loss with Serra. However, GSP won that fight. Keeping a guy like Condit on the ground and keeping him from throwing up submissions speaks for itself. It isn’t something you see, but even GSP acknowledged after the fight at the presser that he wasn’t able to be as aggressive as he would have liked because he felt Condit was baiting him for certain moves.

        GSP got pretty beat up from some elbows on the bottom, but GSP was in control of that fight pretty much from the beginning to the end.

  • I think this will probably be fight of the night. Condit is a really durable fighter and Hendricks is aggressive with a tonne of momentum coming into the fight. Going to be a war.

    • bajafox

      If Condit engages I think you’re right, it has the potential to be FoTN.

      • shakejunt

        are people really still using the diaz fight as an allegory for condit’s style?

        • bajafox

          The fact is it happened, I didn’t diminish anything. I agreed this fight has the potential to be fight of the night. Don’t get your panties in a bunch

          • shakejunt

            i think you’ve answered my question

          • bajafox

            If you’re wondering if some of us are still pissed off for laying down our hard earned cash to see Condit dance around for 5 rounds then yes, there are some of us, and I will bring it up every time I get a chance. I was a huge Condit fan as well as a Diaz fan, I didn’t care who won that fight as long as it was a good fight, and that it was not.

          • shakejunt

            as long as you’re admitting that you’re beating a dead horse

          • kbroesq

            See comment above. Just a little FYI, just in case you didn’t know. Condit has a wife. Condit has a child. They are infinitely more important to him than you are. His fight with Diaz was the most important fight of his career up to that point. He used a strategy to beat Diaz that you, and a lot of other people, didn’t like. You guys get upset that Condit doesn’t just walk up to Diaz and play rock-em-sock-em-robots with him.

            You know what that’s like? It’s like if I got mad at Diaz for not just lying on the ground when he fights GSP. Why should Diaz, or Condit, play into the strength of their opponent? GSP will have to take Diaz down (and he will). I don’t expect Diaz to just lay on the ground for GSP so I can be entertained. Just like I don’t expect Condit to stand in front of Diaz when he needs to win that fight. I’m not saying you can’t get upset with Condit about his style, but it shouldn’t happen until Condit starts doing it over and over and over again. Don’t bash the guy for one freaking fight, when he never fought like that before, and he hasn’t fought like that since.

        • Kbroesq

          Seriously. People need to shut up about the Diaz fight. Diaz is just as much to blame.

          I think what bothers me most is that right after the fight w/ Diaz, Condit had an amazing war with GSP. Before the fight with Diaz, Condit KO’d Kim in one of the more spectacular flying knees in the UFC; he KO’d Hardy; he finished McDonald in one of the best fights of the year; and he beat Ellenberger in one of the best fights of THAT year. All of that, and people STILL bust his b(*$&^ for ONE fight. I don’t even agree that Condit ‘ran’ away in his fight with Diaz, BUT even if I did, I would give the guy a freakin’ break for all the amazing fights he’s given us before and since.

  • El Gvapo

    Ask Fitch if he thinks the most important thing is winning.

    • MMA

      Get Dana’s b**** out of your mouth, it’s all about the $$$

      • El Gvapo

        Bit of an over-reaction there. Not sure what your point is though?

        • MMA

          That winning isn’t everything in the UFC.. that it’s all about the money

          • El Gvapo

            Yes that was my point. Fitch always won, but he won in a dull fashion. He was cut because people didn’t enjoy his fights, or more importantly wouldn’t pay to see him fight. Hence it’s not all about winning, it’s about putting on a show, perfect example is Leonard Garcia. But yes, it’s all about $$$

  • dd

    hes kinda annoying

  • Orville

    Fk Johnny Hendricks! He can fight St Pierre after they both lose their upcoming fights!

  • james j

    I will take Fitch anyday over Machida. I can’t stand they way he runs from the fight. It’s all about the $$

  • diazfan209

    I give Condit about 30 seconds until Hendricks puts him to sleep with a left hand….. unless of course he goes for another jog when the bell sounds & makes sure nothing happens except for retreating leg kicks

    • Kbroesq

      I’m so sick of reading comments like this. Condit is one of the most entertaining fighters in the UFC, and pretty much all of his fights have been all out wars. Look at his fight with Kampmann, Ellenberger, GSP, McDonald, and literally pretty much every other fight. The guy has hardly any decisions out of about 30+ fights and an even split of subs and KO’s (13/13), and you turn on him just because he has one lackluster fight against YOUR guy? Get a life.

      • Sebastian Sassi

        Comments like Diazfan’s scream “I grew up watching WWE and only watch NASCAR for the wrecks.” They come from people who know nothing about MMA and martial arts and just want to see brawls. Of course Condit negated Diaz’s only hope of winning the fight (locking him in a corner and battering a bunch of tip tap punches). And Greg Jackson will have him doing the same thing against JH–JH will charge in looking for a big left and Carlos will circle away, land strikes, and if JH does seek a ground and pound affair, he’ll work for submissions from the bottom and tire him out.

    • Furyfied

      I like how people judge a fighter by the one mistake he commits in a single bout and tend to overlook his past accomplishments. And you, what have you accomplished? Constantly riding bandwagons about how he did in his fight with your boy Diaz?

      • Sebastian Sassi

        Pathetic isn’t it? And it’s not even a mistake–it’s just negating the other guy’s strategy.