Johny Hendricks Already Back in the Gym Preparing for Georges St-Pierre

April 7, 2013
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Johny HendricksTop UFC welterweight contender Johny Hendricks suffered a hand injury in his UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz co-main event bout on March 16 against Carlos Condit, but is already in the gym training in preparation for an eventual showdown with champion Georges St-Pierre.

“I injured it on the cage with the last takedown of the first period. I dislocated a couple fingers and when I was walking back I couldn’t squeeze,” Hendricks explained to content partner Knockout Radio.

“So what happened was, whenever I hit Carlos in the second period I popped them back in. And I don’t know how much you know about popping fingers back in, but it feels like you might break your hand, so I didn’t think about that. I was thinking, oh crap, I might have hurt my hand.”

The hand is now fine.

“Once I popped the fingers back into place, it was sore about three days,” he explained.  “It just scared me at that point, and when they were cutting off my gloves, it hurt as well. So those are always scary things.”

“Here’s the thing, what if GSP wanted to turn around and do another four-month fight? If that would have happened, I would have had to train a little bit with a broken hand for the fight,” added Hendricks.  “So that was my main concern, to make sure my body is healed and nothing is really wrong with it, and move on from there.”

Move on he has, returning to the gym.  He wanted to face St-Pierre in August, but that time frame seems unlikely with St-Pierre on location filming Captain America: The Winter Soldier, likely tying him up with the Marvel film project until the fall.

“I’m just going to work on things that I could have done better (in the Condit fight),” said Hendricks about his waiting period.

Hendricks is adding something extra to his training while he waits for a firm date for the St-Pierre fight.

“I’m actually going to lift during this camp, during this off-season. Last off-season I didn’t, so I’m actually going to start lifting again, trying to get up a little more power for this next fight,” he said.

Johny Hendricks with more power is a scary concept, especially considering the two-time national collegiate wrestling champion and four-time NCAA wrestling All-American has finished more than half of his fight by knockout.

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  • Ian Price

    He might never fight GSP, but I hope he does. Assuming GSP and Silva both win their next fights (which is a big if), then they can have their superfight in December, or better yet, Super Bowl 2014. What if they both lose? They can still have the superfight! I mean, so what if they get only 1.2 million PPV buys instead of 1.7…. Right? If only silva wins, would silva accept the GSP fight with GSP coming off a loss? More likely that GSP would accept the silva fight with silva coming off a loss, since Silva would be dropping to 170.

    • Lucas Freire

      Why not? He must be the next fight of GSP.
      IF he gets a win over Hendricks,than there is this whole scenario of a GSP vs Silva fight

  • Hopefully GSP and Hendricks stay healthy and get this thing done. I know Jake Ellenberger lost to Kampmann but he should be next in line after finishing Marquardt. Ellenberger vs Alves would have been nice but Thiago is already booked with Mike Pierce. This division is all under the reign of GSP right now though but there are still a lot of interesting fights.

  • Sir_Roy

    Hendricks definitely has a punchers chance. But that’s all he has IMO. Few are better than GSP at keeping power punchers at range with that long reach and vicious jab of his. Then using strikes to set up his take downs.

    Using effective wrestling in MMA is not the same game as D1. Wrestlers don’t have to safeguard against a punch in the face in their TDD.

    While Carlos is a more dynamic and aggressive striker (GSP used to be such, but alas), Georges is more effective than Carlos at setting up range and keeping his opponent at bay IMHO. I think Hendricks will have tougher luck lunging forward to land the hard left against GSP than he has thus far … only time will tell. This fight is going to happen … the only way it doesn’t happen is if GSP drops out of it to fight Silva.

  • Alex Anderson

    It would have been very unlucky for Hendricks if he had lost the Condit fight, as he would have missed out on a deserved title shot, but because he won that fight, he’s actually very lucky. Condit was the most well rounded opponent Hendricks has ever had, and an experience he can probably use to build his skills. He also has more time to improve in training now, so ultimately he will have a better chance against GSP because of the decision to go with Diaz first