Johny Hendricks Says if Georges St-Pierre Can’t Handle Championship Stress “Give It Up” (video)

November 24, 2013
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Johny Hendricks UFC 167 Post_9465Georges St-Pierre has been caught in the midst of a swirling quagmire of speculation ever since he said that he had some personal issues going on in his life that necessitated him “stepping away” for a little bit. He left everyone in doubt as to just exactly what that meant.

Is he retiring? Is he taking a break? Does he just need a quick vacation to recharge the batteries?

The man he won a controversial split decision over at UFC 167 recently doesn’t really care.

Johny Hendricks, in an interview with Inside MMA on Friday night said that if GSP can’t handle the heat, step out of the kitchen.

“If you can’t handle the stress of being champion, give it up,” Hendricks told Ron Kruck.

Interview couretesy of Inside MMA.

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  • Jay Mcgarrity

    The GSP fans are going to love this one, Hendricks hate inc. Nerds need to just chill out, this is good stuff to promote the second fight if it happens. That’s right nerds, I’m calling you out ahead of time in hopes to prevent the idiocy that’s coming. One of the best PFP fighters of all time does not need you white knighting for him.

    • solo

      lool dude. i love your comment, but unfortunately you didnt prevent anything. i guess the idiocy just needs to come out.

    • dathump

      i will agree that this is a good way for JH to promote a rematch, hey, it worked for Sonnen. The thing is Sonnen has a way about him that gets people behind him, not that its my thing, but Hendricks hasn’t mastered the art of it yet and it is making him look like a cry baby. The other thing is GSP has a reputation of taking a loss very seriously and coming back to avenge the loss, so Johnny better be prepared, or his corner better smarten up and make sure they don’t make the same mistake again if he ever wants to be the champ because if he loses twice his chances are over.

      • Mark McDowall

        This is nothing like Sonnen. He didn’t go around giving all kinds of excuses after the first fight. Mostly because he got busted for high T levels. Hendricks is doing nothing but loosing fans by giving up every excuse.

        • dathump

          Thats kinda what i was getting at, if he is doing it to hype the next fight, or to clinch a rematch, do it right, focus on the positives and how he dominated the rounds he won, not excuses for the ones he lost

  • ronbo

    Johnny is a joke. you lost bitch. Quit crying

    • Manuel Lopez

      Why is he a joke? You think a ‘joke’ beat Condit, Kosheck, Kampmann to earn his way up to a title fight? Do you think UFC grants title shots at jokes? I’m a gsp fan but he did NOTHING to Hendricks . He just got lucky that the judges were f($$$&cken idiots.

      • solo

        dont mind him, he’s a joke actually for writing that s***. just ignore it dude.

  • Griff

    GSP will do whatever he wants to do and doesn’t owe any fighter or fan an explanation at this time just because they want it. Johny can speculate all he wants but unfortunately for him all he can do is sit and wait til those in charge tell him who he’s fighting next.

  • Jandre

    You dont know what champions go through!!

    Instead of suggesting for GSP to give up the belt, why not encourage him to recover then fight him again and knock his head off. If GSP gives the title up and handed it to you, you’d complain too that it be too easy?!??

  • JHisAoneTrickPony

    Johnny “One trick pony” Hendricks, you’ve never been a champ, so what do you know about being one you sore loser!? Instead of crying and whining you should work on becoming a true MMA fighter not just a one trick pony. Everybody now knows that if you cannot connect with extra hand wraps then you cannot finish fights because you’re afraid of bruising your knuckles or breaking a nail…LOL…you’re such a baby, grow up man!

    • bam

      You are idiot. He was a two time D1 National Champ. Your boy got his ass whipped and now you come on here and talk shit. You are loser just like your idol.

      • Chris Morgan

        Yes, Hendricks was an NCAA champ, but you really can’t compare the two. For instance, Johny probably did more publicity/interviews for the title fight than he did in his entire NCAA career. Also, all NCAA champs have to do is focus on wrestling. They don’t have to take time out of training to travel to different schools, run seminars, do things at the NCAA’s request, etc. Basically, they don’t have to do the things that are common for a UFC champion.
        All things considered, I’m hearing a lot of excuses from Johny. If he had spent more time addressing the little things (ex. his hand wraps) we probably wouldn’t be talking about this right now. Either way, I’m certainly looking forward to the rematch.

      • solo

        his comment is inappropriate, offensive and far beyond stupid. and he’s more than just an idiot and a loser.

      • JHisAoneTrickPony

        Yes “bam” two time D1 National Champ means he was a one trick pony there twice and continues to be a one trick pony here in the UFC, so quit your whining too, you’re starting to sound like Johnny with all his dumb ass excuses about hand wraps and 70% power for fear of bruising a knuckle or breaking a nail…LOL…And yes GSP is my idol and won and a win is a win so quit your bitching and go post something that makes sense for once in your life.

  • Ramon S

    Does Hendricks even know what a colossal cry baby he looks right now? I didnt lose Wah… People should give me Stuff even if I dont win Wah.

    Fights must be finished when you have the chance if someone in your corner didnt tell you that you should fire them. If you had fought harder on the fifth round now we might have a new champ but you didnt so move on and let the spot for somebody else.

    • Mark McDowall

      He also made some stupid decisions in the fight…why would he get up when he was on top in the 4th dropping elbows? Because he wanted the fans to have a KO. But yet in the 2nd when he had GSP rocked he went for the take down because he wanted to show he could out wrestle him?!?!

  • Raymond Gonzalez

    This guy is a giant dick. He lost a close fight and has been whining about it ever since. GSP doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. He has been a dominant champ for his whole tenure, minus the last fight. The judges called it like they called it. A real sportsman would shut up, get back in line and fight his way back to the top. All this crying is just making him look like a sore loser. Hendricks got close, but coasted the whole 5th round and lost. If he finished stronger or did something other than headhunt the whole fight, he would’ve probably won, but he didn’t. He could justifiably get a rematch, but he doesn’t necessarily deserve one just because it was close. That’s how this game works. It’s not like he did bad job or anything, but you have to beat the champ beyond any shadow of a doubt if you want to win the belt by decision. I don’t think GSP would talk all this smack if the decision went the other way, he’d just fight back up and get his belt back. Hendricks should be focusing on what HE did to end up in this spot, not all this other crap that he can’t control. That’s life. It doesn’t always go how we want it to and we don’t magically get second chances whenever things don’t go our way. Hendricks is a good fighter, but a terrible loser. He should shut up and save face and get his rematch by removing all doubt that he’s the rightful contender for the belt. That’s how it’s always been. End of story.

    • solo

      lool. so you’re another mister “know it all” ?

      • L

        He was so afraid of getting taken down in Rd 5 that he refused to punch. Hendricks deserves to sit there and wait for another shot.

  • Robert Kinder

    Georges was PUNISHED BEAT UP KNOCKED DOWN and he needs some time now. It does not matter if he fights again he will LOSE AGAIN

  • Brandon Mizar

    Mr 70% needs to quit crying that he blew it by coasting through the last round and losing the fight. I thought Johny won the fight myself but listening to him cry non-stop about this subject is getting old. He only has himself to blame for not giving it 100% (his words) and losing the fight. I loved when Dana shut him up at the press conference when Johny said he only hit him with 70% power.

  • a dude

    Losing that fight is the worst thing that could have happened to Hendricks. He has quickly settled into the role of crybaby/sore loser as he talks about throwing 70% punches and criticizing the guy that is A) the reigning champion of his division and B) the man that won their fight.

    I hope this fool wakes up and works to seize the next opportunity that will be given him instead of lingering in his own pity.

  • arnold bayer

    Johnny CRYBABY hendricks, pee on your pant Crybaby , you should have won but your whining makes me fell good that you lost hahaha its not gsp fault its the judges fault , but your such a crybaby douchebag hendricks

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      I agree. Johnny should reign it in because talk is cheap. Save it for next time.

  • money may

    look at Rua, when he lost he just waited and had a rematch and won , act like a man mistah Johnny HEndricks dont act like a kid who lost his candy , i bet your thw one who cant cope with the situation , why dont you buy a fake wwf belt and wear it ….. used to be a winner now a big LOSER !

  • shotcaller13

    Ok so you lost a close decision? You shouldn’t have even been fighting for the title because you won 2 close decisions to Koscheck and Condit where you clearly got your ass kicked and should have lost if the judges got those 2 decisions right! Why don’t you just man up accept that what goes around comes around and next time don’t leave it in the judges hands. Unfortunately for you the top fighters in the UFC don’t walk into lucky punches and you clearly don’t have the tools to finish any of them. Maybe World Series of Fighting could use a one dimensional fighter to KO all of their Tomato Cans

  • Mark McDowall

    I really hate when fighters do this. Johnny said in 1 interview that the reason he could only go 70% was because he didn’t like his hand wraps…he didn’t say anything to anyone, but thats why he could only go 70%.

    Im a huge GSP fan…but I think Hendricks should have gotten the decision. Now due to the fact that I or any of us are judges…we have no way to effect this decision. Nothing Hendricks can do or say will change the fact the he lost the fight. In the judges eyes…which are the only ones that really matter in this situation. Now talking to any MMA reporter that will listen and giving them excuses and trying to say whatever he can to get GSP to hand him the belt just makes him look really stupid in my opinion.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Drama drama. It’s BS, but it builds hype.

      • Mark McDowall

        I agree. But look on the majority of MMA forums like this one and Hendricks is loosing ALOT of favor with fans because of this. Fans who don’t care about the fights wont buy PPV’s.

        • Hugh Shakeshaft

          I agree. he’s losing favor with me as well. I had him winning the fight. I have no problem with him stating his case that he won, but he’s done that several times now. It’s time to move on and button up the lips. No amount of complaining is going to change the result.


    Exactly !!! it doesn’t make any sense,,, Oh I’ll step away from this but won’t vacate my title

  • jimmy777

    HEY JOHNY you lost, get over it and stop whining about it. Yes, you got the better of george in exchanges but he got you on points, deal with it

  • otto

    its this easy Johnny, bring your A game and fight at 100%, and you can avoid looking like a spoiled brat next time, when and if it happens….your a decent fighter but all this crap your spewing may cost you future fights and fans

  • battle ready

    It seems to me that most of the fighters who become champions for any length of time have strong character attributes such as graciousness in defeat or success, humility to admit mistakes, etc. I think GSP has demonstrated some good character at times and that has helped me to appreciate him as champion. Same for Cain, Aldo, Anderson Silva, Jones, Franklin and others. I think Hendricks is a great athlete and has potential to be a long reining champion. But he is starting to lose me on the character thing. The wining and the 70% excuse are irritating. He may have good skills but I’m starting to question if he has enough character. Maybe this is just his way if promoting himself, and maybe it works on some people, but it comes off petty to me and makes me lose respect.

  • mike456

    I think Johnny is a great fighter but does not have the champion qualities. Reminds me a lot of Tito. He needs to suck it up, he’s not the champ, he didn’t win the belt regardless of the judging, the tie usually goes to the champ and if he had more left, he should gave it his all. Personally, the wining he has done has made me not really care to see him get another shot. Suck it up, move on and stop giving advice on what a Champ should do till you have been one!!

  • dathump

    Gsp has a record of 27 fights in 12 years, and has been the champ for the last 5 of them. For hendricks to say if he cant handle the stress he should retire is crazy. It JH cant handle the stress of losing maybe he should look at a new career. Lets add another 5 years of top level fights to his career and see if he feels the same. If JH wants to be champ, he should step away from the mic, add a top lever corner man who knows how to judge rounds and leave the rematch issue to dana as he feels like johnny should get one already